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Author Topic: Camp Loki 1957: General Layout & Information  (Read 156 times)

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General Layout & Information
Camp Loki 1957

Summer 1957 brings Camp Loki straight onto the set (or multiple sets) of a horror movie. Strange sights and weird noises abound!

The central camp area, located on the North Side, consists of: Palais Garnier, a beautiful opera house containing the grand foyer, where campers Floo into Camp Loki, the dining hall, the house-elf-run kitchens, the shared counsellors' lounge, the camp director's office and living quarters, and a variety of other interesting rooms, including an underground lake; Frankenstein's Laboratory, a rather unpleasant and eerie space that is being used as the infirmary this summer; and Horsell Common, a large open space, perfect for playing Quidditch, that appears to have been taken over by an alien species of plant. A small Quidditch shed, where players can find spare brooms, balls, and other equipment, stands to the side of the pitch, and some temporary stands have been erected for spectators. The fireplaces connected to the Floo Channel -- the only way to get in and out of Camp Loki -- can be found in the grand foyer of Palais Garnier. Three paths lead away from the central area towards other parts of the camp.

The left road leads towards the East Side, which opens out onto the Black Lagoon, a large lake that may or may not be the home of an aquatic monster. Skull Island is located in the centre of the lagoon. Not far from the lake's shore, Castle Dracula, a huge gothic castle that lies in ruins and towers over everything around it, is seated. Home to Team Vampire, the east wing of the castle contains the girls' rooms, with the west wing containing the boys' rooms. There's a library within the castle that's open to all, but the doors to every other room in the castle (and there are a lot of them) are all locked. Any boys trying to sneak into a girl's cabin will find that the door closes and refuses to reopen before they have so much as a chance to step inside. 
Team Vampire counsellors: Marilyn-Rose Wilson, Goose Märchen, Lupin Sol

If you follow the middle path, you'll soon find yourself heading towards the South Side. Wolf Man's Wood takes up most of the space here, a dark and creepy forest that seems to be full of the cries of unsavoury creatures. Set away from Camp Loki's main shore, just visible from the edge of the forest, a small isle named Odo Island lies. The Invisible Man Inn is located on the wood's border, housing the Team Werewolf cabins. The lower floor offers a game room and a bar, both of which are open to all campers. The Team Werewolf cabins are located upstairs, with the boys' cabins along the west corridor and the girls' cabins in the east corridor. Boys trying to enter any room along the east corridor will find that the door to the cabin turns into a blank wall, making entry impossible.
Team Werewolf counsellors: Henry Reed, Dolores Holiday, Athanasia Valenti

Taking the right path will bring you to the West Side of Camp Loki. The duelling block this summer can be found in the Graveyard of the Living Dead, a peaceful-looking garden that transforms into a cemetery after sunset. Spectator stands have been set up along one edge of the space. In the distance, the Himalayan mountains make up a jagged skyline, broken in front by a cluster of ancient Egyptian pyramids. The Team Zombie cabins can be found within the pyramids themselves, each pyramid housing a separate cabin. Those cabins on the west side belong to the boys, and those on the east belong to the girls. Boys trying to access any of the girls' pyramids will find themselves instantly transported back to their own room.
Team Zombie: Bracken Thomas, Apollo Marquis, Lia Ayres
i see a mansard roof through the trees
i see a salty message written in the eaves
the ground beneath my feet, the hot garbage and concrete
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