Hazel Quinn

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Biographical Information
Full NameJosephine Hazel Quinn
Born20 January, 1943
BirthplaceAdare, Ireland
ResidenceMoore Farm in London, England
Blood StatusMuggleborn
EducationHogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Physical Information
Hair colourDark Blonde
Eye colourBlue-Gray
Skin colourFair, freckled
Family Information
ParentsAndrew Quinn and Jean Moore
Other Family MembersAlice More, maternal aunt and legal guardian
Magical Characteristics
WandHolly; Phoenix feather; 12 1/2 inches; Unyielding flexibility

Student Life

First Year

Classes: Herbology, COMC, Charms

Extracurricular: Quidditch, Hospital Wing


Such a curious girl! As curious as a cat!

When Hazel was born, she was content in her small home in Ireland, without a care in the world. But that all changed quite suddenly, when her beautiful home caught fire while her mother was cooking dinner. Hazel was the only survivor. She was five. After that, they sent her to live with her Aunt Alice, a reclusive woman who asks horses to make decisions for her, and considers gardening a life-style. She hated it, feeling confined to the countryside with no playgrounds, no shops, and worst of all, no people. Now, this is not to say Hazel is a social creature. By all accounts, she's the exact opposite; Just as reclusive as Alice, perhaps. But you can learn a lot by watching, and listening, and Hazel felt so lost in the silence.

Over time, Hazel not only grew accustomed to her new home, but it became her sanctuary. A place where her imagination can run wild without the oppression of social standards. With no restrictions on her life, other than her studies (which Alice closely watched,) Hazel came to believe that she could do anything, or be anyone she wanted to be. She may be a little naive on the world around her, but at least she's a dreamer.

Hobbes; Gardening, reading, exploring, horseback riding