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Created byUnknown
Yearas early as 1 CE
Branch of MagicCharms
Intended effectsTemporary anti-inflammatory (medical spell)

ROO-bore KA-lore DOH-lore TOO-more

Taught In1953-54: Hospital Wing. Symposium 1


An anti-inflammatory charm that provides temporary physical relief from pain, swelling, redness/irritation, or heat with the appropriate modifier (Rubor, Calor, Dolor, Tumor, Laesia)



This spell has been in use by healers since at least the 1st century.


The spell is the perfect passive participle of Latin alleviō (“to alleviate”). Its modifiers describe the classical signs of inflammation in Latin; Rubor (“redness”), Calor (“heat”), Dolor (“pain”), Tumor (“swelling”). Laesia refers to fūnctiō laesia, a loss or disturbance of function.

Known Uses

The spell was taught by Rafael Blancamuerte (Head Nurse; 1950 - present) to Hospital Wing volunteers in Symposium One of 1953.

Casting and Effects



Magical Rules

The spell is able to provide relief from one sign of inflammation for up to one hour at C6. This does not change the patient’s underlying affliction, and should not be used for eyes, ears, etc, below C10. At lower Charms levels, the caster may be able to produce the effect at a diminished rate (i.e., C1 for 1 minute, C4 for half an hour).

Alleviatus Laesia, however, must be actively maintained by the caster on the specific point of disturbance (similar to a jinx), and should not be attempted below C10.