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Summer Workshop Prompt #3
Haunted House

In the Site Survey last summer, we had a request for a prompt designed specifically for mentors and mentees to work on together. Here is that prompt, and it will be a joint effort between a mentor and their mentee, and is open to mentor/mentee pairings only. All pairings are welcome to participate, regardless of how long ago or how recently they were paired. The prompt revolves around the theme of the haunted house -- (some) people like to be terrified, and are eager for the haunted house experience. Throw your characters into this scene and see how they react!

Your Task

Write an AU (alternate universe) scene/thread with your mentor/mentee in which two of your characters visit a commercial haunted house. You can choose any of your characters and any time period (just bear in mind that commercial haunted houses only really became popular in the 1970s) to complete this prompt. The AU can be magical or Muggle, your characters might know each other or they can be complete strangers, it can be a terrifying haunted house or a really cheesy one... It's your AU, so do what you want!

How do I start?
three simple steps

1. Start a new thread in the Summer Workshop forum. It should be called
Prompt 3: Title of Your Piece
2. Write your piece, following the prompt above.
3. Review the pieces of others (see How To Workshop).

All credit to GOOSE MÄRCHEN for this prompt idea! Thank you to the anonymous member who suggested a mentor/mentee-specific workshop prompt!
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