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Author Topic: hi mum | LS Journal  (Read 34 times)

Lysander Stone

    (08/02/2019 at 20:27)
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hi mum.

i aint got a letter back from you yet. its been a okay week. i got in a bit of a fight but i aint hurt. i thought i'd be tougher than i am and win quick like kids do in duels but that didnt happen one bit.

anyway i was gonna ask if grades came back yet. do you know if im being kept back again? if i am can you let me know so i can stop wondering? like pulling out a thorn. better to just know.

if i did im real sorry. i know you dont like to yell no more but you dont gotta be sad no more because i learned heaps and i reckon i could just go to the headmistress and explain whats going on. she is real busy i know but shes a teacher so i reckon she can help. if i just show her i can cast some spells shes bound to put me back in third year where i will belong.

love you

PS i aint had a empathy attack in four days!

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