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Author Topic: Haunted Families: Adieu [Closed]  (Read 60 times)

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Last Night of Camp

He'd found it in the mountains searching for monsters with Sol.

It'd ended up in a group of third years that were now not speaking to one another.

He'd tried burning it, freezing it, sawing it in half.

At this point, Lupin had grown increasingly frustrated at the lengths he was currently going to make sure no one else would interact with this cursed deck of cards.

There was a box where things could never leave. It's lock was made by goblins who needed to keep things secret. He'd taken it from his father, though Joshua would soon come asking why. Yet, it wasn't enough. Lupin fastened metal chains to bound it. Then, he'd placed it in an iron safe too heavy to lift. It took him all night to dig the hole he buried it in by the shore of the Black Lagoon. The seventeen-year-old had no idea what happened to these grounds during the time they were away but he figured that this would stay that way.

The last bit was filling the whole back up and needing to take a shower to wash away the taste that'd lingered on his lips all summer.
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