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Author Topic: Prompt 2: I can't do this, mum.  (Read 53 times)

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A thin beep slowly pushed the fog away from his mind, as though tugging a sled through snow in slow motion. Irritating material scratched at his skin and caused the tingle of goosebumps to break out like a virus.

Heavy lids opened and blue eyes looked.

The first thing he saw was white; everything was white.

He thought that he would have to apologize to his dad and his stepmum and the priest at their local church because Heaven did exist, despite the scientific proof that he had claimed to believe instead, as he was in it.

The beep occurred again and the idea of Heaven quickly twisted into his own Hell, with devils wearing stethoscopes and demons armed with clipboards.

Pulsing pressure made his pupils wobble and his lip dilate - he recognized the walls, the faces, the equipment.

Rough texture across his forehead pinned him down, trapping his arms and legs with heavy straps that made his skin ache and burn. A gleeful laugh in the distance, one that reminded him of bedtime stories and mood swings, told him that she was nearby and then there she was. Greeting him, hugging him, warning him. The pain, the pain, the pain, everything is about pain.

More footsteps brought people and people brought pills and pills brought fog. He couldn't do this, not after seeing the days where his mother had lost herself in her own mind, forced under by intense fear of invented scenarios.

Thrashing and screaming did nothing in comparison to fingers clamping on his jaw and prying his teeth apart. Water drowned him as swallowing the burning hot sensation of no control washed over him. He'd lost the battle.

The haze of sleep pulled at his lashes, fishes swimming across his vision as his limbs fell heavy and numb. There was no escape from the feeling of your mind being awake yet scrambled and rampantly grasping at straws to try and slip through the bars of the medicated cage your body is under and he felt so sorry, so sorry for ever thinking she wasn't trying hard enough, wasn't doing her best and being selfish for rejecting medication - mum, he wanted to cry from a mouth that wouldn't open, he just wanted his mum.
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