Ada Kalinski

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Ada Kalinski
Biographical Information
Full nameAdelajda Kalinski
BornMay 5 1945
BirthplaceLondon, England
ResidenceKalinski House, North London
NationalityPolish British
Blood StatusHalfblood
Physical Information
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBrown
Skin colourLight
Family Information
ParentsYakob and Gissele Kalinski
SiblingsBenjamin, Cecylja, and David Kalinski
Other Family MembersThe Kalinski Family
Magical Characteristics
WandDragon Heartstring , Rowan, 9 inches, swishy
OccupationJunior Reporter, Daily Prophet


June 1960

Adela. No. Adelaide. No. Alena.

Ada sighed deeply, hurriedly scribbling out all of the relatives of her name before hastily spinning around to face her parents who were relaxing in armchairs behind her.

“Adelajda, darling, please don’t spin so fast you will hurt yourself!”

Ada held back the urge to roll her eyes and quickly mumbled an apology. “Mummy, what do you think my pen name should be?” Both of her parents looked at each other before their eyes darted back to Ada’s. “Pen name?” Her father said bewildered, before turning to his wife.

“Oh yes! I’m writing an opinion piece and I want it to remain anonymous.” She grinned, knowing what their reaction would be but testing the waters anyway.

“Opinion piece? … In a newspaper?” Her mother gasped, eyes bulging. “Do you think that’s safe?”

“Yes, I’m trying to build my career as a journalist so I think it’s important that I get some experience writing.” She smiled, intentionally appearing innocent. She knew that her parents loved it when she dedicated herself towards her future, but any behaviour deemed as risky was not acceptable in this household. Both of her parents looked at eachother, clearly communicating through their eyes. Ada kept her perfect smile, but recognized that her parents needed to be pushed further.

“I know you’re concerned but I am old enough to keep myself safe. I’m smart.”

“Adelajda, of course we support your career, but we don’t want you bringing any danger upon yourself” her mother said calmly. “You know how careful we have to be.”

“I agree with your mother,” her father chimed in. “We have already lost so much as family! Do you really want to pull us into more issues?”

Ada paused, carefully choosing her next words while intentionally trying to appear as innocent as possible. “We haven’t lost everything as a family. We have each other. I know you’re concerned, but things really aren’t how they were when you both were growing up. We’re safe now!”

She understood that her parents were traumatized by everything they had seen - war, displacement, immigrating to England. But, by and large, during her lifetime nothing too traumatic had happened and she desired the freedom other girls her age had.

“That’s why it’s anonymous!” She laughed softly, trying to relieve their nervousness. “Do you want to read my article?” She snatched her notebook from her desk and crossed the room to offer it to her parents. They nodded approvingly. “It’s an analysis on the effectiveness of the Hogwarts curriculum in comparison to the magical curriculum’s in other European schools.”

The grin returned to her face, knowing this would be detail that would convince her parents. “Exciting! What a bright girl!” Her mother exclaimed. “So, what is your pen name Miss Adelajda?”

“Hmm. I think Adelaide Kennedy. It’s me, but English.”

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Fifth Year

Classes: Charms, Divination, Care of Magical Creatures. IC: Transfiguration, Conjuring and Summoning, Potions, Arithmancy, History of Magic, Magical Defense, Herbology

Extracurriculars: Quidditch, Duelling

Honours: Quidditch Captain 1960 - 1961, Duelling Finalist 1961

OWL Results:

Charms - O Divination - O Transfiguration - E Conjuring and Summoning - O Care of Magical Creatures - O Arithmancy - O Potions - E History of Magic - O Magical Defense - O Herbology - E

Sixth Year

Classes: Charms, Transfiguration, Magical Law, Magical Defence, IC: History of Magic

Extracurriculars: Quidditch, Duelling, Spellbound

Honours: Camp Loki Counsellor 1961, Quidditch Captain 1961 - 1962

Seventh Year

Classes: Charms, Conjuring/Summoning, Magical Law, Magical Defence, IC: History of Magic

Extracurriculars: Quidditch, Duelling, Spellbound, Prefect

Honours: Camp Loki Counsellor 1962, Quidditch Captain 1962 - 1963, Spellbound Editor 1962 - 1963, Prefect 1962 - 1963

NEWT Results:

Charms - O Conjuring and Summoning - E History of Magic - O Magical Law - O Magical Defense - E

Early Adulthood