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Author Topic: Livin' In A Dreamworld | L.S.  (Read 160 times)

* Lupin Sol

    (08/01/2019 at 16:53)
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Gryffindor Prefect
Team Vampire Counselor
Born in Carson, California
Estranged Son of Joshua Mulligan
Better Feel
Softer Touch

An outcast at birth, Lupin's slowly learning to find his voice in the magical world he always belonged to. His upbringing gave him a soft spot for the ostracized, the so-called weirdos. It's a hard internal dynamic he has had to deal with when his appearance, strong and tall with a contagious smile, differs from the naive sincerity of his spirit. He can be competitive if provoked, unyielding if impassioned (rare as those moments are). He prefers staying busy, which keeps him from being reflective of how far his life had come since his family died and had to go searching for a father he'd never met. He struggles with magic (but getting better at it), only having a couple of years of practicing. Prefers playing Quidditch and doing rounds in the Hospital Wing and stays physical active. Starting to figure out the people he wants around him and is more willing to put himself out there.

(It's what the PPs for! For friends, flirts, or foes!)
"Can you break sometimes?"
oh sometimes I get So Ahead of mySELF
Feels like I'm running in (ir)les
oh and I'm just holding onto my breath
I need Smoke just to exHALE


Luella Jones

    (08/01/2019 at 20:11)
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I've never met you before but i've heard that you know Marilyn pretty while you still can
raven / 6th / half / american

Lysander Stone

    (08/01/2019 at 21:50)
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How come the other boys all got little arms and you got big arms? Can you show me what you did for it? Girls like big arms.

house / year / blood / nationality
i just gotta stick this landing

Solange Santoro

    (08/03/2019 at 05:20)
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S O L !
look to the right-- just a bit, no not that much-- there we go, thank you the light looked really nice there and so did you. what were you saying again?
house / year / blood / nationality
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* Marilyn-Rose Wilson

    (08/04/2019 at 07:50)
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mari <3
How does todo Island sound? I hear it's quiet after dark...

also, luella is a psychopath that you should ignore
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well, my heart knows me better than i know myself,
so i'm gonna let it do all the talking

Charles Neddy Palmer

    (08/30/2019 at 20:45)
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hufflepuff / fifth / pure / french-scottish
pretty soon you'll find some nice young satanist with braces and one capital o significant other, and you can take him home to your mother and say ma, this is my brother!