Elias Glass

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Biographical Information
Full nameElias Callum Glass
Born18 May 1947
BirthplaceGlasgow, Scotland
ResidenceIsle of Sky, Scotland
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts 1958-1965
Family Information
Significant OtherNone
ParentsAlec & Iona Glass
SiblingsCalix Glass
Other Family MembersCallum & Lorna Glass
Magical Characteristics
WandRedwood , unicorn hair, 9 inches

Elias Glass is a fifth-year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. He is known for not being the brightest crayon in the box, for flirting with every girl he can, and for thinking he was dying for an entire year because a first-year said so.

Early Years

Elias was born in 1947 to Alec and Iona Glass. Along with his older sister, Calix, they were a happy, normal family. But this didn't last for long.

When Elias was eight months old, his parents contracted Dragon Pox. After a short, difficult battle, both passed away within a week of each other, unable to fight the disease. He and his sister were sent to live with their father's uncle and his wife on the Isle of Skye.

Aside from the early tragedy, his upbringing was as normal as possible. He didn't have a strong memory of his parents, so it was easy to accept his aunt and uncle as his closest family as he grew and he adored his sister. He loved living on the farm, where he was able to ride horses and help out with animals and fly as much as he wanted.

As he got older, his family began including him in their social outings, which were important to maintaining their home business. This introduced him to friends that would stay with him until he started Hogwarts, including Vesper Delacroix, Jackson Carmondy, Pandora St Oswald, Philip Carter, Dorothy Wilson and many others.


First Year

Elias was sorted into Hufflepuff when he arrived at Hogwarts, a choice that was not surprising as it had been his mother's house as well. He struggled initially with how some of his friends seemed to accept their house, wondering if he should be doing the same. Ultimately, he decided he was fine with it, and was pleased to be in a house with so many of his friends.

Over the course of his first year, Elias easily made friends, deciding that was more interesting than focusing on academic work, which he struggled with. He grew increasingly close with Kyra Tellavin, Nicholas Nightengale, Victor Carstairs, and Monty King.

During the summer prior to his first year, he had been convinced to steal a bludger at camp by Vesper Delacroix. This led to a series of strange notes and other pranks he was required to do. Ultimately, this led to him being inducted into D-Squad, as if the castle hadn't been suffering enough from his sense of humour.

Not everything went smoothly during his first year though. Due to some misinformation or misunderstanding on his part, Elias came to think that owing a girl something meant they wanted to be kissed. This had worked well with Vesper Delacroix, but not so much with Tawnie Smallweed, who punched him in the nose when he tried to kiss her, demanding that he never look at her again. He proceeded to look at her constantly.

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

During the summer before his fourth year, a first year informed Elias that he would die before the end of the year.

Fifth Year

Still riding the high of not dying when he was supposed to be dying, Elias was back to his usual antics but in a more celebratory manner. He was flirting with girls and partying and doing everything he wanted to.

However, somewhere in there, he realized that he had real and strong feeling for Feyre Marchen. After a couple of months of sort of dating and the encouragement of his friends, they made it official at the Halloween Carnival in October 1962.

Things were going well for them until Feyre left to care for her father following her mother's death. She left without a word and Elias was devastated. He had been ready to settle down with her and he took her departure hard.

That wasn't the only relationship that Elias lost in his fifth year though. After a few bludgers during a quidditch match, he had a fight with his best friend Lycus Ricardus, resulting in the two of them not talking for the remainder of the year.