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Founded1944 (officially)
LeadershipRolf Königsmann
IntentionsCurrently unknown


Despite being outwardly and perhaps at times almost too dictatorial, Hexenreich is, primarily, a scientifically-minded organization. A majority of members have, both before and during their tenure with the organization, been involved in intensive research in the fields of magical transportation, barrier magic, and the discovery of new spells. Before the time warp, German wizards were known for their relatively high visibility in these magical research fields.


Following the time-warp, the magical defence charms around Wizarding Germany disappeared, leaving them exposed to Nazi German Muggles. They joined forces, and so Muggle politics began to threaten the Wizarding World. Those witches and wizards who had conspired most deeply with German Nazis were the same who would eventually form the beginnings of Hexenreich.

Wizarding France, whilst still defended, took to being muggleborn sympathisers. Beauxbatons - previously an elitist school - began to positively discriminate muggleborns, and the French were offended by Britain closing their borders. This led them to start researching into Time Warp Theory - which they begun to blame on the British Ministry of Magic - and they aligned with Wizarding Germany. This separated Muggle France - which was aligned with Britain - and Wizarding France. Beauxbatons Academy became a base for the Gestapo in Cannes.

Hexenreich was officially formed in 1944, just after D-Day left the Axis powers crippled. Rolf Königsmann, an unassuming wizard with a penchant for pushing the limits of magical research, had been employed as one of the senior medical researchers for the Nazis. Because German wizards had broken the Statute of Secrecy by joining forces with muggles, Königsmann had been free to carry out his own magical experiments on the imprisoned muggles. Upon hearing news of the Germans' defeat in June, he immediately called together a tight-knit circle of wizards in high-ranking military positions, who collectively decided that it was no longer in their best interests to collude with Hitler's regime.

A patient man, Königsmann, as head of the newly-formed Hexenreich, slowly recruited German and French witches and wizards to his ranks. Hexenreich began carefully and selectively erasing the memories of those who had been aware of their existence and collusion with German authorities. The next step was to narrow the focus of their attacks - centering on the British Ministry of Magic.

Present Day

Hexenreich is extraordinarily organized. Each member receives a weekly dossier of tasks to be completed, the contents of which will only reveal themselves upon placement of the member's thumb to one corner of the parchment. After the dossier has been read, it destroys itself, leaving no trace. The dossiers are hand-delivered by the Head's right hand, M. Perilloux. Very little is known about the organization's head, even by his own inner circle, and he generally keeps to himself save for very rare in-person meetings. His affairs are mostly handled by M. Perilloux.

Known Members

As of 1946, the current known members of Hexenreich are: