Accio rem felicem

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Accio rem felicem
Created byUnknown
Branch of MagicConjuring and Summoning
Intended Effectssummons an item that will be useful in the near future
PronunciationACC-ee-oh REM feh-LEE-kem
Taught ByElla Galanis
Taught In1956-57: Conjuring/Summoning, Lesson 3


Accio rem felicem is a Summoning spell which summons a random item that will be useful to the caster in the near future. It is a simple spell and suitable for beginners; however, the more advanced at Summoning the caster is, the more useful the item they will summon.



The incantation Accio rem felicem literally translates from the Latin to 'I summon a lucky thing/item'.

Known Uses

Accio rem felicem is a lesser-used Summoning spell, given its specific purpose, and thus it is not generally widely known among the general population. Those who are particularly talented at Conjuring/Summoning or those who research magical theory are more likely to have encountered the spell than others.

The spell was taught by Ella Galanis to Conjuring and Summoning students in the third lesson of the 1956-57 term, on 15 May 1957.

Casting and Effects

Casting Guidelines


The spell is cast with a generic wand movement, as with many Summoning spells.


Summoned items can be banished using the Banishing spell, Depulso.

Magical Rules

Accio rem felicem follows the regular magical rules for Conjuring/Summoning.