Audrey Campbell

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Audrey Campbell
Biographical Information
Full nameAudrey Campbell
Born28 August 1941
BirthplaceEdinburgh, Scotland
ResidenceEdinburgh, Scotland
Blood StatusHalfblood
Physical Information
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourBrown
Skin colourWhite
Family Information
ParentsPeter and Annie Campbell
Magical Characteristics
WandCypress wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ¾" and Slightly Springy

Early Life

Audrey was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. She was born to a wizard father, Peter Campbell, and a muggle mother, Annie. Her mother had been married previously, however her husband, who was also a muggle, had died in an accident shortly after she had Audrey's older brother, William, four years before Audrey was born. William became her best friend. He was always patient with his sister despite how annoying she could be sometimes. Her father was a Ravenclaw in his time at Hogwarts, then becoming a Healer. Her mother, like most other muggle mothers, was a housewife. She grew up in a house big enough for the four of them in a neighborhood called Duddingston.

Audrey had a happy childhood, enjoying the mix of both wizarding and muggle fun. William was excited to have a witch for a sister and wizard for a step-father, so there were many occasions the young boy almost spilled the family secret to his friends. Keeping a huge part of their life a secret was rather difficult for Audrey. She hated lying to her friends. Before Hogwarts, she spent her days following in the footsteps of William. While she still liked the typical girl things, she also loved running around outside and getting dirty. She would often follow her brother on "adventures", which usually included hiking up Arthur's Seat or running on the beach in Portobello or through Holyrood Park.

Getting her acceptance letter to Hogwarts was met with both excitement and heartbreak. She had been waiting for this moment since her father told her about Hogwarts, but she never considered how it would feel to leave her friends and her family, especially William, behind. She spent her first night crying and wanting to go home, but it didn't take that long to settle in. Distance truly makes the heart grow fonder, so she couldn't wait to tell her brother all about what she was learning at Hogwarts. Unfortunately, over the years she began to drift from her childhood friends as they made new friends and moved on. Audrey understood, but it always made her a bit sad when she would run into them spending time together when she was home on holiday.

She stands out a bit for doing things, like setting her hair in pin curls, the muggle way. She also preferred muggle fashion. Since her mother was a muggle, she never had anyone to teach her wizarding fashion and beauty tips. Despite being at Hogwarts with other girls who know these things, she likes to keep the muggle way of things as a reminder of home