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* Delphine Felicity Dario

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The Darling of France has graced Camp Loki with her presence. Model. Fashion Icon for Witches Wear. Delphine Dario is known far and wide. Stepping away from the spotlight she heads into seclusion to prepare for her transfer to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Born to a poor waitress at a little Bistro in Paris, France...Delphine Dario is the illegitimate daughter of Thaddious Grey. You may know her brother Christoph. Or as she calls him, Chrissy. She's worked her arse off for everything she's got and earned her own fortune. Hands off the costs more than your life. 

After her boyfriend Francis Beauchene transferred out the year before Delphin began making plans to reunite with her boo...who unfortunately for her was too busy falling for her brother to miss her. No big. She was going to dump the dead weight soon enough. Now she can spend the summer relaxing and tormenting her half brother before setting her plans in motion. This cute little Princess from the city of love is more than she appears. Time to get what's hers.

16-17 -- TBD -- Pure
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Don't hesitate to leave a message I'll probably read soon :D[/div]
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I had a summer lover down in New Orleans, left him warm in the winter and frozen in the spring. My, the seasons go by.

* Christoph Alexander Grey

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14. Slyth. Pure.

Please...just go home Del.
Step on the glass, Staple your tongue.

* Theadora Ivy

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11, Goddess Purer than you.

You say model but I see...

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I see it, I like it, I want it
I got it[

Calliope Amberghast

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15. TBD/Previously Ombrelune. Pure.

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wear the mask of perfection and lies