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Author Topic: Prompt 3: How the werewolf hasn't impacted my life.  (Read 70 times)

Henry Reed

    (04/06/2019 at 21:00)
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Stage 1:

(Feel free to ask for the link to the padlet if you want to see it better!)

Stage 2:

How the werewolf hasn’t impacted my life.
By Henry Reed.

As many people know, a werewolf attacked Hogwarts and I was one of the students who just so happened to choose the worst night of that school year to be out of bed. There are no words that could accurately describe that night. Everyone sees that as a negative thing and how everyone has been impacted in a bad way.  This is to focus on how the werewolf hasn’t impacted my life, in a good way.

I still wake up in the morning. I didn’t die nor did anybody else so we were really lucky, even if it sometimes feels like we were the unluckiest people to ever walk the planet. People still ask how I deal with it and the answer is; I don’t. I don’t want to grab onto the negativity it brings or the headaches and nausea. I want to focus on how I still get that sleepy feeling when the sun invades my room to remind me that it’s a new day.

I still love to read. A book has always been one of my favourite things in the entire world and just because I can hear screams in the back of my mind, it doesn’t mean I can’t still curl up with a good book and spend hours imagining animals talk on a farm that they run themselves. If anything, it’s allowed me to have a wider imagination for books like The Werewolf of Paris, as I can now accurately see an image that they’re describing. Maybe I’ll even write my own book someday.

I still have a home. Whether it is at Hogwarts or my farm in Cheshire, I will always have somewhere to go and people to speak to who love and care about me, if I ever need it. That is one of the most powerful and amazing gifts I could ever have in my lifetime and I’m immensely glad that I have the opportunity to sit and learn about wonderful people, who are willing to stay and return the favour.

I can still turn fifteen. This is quite similar to my first point but with a slightly different twist. Waking up in the morning isn’t exactly like being able to complete 365 days of life. Turning a new age is an award, a prize for not letting things get in the way. You can wake up and still feel worthless and like there’s no point in moving. The whole werewolf experience has taught me that whatever happens, I can still get through the period of times between birthdays and holidays just like I did before. It hasn’t changed my ability to age and grow.

I’m still Henry. I might have adapted my perspective on issues or changed my opinion about things but that’s just an aspect of life. It’s impossible to keep learning and not have things change. My name is still the same, as is my house, favourite colour and my love for hot chocolate. If I want to avoid Care of Magical Creatures next year or not sneak out after curfew, they’re just small bumps in the road that I will eventually adjust to and overcome.

At the end of the day, bad situations don’t always result in bad people. We are in charge of our own life and how we live it.

(Special thanks to my boyfriend for letting me use his dragon drawing, his art insta is @cygnxis!)

Robert Carter

    (04/26/2019 at 14:04)
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Hey Henry! As promised, here’s my official critique of your piece. ^^ I’ve decided to follow the guidelines on critiquing in the workshop.

This is how Henry Reed was affected by the werewolf attack. Your werewolf dialogue spins an absolutely torturous and insightful tale about poor Henry’s experience. ;_; I love the details - the bit about still loving hot chocolate and books really hit home for me. The series of vignettes works really well to encapsulate and approaches this sort of compartmentalizing that’s often done after someone’s suffering trauma. I'm glad Henry has a support structure!

I didn’t get a link to look at the graphic in depth, but I didn’t really see any relation to werewolf in your mood board. To me, it looks like an amalgamation of many magical creatures, but didn’t tie into the werewolf writing. Nevertheless, I loved the pictures, especially the dragons (which were apparently drawn by your partner!) <3