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Author Topic: I Think He Knows| Brian's Journal  (Read 63 times)

* Brian Alexander Connors

    (08/25/2019 at 00:24)
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I'm not going to be organized with this. I mean I could be and explain what happened on which day but why bother? I'm writing this...I'm going to be reading it and I know when what happened. So I finally found him after searching abit. Chris. He's here and I can't express the Joy I feel.

This past year was kinda crummy without having him to talk to. I didn't make any friends like my parents said I would. Apparently I'm rather odd to be around which...I guess I knew that already so whatever.

I don't know if I'll even remember to update this again...but if not I guess I'm sorry to myself? Like I might have been busy with Chris because we're actually a thing now or something. I really care about the guy which being twelve sounds weird I know but...I like him. I think he knows.