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Author Topic: look, i didn't want to be a half-blood // Mari AU  (Read 986 times)

Adam Hoying

    (10/01/2019 at 22:28)
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"I'll leave that to the Apollo kids." He shook his head, but a smile ruined any illusion of seriousness. "I would prefer not to fall out of a tree just because you want to capture me so you can laugh at me later." Because that was exactly what would happen.

"Did that Ares boy share any strategies for tonight with you?" This was a question with many meanings. There was an ironic dimension to it, for Athena rather than Ares ruled over war strategy for a very valid reason. Teasing, too, was involved, for Adam was sure he had seen the boy in question trying to flirt with Mari on more than one occasion. This was fine, of course, as it was a mere observation, but he was most certainly the friend to tease her relentlessly about any romantic prospects. It would be a sneaky approach to figuring out the plans of the opposing team if Mari had as vapid a brain as some of her siblings, but he could never seem to be sly around her. It was definitely not anything else.
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Marilyn-Rose Wilson

    (10/24/2019 at 16:44)
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"You're good enough to be an Apollo kid, Adam." She replied, laughing as she looked at his smile, one that reduced any idea of him disliking her to dust. "I'm gonna capture you whether you're in a tree or on the ground, cause we're gonna take you down."

She pointed her finger down, to emphasise the fact that the Athena kids were going to lose. They'd won last week, and now, the Aphrodite kids were going to get themselves a win. The Ares kids had immediately dragged them into a team, red team-- she looked best in red, so it truly was a relief-- and now they were going to be the reason the big-headed Athenian kids (except Adam) lost a game.

He was teasing her, and Marilyn laughed, as she winked at him.

"Well he did tell me this one strategy, which sounded really important, and very much so it could out sneak the Athenian kids. And his name is Hunter, Adam, and he's really genuine and sweet."

She walked off, grabbing his arm as she did so, so he'd be pulled along with her.

"As if I'm going to be the one to reveal the strategies and let you blues win again."
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Adam Hoying

    (11/09/2019 at 22:14)
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"Good luck with that," he scoffed, able to pull off a dismissive and condescending attitude just as well as his half-siblings. Unlike them, though, it was obvious that it was artificially constructed; Adam couldn't patronize anyone if he tried.

He laughed as she carried on about some sort of important strategy, allowing himself to be pulled along (what else could he really do in the presence of Marilyn-Rose Wilson?). "Ares kids outstrategize Athena? You do know how unlikely that is?" Marilyn herself might just be able to figure something out, but Adam very much so doubted the likes of Hunter would be as prepared for this game as Adam's constantly-vigilant half-siblings.

"His dad and sweet are pretty much antonyms, but if you say so." Her words did have power, even when she did not specifically try to give it to them. "But we'll find a way, don't you worry."

Later that night
Camp Half-Blood, Long Island, New York
North Woods

Adam slipped through the trees, acting as one of the multiple blue team scouts on the hunt for the red base. Quickly, he made his way in the direction of the creek, but as it came into vision, so did several members of the opposing team, approaching it from the other side. He ducked behind a nearby group of trees planted closely together, hopefully allowing them to run past him into the small battle-ready group following a little ways behind.
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