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Author Topic: Checkmate || Beatrice  (Read 71 times)

* Beatrice Caulfield

    (12/02/2019 at 22:38)
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Beatrice Caulfield
Sad Orphan. 'Half'blood. 13.

Black and white. White and black. That is how Beatrice Caulfield sees the world. Ever met someone so sure of something?

Black and white. White and black. You're either stupid or smart, and you'd better not be stupid.

Want to play?

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[center][div style="width:400px;height:auto;padding:25px;overlay:hidden;position:relative;"][div style="width:190px;padding:5px;background-color:#000;font-family:cambria;font-weight:bold;font-size:25px;color:#fff;letter-spacing:-2px;text-transform:lowercase;line-height:25px;"]NAME HERE[/div]

[div style="width:190px;padding:5px;margin-top:-10px;font-family:cambria;font-size:7px;color:#000;letter-spacing:2px;text-transform:uppercase;border-bottom:#000 1px solid;"]YEAR HERE. HOUSE HERE. BLOOD HERE.[/div]

[div style="margin-top:-5px;width:200px;height:100px;font-family:arial;font-size:8.5px;letter-spacing:1px;color:#000;line-height:13px;text-transform:lowercase;overflow-y:auto; overflow-x:hidden;text-align:justify;"]Please enter here any applicable history between your character and beatrice as well as possible future plot and thread ideas.
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* Astro Marquis

    (12/03/2019 at 01:02)
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Third. Gryff. Half.

Nicholas Nightingale

    (12/03/2019 at 19:11)
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Nick Nightingale

1st. tbd. half.

We're at summer camp and you want to play chess?! C'mon girl, live a little.

Jane Belrose

    (12/04/2019 at 19:37)
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Jane Belrose

third. raven. muggleborn.

Have you read any of the books in our cabin yet?

wise up.

* Philip Carter

    (12/20/2019 at 14:57)
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first. uhhh. half.

apparently we're duelling each other, can we make a deal??