Dacian Ellwood-Luxe

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Dacian Ellwood-Luxe
Biographical Information
Full nameDacian Felix Ellwood-Luxe
Born13 January 1922
BirthplaceRhyd Ddu, North Wales, UK (The Migneint Moor)
Blood StatusHalfblood
EducationHogwarts, Hufflepuff 1933 - 1940; Healer Training 1940-1942; MOD Bootcamp 1942
Physical Information
Hair colourMousy Brown
Eye colourIce Blue
Skin colourFair
Family Information
ChildrenAnneliesse Sauveterre
ParentsNehemius and Amelia Ellwood-Luxe (née Wainwright)
Other Family MembersThe Ellwood-Luxe Family
Magical Characteristics
WandEbony and unicorn hair, 14 in. Brittle.
Special AbilityMagical Empathy
OccupationOwner of Rosewright Books
Former Occupation(s)Junior Healer (1940-1942); Lieutenant 42nd Battalion MOD & Undercover Liaison (1942 - 1944)

Early Life

Dacian Felix Ellwood-Luxe was born to Nehemius and Amelia Ellwood-Luxe in January of 1922, during an truly awful and unprecedented snowstorm that left their moorland home desolated for several days. He was born only a few years after his father's disownment from the Ellwood-Luxe family for marrying a Muggle woman. He grew up in northern Wales, near Snowdon, on an estate left to his mother Amelia by a beloved uncle. Called the Rosewright Estate, it was located on a moor called the Migneint. Dacian's childhood was largely isolated, being an only child and living in a place so far away from most civilisation. His parents were his only companions, and so from an early age, Dacian spoke and behaved in an almost comically adult manner. He was a serious and very quiet, thoughtful child, who channeled his attentions into things like classical piano (taught by his mother) and exploration of the moorland surrounding his house. Often on these exploration trips, he existed in a world of his own creation, making up stories and playing them out, alone on the moor. His imagination was vivid, as the imagination of an only child often is.

The household in which he grew up contained magic, as his father was an Auror, but he was always aware that his mother did not have the same powers. His early life was
Dacian, aged six
influenced greatly by her, as she was a staunch believer in natural Magick, which was what divided his mother and father in Dacian's mind. Mother understood nature and the world and why it was the way it was; and father manipulated the world with a stick he called a wand. To Dacian, there wasn't much of a difference.

Christmas and other such family holidays were spent with his maternal grandmother and grandfather in northwestern Wales, and the family's relationship with this group was close-knit and loving. It never truly occurred to Dacian that his father might have a family like this, as it was never discussed; and when it came up in conversation, Nehemius simply said that he and his family did not speak-- a statement which was usually followed by a sympathetic pat from his mother-in-law, or his wife.

It wasn't until Dacian was eight or nine that he realised that his father must have an extended family also; a family which Dacian had never met. He brushed this off, thinking that it must not be important if his father did not mention it. He inquired upon it in passing, one day, and his father simply smiled.

"You'll meet them one day," was the reply.

School Years

First Year, 1971-1972

He began at Hogwarts right on time, and very excited to do so, having been told extensive stories by his father from his days of attendance. Dacian's first few days at the summer camp before school began were wonderful; he began to make friends and socialise with children his age for the first time in his life-- and best of all, he was allowed to practise magic. It was also during this time that he met and made friends with a boy called Patrick Pevenso, someone who would come to change his life. Making friends was not hard, but socialising was made more difficult by the fact that English was not his first language, having grown up in a primarily Welsh-speaking household, and Dacian's grasp on English was basic at best.

However, good cheers turned sharply when he gained the attention of a terrible bully, someone who claimed that Dacian was a smear to his name: Cassius Ellwood-Luxe, a sixth year and a Slytherin--a cousin. He was at first thrilled to find that there were more people with his surname, more relatives, people to invite over for holidays; but it was this catalyst that opened the door to Dacian's realisation to the fact that his father's family was huge, and old, and they all seemed to detest his very being and existence, and most of all the fact that he bore their name.

Having little to no concept of blood purity, Dacian wrote a frantic letter home to his father, demanding an explanation as to the reason why the other Ellwood-Luxes hated him so much without knowing him, as well as a tentative inquiry as to how many others there were. The answer was not comforting, because it was in that letter that Nehemius came clean about his being disowned, and what it meant to be a pureblooded wizard. He explained that Dacian was what they called a Halfblood, born of a wizard and a Muggle, and that they hate him because he is the only one of their name who is not "pure."

On the first night at Hogwarts, Dacian was sorted into Hufflepuff, and it was from this that Dacian learned that Hufflepuff was a highly unusual house for an Ellwood-Luxe to inhabit; Cassius made this fact abundantly clear to him as often as he could, taunting him in passing in corridors, the Great Hall, and the like. The fact that he was a Hufflepuff would be a reason for ridicule among his ill-meaning cousins, who seemed to come out of the woodwork in a neverending stream.

Just before the start of his first year. 11 years.

Second Year, 1972-1973

It was clear when Dacian met Patrick in the summer before his first year (Patrick's second) that there was something unusual about their relationship. Dacian had other friends with whom he got along with very easily, but something about Patrick made him feel both simultaneously wonderful and extremely queasy. They confessed to each other a similar feeling, eventually coming to the conclusion that they would simply "belong" to one another, but Dacian hardly knew what that entailed, or what it meant for himself.

Several months in to his second year at Hogwarts he visited the Hospital Wing with the concern that he was quite ill; he could sense that his feelings toward Patrick were not normal for someone his age, or in general. The other boys didn't feel sick around each other, and no one made Dacian feel sick except Patrick-- his only conclusion was that he was either seriously ill, allergic to Patrick, or simply out of his mind. It was a kindly student who told him that it was, while unusual, normal to have feelings such as these, and that he should not be ashamed of them. He emerged with this advice only half-convinced, and, already extremely introverted, retreated into himself only further.

This uncertainty and social pressure from his cousins caused Dacian to fall behind in his classes, receiving poor marks and advancing slowly in his magical abilities.

Third Year, 1973-1974

It was halfway through this year that Patrick, after a year of pushing Dacian away and pulling him close (and a discovery that Patrick had been two-timing him with Robert Oliveroot, another cousin), that he severed ties with Dacian, and subsequently disappeared from Dacian's life altogether. He told Dacian that a relationship between them was impossible, and to never contact him again.

Crushed, Dacian spent the year once again isolated, wherein his marks suffered further. He tried to maintain a position as a Spellbound photographer amid scathing criticism from his most frightening cousin, the editor of the Spellbound, Lysander, who would prove himself to be even worse a bully than Cassius, who by this time had graduated Hogwarts and moved on to greater things. Dacian was beginning to feel as if he were drowning in his family's name, unable to break away from it. He didn't understand why he was thought less of for his parentage when he shared the name they all felt was so important, and he left Hogwarts that June with that thought rattling around in his mind.

Fourth Year, 1974-1937

It started as a normal year. His cousins remained nasty, but all in all Dacian became very isolated, unable to hold down positions in extracurriculars. The first few months of term were uneventful in that all was normal and seemingly well, but when the Christmas holidays rolled around, that's when things got nasty.

Having grown up in the north of Wales in an estate belonging to his Muggle mother's family, Dacian and his father lost everything when time slid back for the wizarding world. He watched his mother flicker away before his eyes amid what had been a cheery family new year's party, and when they landed in 1937, it was right in the middle of another party in the house that was no longer theirs, in a roomful of Muggles.

Nehemius apparated them out immediately, and the two found themselves in snowy London, where they fought to get into Diagon Alley amid panic and chaos from the other wizards, frightened in the midst of the Warp. They were unable to get a proper room for just under a week. For a quarter of that time Dacian and his father had to live on the street, still in their nice new year's clothing, until one of Nehemius' friends from the Ministry offered them a place to stay until they were able to find a temporary room at an inn in Diagon Alley.

Wanting to keep his son close, Nehemius pulled Dacian out of school for the latter half of his fourth year and Dacian spent the remainder of that winter and spring cooped up in Diagon Alley, trying to fathom what had happened to him, and to the world.

In mid-June of 1937, after much of the initial chaos caused by the Warp, Nehemius was able to move he and Dacian out of Diagon Alley and into Hogsmeade.
Shortly after the Time Warp, being fitted for a new set of robes, as all else was lost.

Fifth Year, 1937-1938

His trauma from losing his mother ebbed away over time, until eventually he largely forgot what it was that troubled him. He no longer missed his mother because he had no conception that she was missing, just that she was elsewhere; and that he could not see her. And this somehow did not bother him in the way that it had before, though, at times, he felt as if something was missing from his life.

Within this year Dacian revived a secret-note contact with an unknown sender, found out later to be Aries Paladin. Aries' identity was made into a bet, which Dacian won. The prize, from Aries himself, was a little gray kitten with odd, flattened ears, whom Dacian named Llygoden: Den, for short. Though things at Hogwarts seemed to have changed somehow, Patrick absent and few other friends to speak of, Aries' gift and their exchange of notes were extremely important to Dacian, to whom warm gestures had appeared to have gone extinct. It would be the beginning of a very important friendship off which Dacian would base many of his other friendly relationships.

After being rather violently rejected by Patrick Pevenso some years ago, Patrick abruptly reappeared in his life, something which upset Dacian rather greatly. It was this visit however that led Dacian to realise that his feelings for Aries were more than just platonic-- a part of himself which he had tried to stamp down and reject, that sickly kindled feeling deep in his stomach, content and cosied, nervous, but happy.

He would swallow those feelings, believing them to be evil, because what else would they be? The last they had reared their flowery heads the object of affection had torn him down and left him to wonder-- it would not happen again. Aries was too precious a friend.

Summer, 1938

He finished his fifth year without much fanfare, and spent some time in Hogsmeade with his father and occasionally Aries before going to the school's summer camp.

He was allowed occasional reprieve from the camp however, in the form of visits taken to Aries; and, most notably, to the party held at the flat shared by Aries, Theodore Beauchamp, and Cedric Galyn, a pivotal part of the summer. Aided by frivolous drinks and a multitude of rowdy teens, a game of truth or dare spawned. It was fun and games for Dacian, for most of it, content to watch and sip butterbeer while his friends raged on around him-- but on a malicious whim Ursula dared him to kiss Aries for a minimum of five minutes when his turn arose. He did, with no shortage of teasing from his peers, and was horrified to realise that he enjoyed it, that all of his previous efforts to drown that part of himself had been for naught. After the party that night Aries bade him stay over. Next to him and sharing blankets, Dacian did not sleep well that night.

In early August, he was assaulted by a suspicious Ursula Cherrywell on the thoroughway of Diagon Alley while on a shopping trip with his father, on the basis that she was convinced absolutely that he was a girl taking polyjuice potion to become a boy in order to seduce Aries. Having caught on, possibly, to Dacian's emotions toward Aries, Ursula proceeded to blackmail him into dating her, under the pretense that she would tell Aries (and, likely, anyone else who would listen) of Dacian's feelings for his friend and inherent attraction to his own gender. Having heard horrible stories about the fates of other "deviants" like himself, Dacian reluctantly agreed, knowing that either fate would bring inevitable strain into his friendship with Aries.

He kept this deal secret from everyone, waiting until the first of September, the beginning of his sixth year, to make the relationship public.

Sixth Year, 1938-1939

Having passed his OWLs, the beginning of his sixth year was met with a sick optimism, despite the deal struck up with Ursula and what was to come-- the moments he'd shared with Aries by that point warmed him to the core. It wasn't until Ursula kissed him at the Opening feast that it finally sank in that there would be unrest: Aries' expression at Ursula's undue expression of affection disturbed him.

Ursula kept him on a tight leash, but Dacian still found time to while away with Aries: he was the best friend Dacian had ever had in his life, and it hardly mattered what Dacian felt under the surface. He was truly content to just continue in their friendship as they always had, and as such they very rarely spoke of Ursula, who had also spent a fair amount of time pursuing Aries.

During this time, also, peculiar things began to happen to Dacian's emotional state. His mood could turn on a pin, and there were points that he could whip from inconsolable sobbing to unfazed and content to fiery anger to blazing happiness within several hours, without any semblance of control on Dacian's part. For awhile he didn't even know it was happening, until the changes became more and more extreme. For awhile, again, he thought that he was going crazy, but resisted the urge to go see the nurse; instead, he researched the matter himself. After several months of patchy research, he came to a conclusion that surprised him: Dacian was an Empath, and his violent mood swings were result of his involuntarily leeching off the emotions of literally everyone who passed him in the corridors, in classes, in the dormitories-- everyone, everywhere.

This came to be a bit of an issue, as such mood swings were terribly exhausting, and Dacian isolated somewhat. If there was nobody around to leech from, there was only himself to listen to.

With Aries, though, things had taken a similarly confusing turn.

Though still "dating" Ursula, Aries occupied most of his time, and on his seventeenth birthday Aries surprised Dacian with a lovely little party just for the two of them, with cake and treats and the like-- but also with champagne, which Dacian had only once or twice before drunk. The events of the night were thereafter hazy, but certain events stood out unforgivably sober from the patchwork of the rest of it; he could no longer fool himself that Aries was just a friend, and that their friendly intimacy appeared to be just a game was a painful passion play that Dacian could not help but act in.

Ursula could see that something had changed, and her threats to Dacian came only stronger. It all came to a head when Ursula gave Dacian an ultimatum: knowing Aries was coming to confront him, after a conspicuous radio silence, she told Dacian that he would either kiss Ursula upon Aries' arrival, or confess to Aries his feelings. Both, it seemed, would mar their friendship permanently; but when the moment came, Dacian found he was sick of the lies and smoke and mirrors, and at the last moment burst from the Hospital Wing to confess to Aries, expecting the worst. He did not expect, however, that Aries had all along returned his feelings, that fate had deigned it appropriate to give them this one golden thing.

A happy ending, in which the good triumphed and the bad was vanquished, was certainly not what he expected would close his sixth year.

Seventh Year, 1939-1940

Dacian and Aries around the beginning of their seventh year
Uneventful in comparison to the year preceding it, Dacian's seventh year came and went with little issue. He was content with Aries and Aries content with him; Dacian was happy, such as he'd never been before.

Throughout the year Dacian's empathic power only continued to grow, still difficult to control. Though he kept Aries' secrets he also kept his own, and as such did not tell Aries about his Empathy during its development. He continued to study and work in the Hospital Wing as he had the year before.

Upon his graduation, Dacian found a flat with Aries in London, and they began a quiet life.

Post-Graduate Life


Almost immediately upon leaving Hogwarts Dacian found work as a Junior Healer at St. Mungo's, where he worked in the Magical Psychology ward. His empathy, slowly becoming more and more manageable, made it easier to treat patients who had trouble expressing what it was they wanted, or needed. Very quietly he used this talent to help himself along, and he never told a soul; if someone knew, Dacian had no idea.

In late 1940, however, his cover would be effectively blown by the bill passed by the Ministry saying that all "extraordinary" citizens had to register themselves. Afraid of being found out and made to face consequences, Dacian reluctantly registered, unbeknownst to Aries, who was starting out at the Ministry himself as an Auror-in-Training. It weighed on Dacian, this horrible secret of his, and every time he thought he'd worked up the courage to tell Aries he'd chicken out, afraid of repulsion and rejection for what he was.

Several months later, at the start of 1941, a strange man came to collect Dacian from his shift at St. Mungo's, saying he'd been picked specially to help out with a series of unique cases, and that his talents were needed to help further along the patients' progress. Dacian, thinking it was a normal assignment, followed the man via side-along Apparition to a strange place made of poured concrete and eerily sterile, where he was made to use his empathy to tell whether the "patients" in front of him were lying about the various questions they were being asked.

Dacian was put through this for several months, and it was always the same: the man would collect Dacian from his shift and then would send him home for the day, and Aries would never find out about it, because Dacian would never tell him.

It came to a point that the patients Dacian 'assisted' with were more and more unhinged, whereas the ones toward the beginning had been relatively calm and collected, if not frightened. It was an incident with a seemingly delirious man, hard to even approach due to the emotions that sloughed off him, that made Dacian realise that his abilities had more potential than he originally thought: through force of will Dacian placated him by manipulating calm into him, as one forces medicine into an uncooperative patient.

He surreptitiously tested his abilities on the patients before him thereafter. He tried to be as non-invasive as he possibly could, pushing calm into those who needed it and occasionally darker emotions if he felt like it; within weeks he was good at it, and it no longer took effort.

Within weeks of his mastery of this skill, however, Dacian would be taken from his quiet, idyllic life alongside Aries, and made to disappear from the public eye entirely.

Disappearance and MOD

Dacian was recruited by a member of Merlin's Order of Defence (MOD) in the winter of 1942, and subsequently disappeared from public life. He worked their special forces and undercover jobs in Paris, Auvergne, and Berlin, and was in special supervision by one Captain R. C. Durham as per the Extraordinaries program as of 1943. After this, records indicate that he was placed in battle at the Invasion of Normandy in June 1944. It is suspected he was injured during this battle, however all trace of him after this point have disappeared.

Dacian's whereabouts are currently unknown.



  • Suplerlative nominee: "Most likely to be Abducted," 1974/35;
  • Superlative winner: "Merlin, the Archetypal Magician," 1938;
  • Superlative winner: "The White Rabbit," 1939;
  • Superlative winner: "Most Perceptive," 1940;
  • Spellbound photographer, 1973-74;
  • Hufflepuff Chaser, 1938-1939;
  • Hospital Wing, 1938-1940;
  • Chief Assistant Nurse, 1938-1939;
  • Prefect Pick: "Aquilon," for It's A Bird, It's a Plane-! [1]
  • Merlin's Order of Defence: Lieutenant, 42nd Battalion; Undercover Liaison


Though Dacian bears legitimately the name of a well-known Pureblood family, he was not recognised as a true member by the family as an institution until 1948. This was due to the fact that, he was a halfblood, his father Nehemius having married a Muggle woman, the act for which he was disowned in 1921, by Apollinarius Ellwood-Luxe (XXVIII). Dacian was made legitimate for the first time when Cassius, head of family as of 1948, re-recognised Nehemius, therefore legitimizing his issue.

Pedigree chart

Atellus Jameson Ellwood-Luxe
Apollinarius Casper Ellwood-Luxe
Sylva Marlowe Black
Nehemius Maxen Ellwood-Luxe
Marcelle Francis Astor
Aderyn Cailte Astor
Achethe Madeleina Penberthy
Dacian Felix Ellwood-Luxe
Arthur Powys Wainwright
George Harlin Wainwright
Alice Jane Whited
Amelia Rosen Wainwright
George Thomas Walshe
Elizabeth Leanna Walshe
Anne Patience Smith

Family tree



Eva Abernathy

Other family includes his grandparents, Apollinarius and Aderyn Ellwood-Luxe; his uncles, Marcellus, Aurelion, and Scipio; his aunt, Adelia; and his cousins, Cassius, Kathleen, Aleda, Perseus Ellwood-Luxe, Lysander Ellwood-Luxe, Lucien Chaucer, Lucretius Chaucer, Lotharius Chaucer, and Camille Chaucer.

See also: The Chaucer Family, The Ellwood-Luxe Family

Llygoden the Cat

Llygoden, or 'Den' for short, is the kitten gifted to Dacian by Aries Paladin when he won their bet in the middle of their fifth year. She is an unknown magical breed, grey and white and unusual in her appearance in that her ears are stunted and flat against her head, and she seems to be permanently kitten-sized. Her name is the Welsh word for "Mouse," so given because of her tiny, kittenish squeaking mewl. It is unknown whether she will grow any more, or if she will ever reach a full-grown or adult cat size.

In character, Den is very playful if rather reckless. She seems to get on very well with Aries' snake familiar, Ashera, who has postulated that Den is in fact part snake due to her flattened ears and inability to meow like a proper cat. Though this theory is ridiculous, it is validated by the fact that it cannot be disproved, as Den's parentage is unknown.

Because of her size, Den is able to fit in pockets and in hoods, and enjoyed riding around with Dacian to classes and other such destinations very often.

Upon his summons to aid the MOD undercover, Dacian left Den in the care of his father, at the cottage in Hogsmeade.