Clara Darcy

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Biographical Information
Full nameClara Gwendolyn Artemis Darcy
ResidenceSeyridge manor, St Ives
Blood StatusPureblood
Physical Information
Hair colourblonde
Eye colourgrey
Skin colourporcelain
Family Information
ParentsMarilyn and Alfred Darcy
SiblingsEdward Darcy, Sophia Darcy, Theodore Darcy
Magical Characteristics
Wand11 inches, dragon heartstring, aspen wood, rigid


Clara was born on the 23rd of July to Marilyn Darcy and Alfred Darcy. Looking back, it shouldn't have been a surprise that she entered the world 2 weeks earlier than expected and came out kicking and screaming. They should've taken this as a warning that Clara would not be easy to raise. Of course, they didn't.

Clara grew up in the Darcy manor in near St Ives, Cornwall. The youngest of four, she had to scream to be heard, and she had no issues with doing just that. After a week of next to no sleep from a baby who wouldn't shut up, Clara was handing to the nanny to be looked after.

Growing up, Clara spent a lot of time with her older siblings. Having two older brothers, they rubbed off on her to help her become the fighter that she is today(though she'd never admit it), but from Sophia, Clara found her more girly side. She loved to dress up pretty and to play princesses and tea parties. Of course, her playing princess was really her sitting with her doll advisors and discussing what to do to keep the kingdom safe from attacks and her tea parties often included assassinations, but whatever.

As a pureblood little girl, Clara's parents gave her the proper pureblood education, teaching her embroidery, horse riding, ballet and how to play the piano. They did their best to turn Clara into a sophisticated young lady and while Clara became mostly that, in their bid to teach her of how as a pureblood she was automatically better than most, they ended up installing a need within her to constantly be the best at everything.

Clara and her mother frequently butted heads because of this. While Marilyn Darcy was definitely an elitist, she was also backwards in her opinions of women, and in particular women in the workforce. When Clara announced she planned on becoming Minister of Magic, she freaked. A tough love, harsh woman, Marilyn responded in the only way she knew how, yelling at her 6 or so year old daughter and locking her in her room. Their relationship has only worsened over time.

Luckily Clara and her father have a better relationship. Usually off at work, Alfred Darcy has remained mostly sheltered from Clara's more forward thinking views, and Clara has him wrapped around her little finger. All he ever gets to see is his little baby girl learning to play the piano or asking him to read to her. He remains completely oblivious to the hours she spends playing 'princesses'.

Clara blames her mother for their less than satisfactory relationship, but if she were to take a step bak and really look at it, she would realise that for all her mother's faults, the woman has done what she believes is best for her daughter, with good intentions even if the actions are often questionable, and that she is also partly to blame for their relationship.


Clara has never been the sort of person willing to lay down and let people walk all over her, plucky and feisty as she is. She's inherited a certain degree of charisma from her family, has a way with words and does everything with such confidence that people tend to listen to what she says, making her a natural leader . That's a good thing really as Clara, bossy as she is, must always be in control, not being so scares her more than she'd like to admit.

Clara is rarely one to compromise and so if she offers you one, it means she really cares for you. She’ll never shy away from a confrontation and is stubborn enough that she usually wins. Clara's very organised, competent and generally prepared for anything. She’d be the perfect student if it weren’t for her speaking back every time she doesn’t like something. Clara’s always got a plan and a backup plan, and usually has a few more backup plans to boot.

That’s very convenient if you happen to be friends with Clara. Then again, befriending Clara is a tricky business. It’s pretty clear that she’s very independent, Clara doesn’t need to say it for it to be known that she doesn’t need anyone really. Still, she’s friendly, charming when she wants to be, and really it’s a very good idea to get on her good side. Maybe Clara doesn’t think of you as anything but a minion, maybe you’re her best friend, whatever the case it can’t be denied that Clara is loyal to the core and will stick up for you when you need it. Maybe sometimes she can be a little dismissive and maybe she might use people and manipulate them at times, but she’s got your back, and hey, she’ll convince you that you want to be her friend, just watch.

Unless it’s something really important for her future that is. You’d have to be really special for her to jeopardise her dream for you.

It isn’t all that difficult to anger Clara. She’s proud, more spoilt than she’s aware of and doesn’t forgive and forget easily at all, so you don’t have to do much more than say the wrong thing and the wrong time in the wrong tone and she’ll never like you again (or at least not until you genuinely apologise and trust me she’ll know if you’re lying). Hogwarts hasn’t born the full blow of Clara’s complete, unbridled fury yet, but that’s probably a good thing. Clara when she’s angry is scary as it is. Clara is just plain cold and cruel when she’s completely furious, the sort of person who’d cross the line without a second thought..

It is important to remember that Clara really is a very smart witch. Whether it is because she's grown up surrounded by magic or because she spends so many late nights putting in way more work than necessary (even before she'd started Hogwarts), she’s excelled in school, and hey, she isn't half bad at quidditch(though that's less native talent and more hard work and determination).In her eyes, there is only one option and that is to be the best, and if that requires extra work then so be it.

Her biggest ambition in life, and something that plays a big part in a lot of what she does, is her need for power and becoming Minister for Magic.


When Clara isn't working or practicing, you might find her doing one of the below:

  • Quidditch: With this being a competitive sport, Clara spends perhaps the most time out of all of her doing this, she is on the team after all. Clara's slight build, lends itself to speed and agility, and her eyes for detail for catches, with her weaker points being passes, throws and working in a team.
  • Ballet: One of the few things her mother insisted she learnt that she actually enjoyed and is good at, Clara doesn't have as much time to dance at Hogwarts, but she will occasionally sneak off to get a little practice in. She did bring her pointe shoes after all!
  • Wizarding Chess: It's no surprise that Clara's really good at this, what with her love of plans. She's actually found that Hogwarts provides many an opponent, many of which can match her skill, and some who might even be able to beat her.
  • Piano: She hardly counts this as it is just something her mother forced her to do. Clara hates piano for many reasons, ranging from her piano teacher being a bore who treated her like a baby, her mother always nagging her about it, and just a lack of skill.
  • Horse Riding: Once more not really counted in Clara's eyes, this is another thing that Clara was forced to do by her mother, but this she prefers to piano as it's more exciting. She's a competent and capable rider, after many years of it you'd hope so, but isn't massively interested in it, which is good as she doesn't really share much of a bond with animals and possesses no real talent at it.
  • Embroidery: Dull and much harder than Clara would give it credit, she isn't very good at it at all

Political Views

  • Blood purity:In her younger years and before she essentially blew up the relationship with her mother by announcing her plans to become minister for magic, Clara didn't question what her mother taught her about muggles and muggleborns: that being that they were akin to dirt on one's shoe, that they sullied the wizarding world with their presence and ought to be gotten rid of. But as she's grown older, these views have been brought into questioning by her realisation that a lot of what her parents thought was questionable. Now, Clara tries her best to treat muggleborns as she treats any other, but she can't help but still feel superior to muggles. Not because they're 'dirt' obviously, but because they don't have magic and therefore are weak and puny.
  • Women: Clara's a feminist through and through. She's read about all these strong, independent women like Emmeline Pankhurst(one of the few muggles she likes) and Artemisia Lufkin(the first female minister for magic) and knows one day she'll be as well known and they are.
  • Race: Clara's grown up in a household not exactly filled with raging racists, but definitely prejudiced and the sort to stereotype. But when Clara realised what a load of hogwash most of the things her parents said was, she turned with a questioning eye to this and entering Hogwarts has stamped out any issues.
  • Class: Clara's rich, and used to luxury. While she tries her best to remain tactful to the less fortunate, it can sometimes catch her off guard to hear that a family doesn't have at least one house elf to tend to them.
  • Hogwarts houses: Clara isn't against Gryffindors as much of her family is (many famous and praiseworthy individuals came from Gryffindor), but she can occasionally fall victim to house stereotyping. Not with slytherins obviously, she herself is a slytherin and may be a little biased, but with the others.


  • Aphrodite Foxe: A slytherin girl the year above, Odi and clara bonded over similar ambitious tendencies and girliness, becoming fast friends.
  • Arthur Darwin: Fellow slytherin and a boy in her year, Arthur has become a close friend of Clara’s and one of, if not the only, one that she will let a more childish side show.
  • Beatrice Caulfield: Despite there being one between them who is clearly in charge (Clara), the two have become good friends. Unbeknownst to both girls, Bea and Clara were actually childhood friends before Bea’s family were killed in a car crash.
  • Christoph Grey: Another slytherin boy in her year, Clara has come to call him a good friend of hers, standing up for him in class and sharing a common enemy.
  • Henry Reed: Three years her senior and in hufflepuff, Henry and Clara have taken to teaming up in various classes they share, and she has come to care for him a lot.
  • Maria Teodora Whittington: Six years her senior and a gryffindor, Clara was very impressed by the older girl holding the title of Prefect and warmed up to her quickly.
  • Sandy Stone: Clara’s worst enemy, the hufflepuff and the slytherin have butted heads more time than anyone can count.
  • Vega Nettlebed: Despite an age gap of six years, both girls having a native talent in potions and plenty of brains has meant that they’ve become friends, frequently sitting together in the class.