Avaric Archeron

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Avaric Archeron
Biographical Information
Full nameAvaric Ophiuchus Perseus Archeron
Born26 March 1943
BirthplaceWandsworth, London, UK
Blood StatusPureblood
Physical Information
Hair colourdark brown
Eye colourgreen
Family Information
SpouseCalliope Archeron (nee Amberghast)
ParentsAlaric Archeron & Opal Archeron
SiblingsRuby Archeron & Jade Archeron
Magical Characteristics
WandPine with Werewolf hair, 14", pliant
Special Abilitymetamorphmagus



Alaric and Opal were pleased to welcome their first child on March 26, 1943. And even more so when shortly after, their son’s dark locks changed to a soft blue. It was a trait that ran in Alaric’s family, however, his brother, being older, had gotten it, not him. So they were a bit surprised to find their son had it.

As Avaric grew older, his parents doted on him. Being the first-born, and having his ability, his parents gave him everything he wanted and let him get away with whatever he wanted. This led to Avaric being quite bratty and throwing a fit if he didn’t get his way. When Avaric was 4, his twin sisters came along, much to Avaric’s disappointment. He didn’t like his parents focusing on them more than him. He acted out a bit, and as he grew older, he completely ignored his sisters. He has no interest in building any sort of relationship with them.


During Avaric’s first year, his antics continued, regularly impersonating teachers or classmates to get his way. However, he hadn’t been careful enough and got detention a bit. His parents finally reprimanded him. After all, if he continued like this, he’d never be an Auror. They insisted he straighten up, at least enough to not get caught, so he could be Prefect and Head Boy in the future. After all, since their line wasn’t the head of the Archeron name, he’d have to make up for it in achievements.

Avaric, of course, still plays by his own rules, just a bit more carefully now. As he has gotten older, he has realized the importance of being in a reputable family. Partly due to his impending arranged marriage, joining their family with the Amberghasts. So now not only does he have to make sure he keeps his nose clean, but his future wife’s as well.

During the course of 1959, Avaric and Poppy had a very up and down sort of relationship and were constantly fighting or snogging. They constantly were snogging other people because the other was until they both pushed it too far and Poppy found out he was snogging Eviguin Lackless. After a few days of her ignoring him, they finally decided to not see other people.

A couple of weeks later, they were both quite injured in the Gryffindor vs Slytherin game, and Eviguin helped nurse them back to health. A few days later, Avaric received a howler from his father about the Quidditch game and his dropping Potions grades. He threatened to not allow him and Poppy take their scheduled ski vacation over Christmas break if his grades didn't improve significantly.

A deal was made for Eviguin to tutor him in Potions in exchange for snogs from him and Poppy. While his grade did improve, it didn't improve enough. However, given all that had happened in the past month between Avaric and Poppy, they felt they needed the vacation to get okay again. So they left early one morning and went to France.

A couple of days later, they both received letters saying their parents were cancelling their engagement, claiming Poppy was a bad influence on Avaric, and that Avaric wasn't suitable material if he couldn't keep Poppy in check. The Amberghasts said they'd find someone else for her to marry by next Christmas since they had already started planning the wedding.

Avaric and Poppy then made the decision to run off to Scotland and elope. They had a small ceremony with just Eviguin, Mouse Marchen, and Min Hargrave. Their families cut them off afterwards, and now Avaric and Poppy are learning to live with next to nothing instead of the riches they were both accustomed to.


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  • Quidditch 1959-1960
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  • Duelling 1960-1961