Henry Reed

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Henry Reed
Biographical Information
Full nameHenry Spencer Reed
Born9th December 1941
BirthplacePark Villa Hospital, Macclesfield, UK.
ResidenceReed's Farm, Macclesfield, UK.
Blood StatusMuggle-born
EducationHogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
ClassWorking class
Physical Information
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBlue
Skin colourWhite
Family Information
ChildrenBryony Winter Reed and Erys Lily Reed [Twins] Born: 1st January 1959
ParentsBenjamin Warren Ackerly [43](DOB: 11/7/1916)& Vera Amanda 'Mandy' Reed [41](DOB:9/5/1918. Stepmother: Fiona Delilah Ackerly, nee Patterson.[30](DOB: 28/2/1929)
SiblingsMarley Vera Reed, Age: 22. DOB: 18th August 1936.
  • Patrick Benjamin Reed, Age 22. DOB: 25th May 1937.
  • Willow Jane Reed, Age 20. DOB: 29th December 1938
  • Violet Gail Reed, Age 18. DOB: 3rd June 1940
  • Daisy May Reed, Age 14. DOB: 22nd May 1945
  • Olive Ruby Reed, Age 12. DOB: 5th November 1946
  • Peter Charles Reed, Age 12. DOB: 5th November 1946.
  • Harriet Vera Reed, Age 9. DOB: 10th April 1950
  • Hugo Warren Ackerly, Age: 3. DOB: 15th September 1955.
  • Otto Bailey Ackerly, Age 3. DOB: 15th September 1955.
  • Margo Delilah Ackerly, Age 3. DOB: 15th September 1955
  • Florence Abigail Ackerly, Age 1. DOB: 1st August 1957
  • Nora Mae Ackerly, Age 6 months. DOB: 19th November 1958
Other Family MembersFrances Reed (Uncle)
  • Gail Reed, nee Nelson. (Aunt)
  • Timothy Reed (Cousin)
  • Louise Reed (Cousin)
  • Joseph Ports (Uncle)
    • Paula Ports, nee Ackerly (Aunt)
  • Magical Characteristics
    WandEbony with Fairy Wings, 10 inches, slightly flexible.
    PatronusBlack Bird


    Henry is one of fourteen children now that he is in his 7th year at Hogwarts. He, so far, is the only one in his family who is capable of magic.

    Sheep escape!

    His current thirteen siblings include four brothers and nine sisters. As he grew up with at least four older siblings, Henry has long been used to having his space invaded and everything shared. The first eight children are the kids of Benjamin and Mandy before she was hospitalised shortly after Harriet turned one. His father and stepmother were overjoyed after trying for a baby since they'd married three years after they'd met and somehow managed triplets. Since then, they've had another two little girls.

    As guilty as it makes him feel, Henry is just glad that being a wizard makes him stand out from the crowds of his siblings as they all seem so much prettier, smarter, sportier than he is and this whole magic thing? That's purely his. As of right now, anyways.

    Henry enjoys hiding away and having thinking time to himself to analyse his day and plan out his next. He isn't anything, if not organised. Despite his hectic surroundings, his mind is well structured and specific. He's slightly obsessive over wanting to know as much information as possible, though this is usually from his slight fear of being embarrassed at not knowing something everyone else does. Henry always has had friends because he's a friendly and loyal person, who would happily drop what he's doing to come and help another person. Sometimes, his loyalty gets him in trouble when he's being too nice to someone who takes advantage of it.

    His number one priority is his family. They live on a farm with numerous animals to look after. This is something that Henry has always embraced, being an animal lover himself, and he's not embarrassed or awkward in the slightest in telling people when they ask about his home. However, he doesn't usually elborate on his family dynamic. He's happy to explain what it's like to be homeschooled and such and shrugs off any weird comments as it's what he's grew up in and has all the people he loves in one place. They were all home schooled but went to church every Sunday where they had a youth club to meet others.


    Henry's mother, Mandy, started to develop symptoms of Schizophrenia after she had her third child but it was manageable with some talking therapy. She'd previously been a literature professor before they moved to the country, whereas Benjamin managed to keep his business position, and she ended up travelling in the breif times where she didn't have a newborn to guest lecture at universities. Through the next few years, Benjamin had to think about what was best for the children as it was them who spent all day at home with their mother on her farm, due to being homeschooled, and after a few accidents that involved safety hazards and Mandy's "cooking" attempts, he decided that it would be best to get her committed. Her schizophrenia had spiralled into paranoid schizophrenia and therefore she wasn't bringing a safe environment for her children, and the farming duties had been left to the oldest children, in which the eldest was only 14 at the time.

    In Henry's fifth year, his mother began to struggle with her mental health further. This led to an unfortunate accident that left her in a coma for a few months whilst her body healed from the damage. Once woken, Mandy had to re-learn how to do basic things like walk and eat because of muscle damage. There had been no indications of whether her brain capacity was harmed before the coma and fortunately, aside from some memory loss, confusion and mood swings, Mandy's mind hadn't changed much.

    The Reed children, since their parents weren't officially married and Mandy insisted they take her name, still get to see their mother every weekend or so and were happy enough to camp out in her bedroom at the hospital overnight to spend time with her for birthdays or holidays. Other than these events, the children found their childhood to be perfectly fine and healthy, with animals to care for, fields to run in and always enough food on the table.

    Benjamin and Fiona began dating when they met at the Church on Sundays. Soon enough, they were dating and married. The kids accepted Fiona with ease as she proved herself to be humble and loyal - willingly getting into a relationship with a man who sees his ex every week and lives with their eight children was not a small feat. Fiona's family were not too impressed with her choices as she was close to getting her degree in teaching and going into the city to live her life. Now, she's content to homeschool her step-children, housekeep and spend every day surrounded by unconditional love and hectic routines.

    Overall, Henry's childhood as been dramatic, fun-filled and generally happy.


    Marley is a mini mother who takes most of the control of the kids and she’s the one who makes the schedules and pairs kiddos up for chores to make sure they’re all accounted for. She’s incredibly patient and has just completed her studies of becoming a teacher. She is currently in the process of finding a flat in the nearby city to move to so she can begin her career. Her aim is to move out before 1960. Her presence will be missed in the household but as she is in her twenties, her eagerness to develop her own life has become strong and is supported by her parents. Marley is closest to her brother, Patrick, and her pretty much all her younger sisters.

    Patrick was the first rebel child. He goes by Pat and whilst he takes responsibility for a lot of the heavy lifting and working on the farm, he’s not much of a kid person. He’ll do what he needs to do but his main job is to just get Marley or one of the other girls to do something whilst he does all the ‘man of the house’ jobs. Pat wants to be a guitarist in a band but he’s currently going for the more realistic career of joining the army. It's his way of not going into the family business' that his father wants him to - the company he is the manager of, or to stay and run the farm. As he wanted to wait until his nieces were born, Pat is currently still at home until he feels like it's acceptable to sign up for the army. Benjamin does not approve of his choice but has long since realised he cannot control his oldest son. Pat has good relationships with Marley, Willow, Henry and Peter.

    Willow is the 'flower child', which the others tease her about due to her name. She’s pretty much the peace keeper and has the heart of gold. A bit of an airhead, she can be forgetful but she’s ace at cooking and so takes a lot of those jobs on. She’s artsy and does a lot of the painting jobs like keeping the barn looking good. Her latest job was painting a mural on the barn wall, which she got each child to do their own part. Now that her two older siblings are leaving the nest, she's realised how much she likes spending time on the farm and is most likely to continue the farm business. She is closest to the younger girls, Harriet and Daisy.

    Violet is the tom-boy of the girls. She’s always gotten along better with Pat and Hen than her sisters, and is Hen’s best friend. They’re always together when they’re at home. She’s a good singer and is teaching the little kids how to play the piano after their mother taught her. She’s usually the person who visits their mother to bring her books and such alongside the usual Sunday visit. Letty, nicknamed by her siblings from a young age, wants to go into music or something to do with it, like a music teacher. Currently, she's finishing up her college education and taking a gap year before deciding on her future.

    Daisy is a massive girly girl, always trying to fight for the makeup and clothes that her dad hates. She’s responsible for her age and is really good at maths, so she’s currently wanting to potentially go work with her dad when she’s older but who knows, she has a while. She’s social and is almost a mini-Marley in terms of being patient with the younger ones. The fact that some of her older brothers and sisters may be moving out is jarring her usual ability to adapt to change, she's having a tough time with it. This had made her more withdrawn and snappy.

    Olive is one half of the twins, and she’s the quieter one of the two. Basically a mini-Mandy in looks, Oli is on the smaller side and tends to sometimes get pushed around by the others. She’s close to Daisy, Willow and her twin, as she has a firm grip on his wildness and is always the one to be on call when he needs someone. She’s an avid reader and doesn’t really like to get involved in any drama. Her current future aspirations surround becoming a literature professor like her mother, as she is always eager to engage in discussion on classic books even if they're 'above her age level'.

    Peter is the wild child, he’s ALWAYS climbing on things like a typical boy and copies Patrick. He was majorly excited to get two more brothers that he could be a big brother to as all he had were older brothers and no little ones. He’s already claimed Hugo as his mini-me and teaches him pranks like the woopicushion and knock and run. Pete is an angry boy, with so much confusion and anger about his family. He hopes he’s going to be a wizard just like Henry so he can make his mother better. They all think he’s going to end up being a doctor because he likes helping people, he’s just.. a little too rough right now. With Pat leaving for the army soon and Henry away a lot for school, Pete has decided that he will be the man of the house as the next oldest boy, and does a good job of bossing the girls around, even if that books him in their bad books.

    Harriet doesn’t really know much other than what her life is like, as she was only a baby when Mandy was going through her bad episodes. She loves to visit her mum and even sleeps over sometimes, if one of the older kids are with her. She’s a ginger (one of the two) and has a fiery temper like her hair would suggest, but only if you mess with her for too long. She’s a mummy’s girl and since she can’t get comfort off her all the time, she defaults to Marley, Willow or even Henry. She likes to curl up with whichever sibling is willing at bedtime, meaning she's always in a different bed come morning. As the last Reed, she still gets coddled by some of the older ones because she's had enough experience to feel the difference of not having a 'mum' around, despite Fiona's presence, it isn't the same for her.

    Hugo is cheeky, loud and sassy. He is generally found with Peter, learning the tricks and pranks, or following Letty around until she plays with him. He's the biggest of the triplets and the oldest, though he isn't the most dominant of the three. Hugo's current favourite thing to do is poke the cows and swing on the stair bannister.

    Otto is almost the opposite of his brother, though they get along swimmingly. He’s a daddy’s boy and loves to snuggle with Ben (dad) when he’s at home. His quiet nature has him getting along with Willow, Henry and Olive the best, as he can do his own thing in their company rather than being dragged along on random adventures. He's a picky eater and by far the easiest of the triplets to handle.

    Margo is the youngest triplet, the remaining ginger and is a sweet kid who likes to play house with Harriet and Olive, though of course she’s always the baby as she rocks that role. She’s got a strong bond with her mother but seems to easily accept the attention of her siblings. She’s demanding, loud, intelligent and cocky. If she isn't bothering Lia (Henry's girlfriend and her most favourite person on the planet), then she's probably going through someone's personal belongings. Margo's favourite animals are the goats because they're funny and she's watched them headbutt a sibling a few times.

    Florence 'Floss' is still too young to have a full personality but from the parts that are shining through, she's reasonably calm and docile in the hectic household and can sleep through a hurricane. Her attachments have started to grow to favour certain siblings as well as just Fiona, especially since Nora has been born.

    Nora is the youngest child and, as admitted by an unashamed Fiona, a complete surprise. She wasn't planned like the triplets or expected like Floss, as she was only realised out when Fi's belly started to show. Her pregnancy was a breeze because it didn't involve morning sickness or those bad cravings for the most random of things. She's currently a loud infant who is determined to be noticed and not afraid to show that she's upset.


    Henry's first few years at Hogwarts went by quickly, full of keeping to himself and spending time in the library. He only properly started to come out of his shell in his third year when he befriended people like Marilyn-Rose Wilson, Bracken Thomas and Lysander Stone. His hand started going up in class and comments were brushed off, unlike the years prior. At the end of this year, he unfortunately experienced a werewolf attack at the castle. With this burned into his memory, he struggled with sleep and anxiety heavily.

    That summer was the time he developed his first proper crush (that wasn't on a certain dorky Transfiguration professor), except it was on a boy. Henry was confused and unsure in himself for a long time so instead he focused on getting through camp. Chris Grey was a main connection he made in this time, a first year who looked as lost as Henry felt. They became friends and he even helped the boy through his parents deaths, though he was totally in over his head.

    His fourth year was average, a few angsty moments here and there that was the result of the werewolf attack the prior term. Time was spent with Felicia Navarro and this was when he got to know Lia Ayres, Beatrice Caulfield and Clara Darcy, as well as developing strong friendships with Neddy Palmer and Frankie Dufort. Teo and Vega were surprising acquaintances made that year. His first kiss was Lia and she added to his confusion alongside his smoking habit.

    Now, this was where things got messy. Summer was a blur of staying at home, waiting for his mum to wake up or pass away and he was back at Hogwarts before he wanted to. There was a Poisoner on the loose. He spent Christmas at home, with Lia this time and suspicions grew. They started a relationship and he could finally be viewed as normal...until his new girlfriend told him she was the one poisoning people. His successes of being a Quidditch Captain and perfecting a patronus and increasing his studies of animagi were forgotten.

    Before he'd even finished his fifth year, he was being told that he was going to be a dad. To twins. That summer was spent with moving Lia into his house, thinking of baby names and re-introducing himself to his mother.

    Sixth year - he's a Prefect, Quidditch captain, Senior Nurse, Spellbound editor and officially a dad. He argued with Chris Grey, researched monsters after yet another student thought the Hogwarts population would benefit from anger being taken out on them, and someone died. Henry tried to stay out of it. He couldn't afford to get wrapped up anymore.

    DEFAULTSORT: Reed, Henry