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Author Topic: don't take it personal // esther harlow  (Read 183 times)

* Esther Harlow

    (12/19/2019 at 00:05)
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She came from rags and will do anything to never be in that position again.

Esther doesn't really know what to do for "fun", she's never really had the chance to have it. If she wasn't in school then she was helping her parents by working in shops or doing less ethical jobs. It also doesn't help that she's not the most approachable lass, not with her resting 'mean' face and height that towers over almost all the other girls her age.

In the end she's just trying to find a place in this world she once never knew existed.

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* Astro Marquis

    (12/19/2019 at 02:25)
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13. Gryff. Half.

Did someone say fun?!?

* Delphine Felicity Dario

    (12/19/2019 at 23:36)
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Darling of France

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Dear, please feel free to flag me down anytime and we can see what we can do about...well everything.
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* Mimi Palmer

    (12/20/2019 at 21:23)
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14.9. Rave. Pure-ish.

"Fun" is a state of mind. Stressing won't help it any. Let's take some time to let it goooo and enjoy this new world! Let's go for a swim and hope we don't drown or get eaten. : D
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Jane Belrose

    (12/22/2019 at 15:31)
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Jane Belrose

13. Raven. Muggleborn.

If your idea of fun is chess or reading I'm down.

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