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Author Topic: Paris, je t'aime! | Infirmary Case Study  (Read 706 times)

* Christoph Alexander Grey

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Chris watched his potion boil and bubble intently trying to decide what ingredients he wanted to use. The next step had appeared on the board and it gave them a choice.l A potions making? His mother's voice rang through his head again telling him that no matter what you be mindful of your brew. Every little thing from your choices to your stirring matters. He'd listen to that voice here and choose wisely.

His instincts were telling him floral and flavorful ingredients were the best way to go so that's what he'd use. One dash of cocoa bean. For his love of the sweet things in life. A representation of patience and the sweetness the outcome will bring if only you can be calm enough to wait for it. For his sister's favorite treat as well.

A jar of honey. The representation of peace and tranquility as if he used it to personally fix up his favorite tea. The sticky and firm nature of the product a binding agent for all other ingredients. Something any stable potion shouldn't be left without. Unless of course the brewer wants an explosion. Too much had never been a problem from his experience.

Lastly a bag of lavender. His mother's favorite flower. It was a pleasant reminder of the times they spent together both when brewing, and when tending the small garden she wouldn't let the house elves touch. A fond smile accompanied dropping the last of the three into the mixture as he chose to stir clockwise. His eyes watching the potion intently.
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* Henry Reed

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Henry glanced to the younger male, who didn't look of a British origin nor was he a face that Henry recognised, so he assumed he was an upcoming firstie. Nodding at his comment about it's easy, he was glad at least someone was having fun and hoped that the kid wasn't copying him too closely, in case he made some mistakes.

When Teo started talking, he kept his eye on his potion whilst listening, before waiting for some people to go first so he could subtly check out what sort of things they chose. As a small gap opened up, he motioned for the younger boy next to him to follow, so that he wouldn't get squished by any older students if he chose to go when others were there.

Once he got to the tables, Henry's eyebrows raised at the variations of options in front of him. How was he meant to choose three items out of this lot? He'd reach over and grab some of the burnt aster. He didn't know why, it just..looked nice. The next thing he took was star anise because it was shaped like a star, and Henry liked stars. His third option was what caused him to pause, because ideally he wanted to take something from each table but he didn't really want any of those that were available. Turning back to the floral table, he picked up some white carnations.

That would do.

Henry went back to his table to let the other boy choose his things as he was pretty certain he might not want a stranger hanging over him whilst he chose items. Looking to the stuff he had, he placed them down at his station and pondered how he was going to put them into the potion. He decided to grind the star anise in the pestle and mortar, before slowly sprinkling the powder into the potion. He stirred not once, or twice or three times, but four before he decided to scatter some of the burnt aster into the cauldron. He repeated his four stirrings (it didn't look like the ingedients were getting properly dissolved, otherwise and he didn't want them to mix too much in case they didn't work well together) before glancing to his white carnation.

He chewed on his bottom lip for a moment before slowly picking off a handful of the petals and dropping them into the potion one at a time. He stirred twice after that because they seemed to go into the liquid quite easily. Henry really hoped he'd done good enough but at the same time, he didn't know if he wanted to know the eye-colour of his so-called soul mate or whether he even wanted to make a successful love potion.

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Arthur Darwin

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The boy made a good point, the counsellors were probably more qualified to help than he was. But Arthur had already seen him go through the steps once, and what he had seen had been good enough - he was confident that they'd be able to pull this off together.

In what felt like no time at all, they went through the first steps of the potion - some of which Arthur could easily do alone, and some of which he'd never have been able to do without help, like figuring out which ingredient was what - until he'd finally caught up to the point where his new buddy was.

Comparing the two potions, it was easy to see that they weren't identical. Arthur found that odd, as he couldn't see how that would have happened if they did everything the same way. Still, they both resembled each other pretty closely, even if Lysander's was slightly different.

He didn't mention it. His brewing buddy was so nice to him, it seemed rude to suggest that he might have made mistakes.

"Sandy," he repeated out loud. "I'm Arthur. Nice to meet you!"

He stared at his potion for a while longer, until Maria's voice caught his attention. He was glad that he hadn't brought up the differences in their potions now that she told them that it was normal, and he was also glad that the next steps seemed easier than the ones before.

Arthur stood up and walked across the room to choose his ingredients. The first thing that found its way into his hands was a jar of honey. That left two more ingredients, though; Arthur looked around the tables and quickly settled on bringing a cherry and a gardenia petal back to his workstation, where he'd reunite with Sandy.

"Why'd you pick that stuff?"

Honestly, his choices hadn't been thought through at all, apart from the honey. If their previous ingredients tasted the way they looked, then honey could only be a smart choice. Besides, it was a love potion, it could hardly be sweet enough. Arthur simply smiled at Lysander. "They said not to think about it, so I didn't."

Arthur didn't do much to prepare his ingredients. He cut the petal into tiny pieces and then used the same knife to squish the cherry, which he believed would be good enough. The honey shouldn't need any preparation - that's what bees were for.

How much was 'one' honey, though? Did he just drop the whole jar into the solution? Would it be a single spoon? Arthur held the jar in his hand and stared at it for a second as he contemplated how much would be enough, then shrugged, and started adding it straight from the jar to the potion until he felt like stopping (which was about when half of it was gone).

"Did you think about your ingredients?" he asked Lysander, guessing that he might have chosen his additions a bit more carefully.

He did notice that this time, there weren't any directions mentioned for which way to stir. That was okay, he'd figure that out himself. He went with once left, once right. That way he'd stirred both ways, which meant that he should have done it at least half correct. He did that after everything he added. Turned out potions weren't so hard.

"You travelling good?"

"Uh, sure" Arthur replied, not entirely sure what exactly Lysander was asking. "You?"

He watched his now red potion carefully as the contents in his cauldron started to grow, its surface slowly but surely rising higher. Fearing that it would spill eventually if it kept going, Arthur raised his hand and called out. "Is it supposed to do that?"
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* Marilyn-Rose Wilson

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Marilyn had not really been involved in infirmary, sure she watched over it and made sure nobody died and was usually found either in the Cathedral or on the sandy beaches. And yes, if you'd fallen off your broom whilst being trained by someone, or taught to fly then Marilyn would usually clean the wound and speedily wrap it up, give you a cup of coffee and a cupcake before you could say quidditch. However, what she was not involved with was the planning for the Case Study, despite the fact that her best friend was also planning it. When it was explained to be a potions Study, then it made a bit more sense, and Marilyn, for the most part, stayed out of the way.

She'd supplied some of the flowers, and had helped to set up, but when it came to brewing potions, she'd found herself sat in the corner of the room. Sat at the desk, on the chair, feet crossed above her on the wood, showing long legs as she was just ready for cheer practice, in her local team's training outfit of shorts and a t-shirt, on the back it said captain in huge letters. Hard to miss. She didn't show it, and instead sat blowing herself bubbles in her gum and ignoring Bracken Thomas. Despite what her two Co-Head Nurses had said, Marilyn did not look even remotely approachable, and anyone who even vaguely knew her knew that any potions advice from the blonde would probably be useless, anyway.

When would this dumb case study end so she could get to practice? It was going way too slowly, at least for the blonde it was, she had to be on time for her team, or else what kind of example would she be setting for them all? Her ears perked up when Teo mentioned personalising the potion, and she swung her legs off the desk and picked up the book on the potion that she had, quickly rescanning the words she'd have to repeat to the group. Standing up, she heard her knees crack and stretched slightly, before walking over to where Lia had been standing to address the group, and then whistled loudly with her fingers to get their attention.

"So, with this potion, it should apparently-- with the personalisation of whatever you added from those tables-- the potion should turn to the eyecolour of your true love. At least that's what the book says. If it's not a normal eye colour, then you've either got a true love who's got an unnatural eye colour, or you've brewed it wrong-- these two," She gestured to Lia and Teo, "Should be able to tell you. I will not, so don't bother asking me about anything remotely potions related."

A pause, as she sighed, her voice was more monotone than usual.

"Anyways, you can't be let loose with a bottle of well-- some sort of weird french potion. So, when you're done, I'm gonna have to ask you to bottle it up and then place it in the box in my hands. Shouldn't be too difficult for you."

She stood by the door, and leant against the doorframe, popping bubbles in people's face occasionally as entertainment for the blonde, holding the box out, and watching carefully for anyone trying to sneak out.

If you want to sneak your potion out PM either Lia, Teo, or myself beforehand. We just can't have everyone take one. Feel free to say your character was a victim of Marilyn's bubblepopping at people's face. Also, if you want us to catch you trying to sneak out the potion, then send us a PM and once again, I'm sure we'll be happy to help!

Case Study closes on the 28th July! That's a week!
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* Avery Elliot

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Avery’s grin was humorless and only slightly on edge. He did not get this far in life by being slow to pick up signals. It was crystal clear what would happen if he so much as wafted incense in the general direction of the Infirmary. “I won’t even consider the possibility of Fate’s design for the potion and its results,” he replied only because he apparently wasn’t smart enough to also keep his mouth shut.

When she left, Avery kept to his promise and took the time to rummage through his bag to see if his wand was in there. It had been missing the past few hours though Avery had been counting it was lost somewhere in the depths of his homemade parchment and books filled with pressed flowers. He almost wished you could accio your own wand.

Around the fifth time she looked back Avery waggled his fingers in a mock reassurance he had yet to touch the potion in her absence.

The yellow carnation held his attention more than her and Avery watched the disappointment, refusal, rejection she had pasted to parchment drop into the potion meant to create love. He tried not to think too much on its inclusion, since out of everything to define their letters -- she chose a yellow carnation (or it chose her).

He watched her stir widdershins and wondered if direction held the same importance for these types of potions. If direction held anything past do what feels right. He wondered if commenting that banishing her rejection was a little bit ironic would only make her more annoyed. He wondered whose energy the other ingredients held that she stirred in deosil.

Avery didn’t follow her gaze that time, letting her find the source of the barest tilt of her lips and only rolled his eyes when she looked back to him. Then, just because an odd irritation built in his chest, Avery said, “I wouldn’t want to touch it, I’m curious how this will turn out if properly made,” with a light challenge in his voice. 
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Lysander Stone

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"Nah. I just guessed as I went along. These ones smelled good. I ain't so good at potions."

The words were out of his mouth before it occurred to him that he was supposed to be acting all confident. He was supposed to reinvent himself. In the overpowering exhilaration of the love-potion-making the goal was forgotten.

"Travelling fine, yeah. The teacher at school usually tells us more about what to do. She's retired now, but, so I guess there's a new one this -"

The thought was cut short - Arthur's potion seemed angry. Sandy had faced his own potions more times than he could count. He still couldn't brew a potion but he knew how to deal with it.

"You hold the lid of your cauldron up like this," he lifted the heavy pewter thing like a shield imposed between his face and Arthur's angry-looking potion, "and you won't get none in your eye."

And then Marilyn was speaking. Pangs of heartache tore at his heart. However much he denied it, even to himself, Sandy was still very much in Love with Marilyn-Rose Wilson. Her voice was sweet music. Her eyes were the deep green of a fairytale forest.

Yet his potion was purple. If her beauteous voice was to be believed, the potion should have been dark and green. He slammed the side of the pewter potion with his palm and was rewarded by a minor colour change. He hit it again. With each slap, the potion lost some of the red tones and became bluer and less purple. It was not green, but it was closer than purple.

Finally, when it seemed that the potion was no purple and all-blue, Sandy relented and, broken-hearted, bottled his brew. He wandered over to where Marilyn guarded the potions box, having forgotten his promise to help Arthur. Her forest eyes were daggers to his heart.

Holding the potion in his left hand, he used his right to jostle one of the potions in the box. If Marilyn were not paying careful attention, as her bubble-blowing seemed to indicate, then it would seem as if he placed his potion down as he was supposed to. Inwardly, he grinned at the deception and all the things the potion would bring.
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* Vega Nettlebed

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She didn't like the edge that accompanied the word properly as it left his lips.

She didn't like the fact that nothing appeared to be happening with her potion, either. If Marilyn-Rose Wilson was to be believed -- and, to be quite frank, Vega had her doubts about the blonde's ability to get the instructions right -- the contents of her cauldron should already have changed colour. They remained, as stubborn as she was, a pale pink.

Vega Nettlebed cautiously gave her potion another half-stir, anti-clockwise.

At first, it appeared that this extra nudge was successful. The potion began to shimmer and gradually darken: pink gave way to beige, which in turn gave way to a richer brown -- almost, but quite black. It was a colour that the Gryffindor recognised as belonging to her dorm mate and best friend, though to anybody else it might have looked like such a specific chade. Vega didn't look up to search for Téo and confirm; she didn't need to. She knew without having to check to whom this potion's colour belonged.

But her secret triumph didn't last long.

Not even a full second, the mixture began to blur again, the warmer and more golden tones behind the liquid growing colder and greyer until she was left not with the familiar hues of Maria Téodora Wittington but the storm-lashed blues that belonged to Avery Elliot.

She saw the colour reflected back in his gaze when she looked up at him -- not wanting, but needing, to confirm it this time.

Lips thinned into a line; something caught between confusion and disappointment flashed cold in her gaze as she turned back to the cauldron. The potion was changing again, a roiling mass that couldn't seem to decide between the two shades of grey-blue and brown-black and so shifted relentlessly between both.

"I told you not to touch it." Vega was already stepping backward, as if putting more distance between herself and the treacherous potion would somehow render it a lie. In the same, strained tone, "You should have let me do the herbs myself." It was because of him, she was certain, and not because of anything she had done or anything she felt, that it had turned out this way.

"I knew you were going to ruin it. You always do."

She turned her back on Avery Elliot and their blue-brown potion, and she left.
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* Henry Reed

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Henry wasn't quite sure what to make of his potion. It hadn't exactly been following the supposed colours throughout the whole making of it, but it had since turned brown. Ironically, it was after he put in the star anise, which was also brown. He didn't know if that was why or not.

Brown was such a common eye-colour, if it just so happened to be the colour of his totally-not-real-true-love, and it was also a certain Slytherin's. He tried to push the bubbles of excitement down into his stomach because he hardly spoke to the boy, they were not going to be soul mates. Besides, Henry Reed refused to believe in such a thing. There was no logic behind it, nor was there any scientific evidence that it existed. Therefore, it was brown because the ingredient added was brown.

How good it would be, though..- Henry stopped himself right there. He wouldn't allow his mind to play into ridiculous ideas that were downright unfalsifiable. If you can't prove you're wrong, you can't prove you're right too, according to a book he stole borrowed off his dad. He watched Sandy hitting his cauldron and that confirmed it. People believed in this stuff and it was stupid.

Henry carefully put the potion into the vial and cleaned away his area. If his potion didn't work, at least he'd been a good sport and given it a go. What was the potion meant to actually do anyways? What was the point in it showing you a potential eye colour if it's ability is to make someone fall in love with you? Unless, it only had the ability to allow people with that eyecolour fall in love with you. Guess they'd never know.

He had no qualms about placing that potion into the box and giving Mari a smile on the way out. He didn't need a love potion in his life, but he wasn't quite sure what the point of it being in an infirmary case study either. It wasn't like it was going to actually help anyone, anyways.
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* Christoph Alexander Grey

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Blue; It was a color just like any other and it could mean multiple different things. Blue eyes were relatively common right? He stared at the cauldron and his mind wandered to those he'd met with blue eyes. He didn't know how this revelation played into anything or how much stalk he put into it considering it was a love potion. But it was there in front of him and it wasn't going to change. It was tangible, something that he could touch. It was supposedly proof that happiness was out there for him but he could barely glance at it.

A potion telling him the color of his true love's eyes? How..absurd. It was absurd right? He began bottling it and had decided amongst the results not to take a bottle of it. But as he looked at he watched it sit there in the cauldron the pain of the summer flooded back. Every little thing. He couldn't breath. He couldn't seem to make his lungs work and for some reason? It seemed like the potion in front of him was the obvious answer. So taking a quick look around, being as discreet as possible? He uncorked the bottle, swallowed the contents..and refilled it before replacing the cork.

Why? Why? Why? Had he done this to feel better? Honestly he didn't know what he felt...but he didn't feel like sad..he felt...amazing. Like all his worries disappeared and everything was good again. Like he'd felt before he came to the stupid camp and before he lost his stupid parents and before Rose...before he'd lost half of himself to a frozen river near Christmas. But he knew...he did know that he'd done something bad. The question was what to do next.

Had he been seen? He wasn't sure. He didn't know. Though with the slight pleasant haze he currently was experiencing? He was having trouble focusing on more than just whether he'd been seen. So...he just sat there with the replaced vial and hoped that he hadn't done something too stupid.
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* Maria Teodora Wittington

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So natural was the mood and the smile that came effortlessly with it, that it hadn’t even wavered when her eyes found Vega. She could’ve said she was watching everyone, out of curiosity, out of some counselor obligation, to see what they were choosing, to see that they were not making a mess of something, that everything made it back to its place--but she wasn’t.

It was only Vega Nettlebed her eyes were on.

Because of this, she saw what her best friend had chosen, and her brow creased at more than one of the ingredients. But there was one, an ingredient she knew well, and she caught Vega’s smile then, and without thinking, her own became brighter. Téo couldn’t help it.

Then came Marilyn’s sudden, very loud addition to the case study.

Thankfully, while everyone mixed away at their potions (some looking more unruly than others) Téo had gravitated closer to Vega, and so her ears felt only a little busted by the high-pitched noise. The Hufflepuff hadn’t walked around like she was really supposed to do-- Well, actually, if Téo thought about it more, it was probably for the best that Marilyn had stayed in the corner.

The blonde (unlike some other blondes) didn’t have the best of luck when it came to the apothecary part of the Wing.

Being as close as she was, she didn’t miss Vega’s potion as it began swirling. For a solid moment (the only thing that felt truly solid, really) while the color shifted, so did Téo’s smile, into something that seemed too afraid to move. It wasn’t until familiar colors, ones she knew from mirrors, from painting, using herself as a canvas--that she knew, on a level that couldn’t so easily be looked away from.

Likewise, she saw as the color abruptly began to roil, chilling from the warmer tones it had once held (or maybe that was just the feeling that had suddenly twisted inside her chest). Unlike Vega, she didn’t need to look to match the color with the eyes she knew it belonged to; her own were too well trained, too naturally adept at picking out certain hues, catching glimmers and shadows that cooled or deepened.

Instead, she looked away, from both of them, but mostly from Vega. As soon as the potion began its fitful churning of warm browns and cooler blues, Téo physically backed away as Vega had. But not from the potion, but away from her best friend. Backing up so quickly, and almost blindly, she nearly ran into Lia. In fact, actually, did but turned in enough time to catch the younger girl by the arms, steadying her.

“Sorry--I--" she hated when her words didn't want to work. Taking a breath, except this also didn’t work properly, she just met Lia’s (mercifully) green eyes, “I’m going to start cleaning up in the back.”

Because Marilyn was busy collecting the potions anyway, and should anything else come up, she was sure Lia could handle it. It wasn’t necessarily that Téo believed in the potion, but instead, it was what the potion had brought forcefully to her attention. Taking her hands away from the girl’s arms finally, she turned on her heel and disappeared through a door in the far corner of the cathedral.

REMEMBER: Any camper (or counsellor!) who posts three times in the case study this summer will receive 2 points towards passing Hospital Wing next term.

As Mari said, the Case Study will close Sunday, April 28th (two days!). So there's definitely still time to get a post in to count towards this bonus, if you're interested!

* Avery Elliot

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Avery watched the potion because what else was he supposed to do standing beside Vega that let her anger spread like oil across a lake. Coated in her frustration and impatience and general displeasure with his existence ninety percent of the time, he just waited for everything to catch fire.

They watched it deepen to brown, the brown of the forest at dusk, brown like leaves in autumn. A richer colour than Avery had noticed before in someone’s gaze and he didn’t let himself look around the room for whose they were. Maybe it was Flynninagnon. It didn’t matter.

It didn’t.

Then, it shifted. Avery felt the breath, even and calm as he had paced it in his head, catch in his throat. Watched the potion move to the washed out grey of his own eyes. Met Vega’s gaze as she confirmed it for herself and resisted the urge to look away. As if he had anything to hide. He was aflame and she dropped the match herself.

Avery let her leave without comment, without defence because he had nothing to say. He shouldered the fault since that was easier than trying to decipher why his eyes swam in her love potion and she still stormed out on him. He wondered, some stifled part of him that cast her in shades of pink, what colour his potion would have turned.

He cautiously poured the liquid into a bottle before handing it over to Marilyn and narrowly avoided a bubble before he left to take a swim and blame the shake of his hands on the cold lake.
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* Lupin Sol

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Somewhere along the line, he had messed up.

Lupin watched the swirl simmer, the potion take in the orange and flash a fizzling gleam as the liquid began to shift in the cauldron. It had seemed to take in a different shade of the light red as he stirred and added the ingredients. Now, it appeared salmon; the hue of a floral shirt you would only want to wear at the beach. Before he had added the petals, it was a sharp flamboyance of flamingo pink.

So attune to it, fixated as he had stirred and almost spilled some over, that he didn't realize that the potion was not supposed to do that.

The color he was left with, once it settled, was a light purple. The soft, pastel lavender that mirrored one of his most recent polo shirt purchases. Lupin grimaced, not daring to match the annoyed stare he had felt stabbing his back from Nashira whether it was still there or not.

It didn't require such a talented witch to come to the conclusion that human eyes didn't come in that color. He didn't even feel like bottling up his potion but it did seem like the fastest way to go. A disappointed Lupin quickly went through it and left.
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* Lia Ayres

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Lia hadn't bothered to complete the final step of the potion. It wasn't like the first part, where it was a specific step-by-step process to get things exactly right. But once you had gotten to that, it wasn't like you could screw up, so long as you could count to two. There wasn't exactly a wrong answer to what went in it unless they picked up dirt from the floor or something. And hell, even then, it might work.

But she didn't want to see what hers might look like if she put in her choice of final ingredients. She didn't want to see what colour it would turn, in case it wasn't the colour of Polly's eyes. Not in front of everyone anyway.

And speaking of making potions in front of people, why was Vega Nettlebed glaring at her?  She didn't know much of the older girl, other than a passing conversation here and there in the hospital wing, so there was no reason for Vega to be giving her looks like that. If she didn't like how Lia did potions, she didn't need to be here. She made a face at the older girl, turning back to observe the rest of the room.

It seemed to take forever, but they were finally finished. The potion seemed to have some mixed results from some people, some looking like eye colours, while others not so much. But she supposed if it ended up being fun, it was fine. Though some people didn't seem so keen on their results, including a few who seemed to be... hitting their cauldron to change the results? Though the more surprising thing was that it did seem to change some colours. Weird. She'd have to look into that sometime.

Everyone filed out, leaving their potions in the box that Marilyn held. Lia was pretty sure that Bracken had snuck some out (she hadn't actually noticed. She just knew her friend) and she wouldn't be surprised if Sandy jostling the box was some sort of diversion. She didn't mind that though. Sandy could use some fun.

"Thanks every-" she started to say but was cut off when Téo stumbled back in front of her, catching her by the arms, Lia doing her best not to stumbled and take Téo to the ground with her. "Hey!" But before she could check in with the older girl took off into the back. Weird.

The room mostly empty, she headed over towards Mari. "I can clear out here if you can deal with those." She pointed to the vials. "That went better than I expected, to be honest.

Case study is now closed!

Remember that if you posted three times, you get two points towards passing hospital wing next term.

Thanks everyone!!