Harlowe Cameron

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Biographical Information
Full nameHarlowe Irene Cameron
Born28 February 1920
BirthplaceLondon, UK
ResidenceLondon, UK
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts 1931-1938
ClassGraduated 1938
Family Information
Significant OtherNone
ParentsJohn & Audrey Cameron
Magical Characteristics
WandOak, Unicorn Hair, 8.5 inches
OccupationHogwarts Professor

Harlowe Cameron was a Hogwarts student from 1931 to 1938 in Gryffindor House. She is currently the Conjuring & Summoning professor at Hogwarts.

Early Years

Harlowe was born the only child to John & Audrey Cameron. They were told from early in the pregnancy that she would be a boy, and had planned as such. However, all of these plans were dashed when she arrived as a girl. Undeterred, she was given the name that they had planned on, along with the same expectations her father would have placed on a son.

From an early age, Harlowe was trained to be a perfect member of the pureblood society. She was taught how to behave at fancy parties, how to speak with adults, and how to conduct herself appropriate. However, she was always resistant to these sorts of obligations, always more likely to be found running wild with the children of the help and causing trouble wherever she went.


Little changed for Harlowe when she finally arrived at Hogwarts. Immediately sorted into Gryffindor, she found herself a crowd that she fit in with, often finding herself in detention more often than not and being the result of a few new rules that were put in place during her years there.

Never one for academics, she did the bare minimum to get by in the vast majority of her classes. There was one exception to this rule, however, and that was conjuring magic. She took to this particular area quite strongly and excelled in the class, leading her professors to comment that she could do well in school if she only applied herself more in the classes she did not enjoy as much.

Though most of her school adventures were fairly run of the mill trouble-maker, there was one thing at school that really stood out. It was a boy, Poseidon St Oswald. He awed her with stories of his adventures and kissed her when she least expected it and understood her family situation.

But then he disappeared and she was still stuck at school and he never came back. It messed her up in the way teenage love sometimes does, and perhaps explains quite a bit about who she became as she got older.

After Hogwarts

Upon graduation, she took off, travelling the world, working odd jobs until she could make enough money to move on, never staying in one place longer than half a year or so, finding the best people and the most fun in every place she landed. She’d thought about settling a few times, met some people who might have made it worth it, but that one boy from Hogwarts disappearing always popped back into her mind, the feeling of being left behind resurfacing, and she would take off again. Better to be the one leaving then the one left behind. She’d done the latter once already and she had no interest in it happening again.

And then the day came when she found herself halfway through her thirties with nothing to show for her life. She still didn’t know what she wanted, but she knew that the transient lifestyle was getting old. Maybe it was time to start settling down. So she headed back to London and rented a flat.

To her surprise (and probably the surprise of anyone who knew her), she actually stayed for over a year. She met people and kept hanging out with them. She made new friends, including Margaret Harkiss, and stuck to the plans. She reunited with the boy from her school years, bonded with his daughter, Pandora St Oswald, and began a casual relationship with him, though kept her options very open on the romance front.

In the summer of 1958, she was hired on as the incoming Conjuring and Summoning professor at Hogwarts.

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