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Summer Workshop Prompt #3
Magical Creatures

As we're all aware, there are many fantastic beasts in the magical world -- some of them cute and cuddly, some of them downright terrifying. Here, we're asking you to pick a magical creature that you love (or love to hate!), and go from there.

Your Task
It comes in two stages...

Stage 1
Create a graphic relating to a magical creature. Feel free to get as creative as you want with this! It might be a moodboard of images you've found online, or that one photograph of your cat channelling Crookshanks. It could be calligraphy, or artwork that you've drawn/painted/designed yourself. As long as it's an image, it counts!

To put an image in a post, you'll need to upload your final content onto an image hosting site e.g. Imgur, and copy the link. Paste it within the image code. Setting an image width can be helpful if your image is really big. It should look something like this, but without the spaces after the [ bracket:
[ img width=400]IMAGELINKHERE[ /img]

Stage 2
Write a piece that relates to your chosen magical creature. The piece can be as directly or as indirectly related to the creature as you like, and can be in any format and of any length. It could be a one-shot or snaps post about a magical creature that has greatly affected your character (a certain werewolf, perhaps?). It might be a poem about your chosen creature, or even a post from the creature's perspective. The sky's the limit, so get creative!

How do I start?
three simple steps

1. Start a new thread in the Summer Workshop forum. It should be called Prompt 1: Title of Your Piece
2. Complete your piece, following the prompt above. You can choose whether to post both stages in one post or in separate posts.
3. Review the pieces of others (see How To Workshop).

Workshop developed with CLADIS PERSES GALLION.
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