Aries Paladin

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Aries Paladin
Biographical Information
Full nameAries Seraphinus Paladin
BornMarch 21, 1921
BirthplaceSt. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
ResidenceLondon, England
Blood StatusPureblood
Title(s)Parselmouth; '38 Prefect; 1937-present; Dueling Champion; Beater (1973-present)
Physical Information
Family Information
ParentsAsteria Applesnow (née Paladin) and Leonius Applesnow
SiblingsRomulus, Remus, Euphemia, Vienna, Lucina
Other Family MembersNonpareil Clan; Paladin Family
Magical Characteristics
Wand12 ¾ Applewood, Phoenix Feather, Inflexible (former); 12 ¾ Vine, Basilisk Skin, Rigid (current)



Third son to Leonius and Antonia Applesnow, Aries Paladin was born on the northern vernal equinox of 1921. A date revered by the Nonpareil Clan as the start of a season of light, he was christened 'Aries Seraphinus' in celebration. The name was seen as auspicious: his birthdate marked the first day in the calendar that a person could be born under the sign of Aries, which itself fell under the fire element, occupied the first position in the zodiac, and was strongly governed by the sun; 'Seraphinus', meaning 'burning one', was an ideal symbolic match for 'Aries'.

Though Aries was a third son and the fifth child of six, his birthdate and outgoing personality made him a family favorite. His mother, far from maternal but an enthusiastic pet keeper, called him her little 'Prince Charming'; his father extended his favoritism from his older brother Gaius to him also; and all of their relatives declared Aries a perfect son. Naturally, he lived out nothing less than a spoiled and happy childhood marked by no particular troubles other than his place in the family line. His acquaintance spanning many circles, Aries had many friends and playmates; among these were Jessica Davies, Daniel Reed, and Cedric Galyn, the latter of whom he spent the most time with and had the greatest attachment to.

As soon as he was old enough to understand pureblood customs, Aries' status became a source of insecurity for him. Even at an early age, he was sensitive to the role that genetics played in a pureblood's life, and so deeply envied his older brothers. He especially coveted their red hair—an uncommon but cherished trait in a Nonpareil—and closer resemblance to their (ironically blond) father; later, he would emulate them through dyeing potions he procured himself.

Although physical affection was discouraged by his family, Aries always felt that he loved his them deeply. In particular, he admired his father, often trying to impress him. Though he was usually outshone by Gaius in his attempts to do so, he didn't entirely resent his brother for it; in fact, in contrast to his cold relationship with Romulus, Aries shared a close bond with Gaius.

Come the age of ten, Aries became seriously ill with a disease that had broken out in the Compound. Because of this sudden fever, which also claimed the health of his sisters and the lives of two infant cousins, Aries was forced to take about a year’s worth of recuperative rest by the seaside. Following this, he started school a year later than his peers, at the age of twelve. At his mother's request, he went to school in Switzerland, where she herself had studied for some time. It was there that he refined his German.


After some time, Aries' family had him return home and enroll in Hogwarts for his third year. This was when his life changed.

Third Year

His first year at Hogwarts marked the start of his problems. Applesnows were traditionally either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, and Aries' name had been down for Gryffindor since birth. Horrified by his Sorting, Aries immediately owled his mother in hopes of softening the blow for his family; to his dismay, the clan wrote the letters off as an inappropriately silly joke. Distressed, he took to distracting himself from the eventuality of them finding out through various means, and began brewing Calming Draughts and Sleeping Draughts for his nerves.

His family finally accepted the truth during Christmas of 1973, and thereon reacted accordingly. The process of his disownment began: disinheritance papers were filed, his allowance was slashed, and his name was burned off the family tree. Yet in Aries' eyes these punishments paled before the simplest one: a loss of love. Treated either with contempt or as though he did not exist, Aries steadily grew more melancholy. Upon returning to school, he began drinking more Calming potions than before, coaxing himself into a state of sociability and obliviousness. Always secretive, he never once let on to anyone that he was anything more than a confident, agreeable student.

Spring was a difficult time. In February, Aries was unwillingly involved in the Slytherin prank against Gryffindor. Shortly afterwards, his cousin Cinderella sadistically blackmailed him into a late tryout for their House's Quidditch Team. Realizing that he had behaved in a 'Slytherin' way during the Hufflepuff-Slytherin match did nothing for his mental state, and a loss to Hufflepuff only reaffirmed his contempt for his House.

Fourth Year

It was in his Fourth Year that several important things happened to Aries: first, he was inducted into ◆◆◆; second, the Slytherin team won the Quidditch Cup; and third, he unlocked his Parseltongue ability. The first and second, along with his deeper acquaintance with many Slytherins, including Annabel Grey, served as the beginning of hope for a new life.


Aries' discovery of his parseltongue was not immediate. After growing up in a household that condemned association with either the Dark Arts or Slytherin, Aries had mentally suppressed his own ability for years. However, as his Third Year ended, the trauma of Sorting gave way to a mental shift that made unlocking the ability possible. By Fourth Year, Aries began to accept that he was a Slytherin; together with (unknowingly) rearing a snake egg at camp, this acceptance made it possible for him to understand syllables and short words in Parseltongue.

His ability first emerged in Knockturn Alley. After getting lost Aries ended up in The Velvet Box, where he met his friend Ignatius Hallows, who proposed that he fit him with a wand. Aries' disconcertion with his inherited 'Light' wand's rejection made him agree to this idea, and he tried many before ultimately being attracted to a wand 'singing' in the backroom. Hearing its contrived speech as a mixture of hisses and speech, Aries was fascinated: dismissing the hisses as faulty plumbing, he insisted on being shown the wand. After being reassured that it was not particularly Dark, he accepted the wand as a gift, happily claiming it as his new partner.

This happy event, however, was succeeded by a series of more unfortunate ones. Back at camp, his egg hatched. To Aries' horror, 'Ashera' was not the little bird that he, in his ignorance of animals, had naively imagined, but a snake. His aversion to snakes lead him to rashly try and dispose of her, but his wand was stayed by a surge of disgust for his own attempt at violence. Instead, he abandoned the young snake in the Forbidden Forest. Disturbed by his ignorance and bothered by his own actions, Aries vowed to become more prudent and honest with himself, even un-dying his hair to blond in an attempt to face his 'defectiveness'.

Yet Ashera would come back to haunt him. At the castle, Aries dwelt in uncertainty for the first two months of term, often imagining that he heard hisses. Whether he truly heard them or not proved unimportant when he was reunited with the snake shortly after the Halloween party he co-hosted with Jessica Davies. Although he didn't know it at the time, snakes were often raised without mothers and Ashera had been making her way back to him; on Halloween, she succeeded in entering his dormitories. Strangely enough, she greeted him with a bite.

If the hatching had frightened Aries, this sudden and unwelcome reunion was even more disconcerting. Ashera disappeared, filling Aries with a paranoia that she could strike at any time. And, essentially, she could—despite numerous attempts, he failed to find the snake, even as it presumably lurked in his dorms. For the next few months, Aries withdrew from classes and social life, denying himself sleep out of fear that the snake would strike again, or that he would dream of serpents. Though Ashera never again showed herself, Aries knew that she was "always there" with him. Whether she truly was and is 'omnipresent' remains unclear, but one thing is for certain: Ashera had, through her own ingenuity or some power, an ability to go unseen.

It was this that disturbed him. Although Aries felt this preying "monster" a just punishment for having 'gone against' his family, he at least wanted to know where it was. Following the events of New Years' Eve, Aries resolved to find the snake once and for all, increasing his knowledge of snakes and, after finding Ashera's shed skin, practicing Divination. His thoughts would later be changed by an aura reading with Professor Arianrhod Medraut, who revealed that Ashera's intentions were not so malicious as they appeared.

At long last, Aries found the area where he sensed Ashera was hiding. When she didn't manifest the first time, he took to going there day after day. Finally, however, the snake deigned to appear. When she did, she immediately launched into accusations. Unable to deny that they were true, a frightened Aries pleaded for mercy until Ashera suddenly decided to strike a deal with him: his subservience to her in exchange for a promise not to hurt any of the people around him. Controlled by his own phobia, Aries could not refuse, and ended up smuggling Ashera into Camp Loki with him.

Fifth Year

Fifth Year was was a paradigm shift for Aries. He was appointed as Prefect for Slytherin; helped Slytherin keep its hold on the Quidditch Cup; won the dueling championship; began to reach an understanding with Ashera; became closer to his childhood friend Cedric Galyn; resumed correspondence with Dacian Ellwood-Luxe; saw Annabel Grey leave; and was formally disowned, renouncing his paternal name and adopting his maternal, Paladin.

Despite himself, Aries continued to form and develop bonds with his House, particularly the Slytherin Quidditch team as a unit. Becoming a Prefect gave him a newfound responsibility for and insight into the House that he formerly never would've thought possible, and it changed him, as did the team's victory at the end of the year. His ironic distrust of co-captain Gabrielle Renard due to her perceived lack of partisanship helped his realize his growing loyalty to his House. Always pragmatic, Aries finally admitted to himself that he could no longer disdain Slytherin when it had brought him success and support. No matter how indirect, his relationship with each person in his House had an influence on his views; however, particular people he acknowledged as having an effect on his own views were Annabel Grey, whom he had always considered his first friend in the House; Seamus Reinhardt, an acquaintance and roommate similar to him in personality; and Frank Viggano Jr., the team's new captain, whom he first misjudged but later came to see as a good person and friend. Generally, Aries became more understanding of his House.

Certain personal relationships had a profound effect on him, as well. Since Third Year, Aries had had a conflicted relationship with Annabel Grey, but her sudden departure at the end of the year made him realize how much he truly appreciated her presence, and others'. Since childhood, he had shared an understanding with Cedric Galyn, but Cedric's support helped see him through the year, especially through the dark period after being disowned. Though he had thought his game of anonymous note-sending with Dacian Ellwood-Luxe over after an apparent lack of interest, it resumed, and he found the resulting friendship a true source of comfort; unnervingly, he also found himself faced with a growing attraction to his friend, but suppressed it for the sake of friendship and normality. Finally, a change in Ashera's behavior brought snake and Parselmouth closer, and Aries came to see her as, if not a friend, a valuable resource; though his interactions with her usually resulted in biting, the assured privacy of his confessions allowed him a curative sort of honesty.



Ashera is Aries' pet snake. White-scaled with a talent for concealing herself, she is a magical hybrid, although her exact parentage is currently unknown.







Ashera, after hatching.
Aries first met Ashera in the summer after his third year, while she was still an egg. On some impulse, he took her from the garden where he found a clutch. Normally, disturbing a snake egg would damage or kill a hatchling, but Aries' ability and a gentle instinct of his own prevented injury to Ashera, whom he immediately bought a portable incubator for. He cared for her all throughout the summer of his third year, and was often seen with her incubator during that time.
Ashera. Though she can assume the color of her surroundings, her un-camouflaged scales are a nacreous white.
In contrast to his present distrust of Ashera, Aries used to have a keen affection for her. Caring for her egg soothed him and made his own difficulties easier to bear; thus, he grew very attached. He was so besotted with Ashera that he even picked out her name long before she actually hatched: 'Ashera', coming from 'Al Sheratan', or Beta Arietis, the binary star system in the constellation Aries, was how he thought of her up until she hatched.

After bringing Ashera to Camp Loki, Aries developed a true relationship with the snake, who has a distinct personality of her own. She seems to enjoy insulting him; likewise, he 'hates' her. The dislike seems to be mutual. But at the same time, Ashera's spitefulness is often contradicted by her strange wish to be closer to Aries; indeed, it would almost seem that she is testing him.

Now that summer has ended, how their relationship will develop throughout Aries' Fifth Year remains to be seen.


  • 1973-1974 - Advanced Transfiguration - Valedictorian
  • 1973-1974 - Superlative Winner - "Most Likely to Make Friendly Alliances"
  • 1974-present - ◆◆◆ induction
  • 1974-1937 - 'Superlative Winner - "Most Likely to Eat Cake"
  • 1974-1937 - Quidditch Champions
  • 1937-1938 - Prefect
  • 1937-1938 - Beginner's Divination - Salutatorian
  • 1937-1938 - Advanced Conjuring & Summoning - Salutatorian
  • 1937-1938 - Herbology - Salutatorian
  • 1937-1938 - Dueling Champion
  • 1937-1938 - Superlative Winner - "Sir Tristram, the Honourable"
  • 1937-1938 - Quidditch Champions
  • June-August 1938 - Ministry Intern
  • 1938-1939 - Prefect


Beginner's Charms, 1973-1974

  • Transtuli - translation spell
  • Cartographia complector - mapping spell
  • Gravis rideo - reduce weight of object, floats

Advanced Charms, 1973-1937

  • Aqueous
  • Consuendi - sews up
  • Gingiber Cervise
  • Inhaero
  • Oculus
  • Parvula Dentes - shrinks teeth, counteracts Densaugeo
  • Pungo
  • Sciens - counteracts Condundus
  • Torpens - numbing spell, counteracts rictumsempra

Other Relationships

Other family includes siblings: Gaius Applesnow, Romulus Applesnow, Vienna Applesnow, Euphemia Applesnow, and Lucina Applesnow; cousins: Cinderella Applesnow, Kieran Cherrywell, and Ursula Cherrywell; and aunts and uncles, including Alerio Cerberus Paladin, among others.