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Virtue Hir

    (04/02/2019 at 17:32)
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thursday, 12 july 1956
early evening
there’s a film on

She’d seen this one before.

A Streetcar Named Desire, at least, was one of her favorites, so this once she didn’t mind.  It was certainly better than Monday night when it had been a double feature, both of them Cinderella.  Sitting through singing mice once was enough.  Doing it twice was a special kind of hell.

Tonight, though--Virtue’s night to monitor the theatre as the evening film played, a duty she shared with Marilyn-Rose Wilson and exciting new thing Logan Fetterly as counselors for Team Matisse--it was Marlon Brando and his big eyes and even bigger arms, which she’d take over a fairy godmother any day.  In the backmost row, she settled in, not quite watching out for canoodling in the rows ahead of her like she was meant to, or at least not yet, for the story on the screen was far more compelling than whatever sad and doomed love story might be unfolding on the seats in front of her.

Still, since she’d seen this one, she needed a little entertainment on the site.

Virtue Hir, with a swirl of the expensive perfume at her neck, leaned over to the person beside her.  To them, she extended her bag of popcorn.  Somehow, the fragrances of the two didn’t clash.

“So,” she asked, her voice from so close a just-audible whisper.  “Have you seen this one before?”
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* Christoph Alexander Grey

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Christoph sighed accepting the offered popcorn and taking a handful. He admired the young woman's perfume and even thought it smelled...nice. But he wasn't a fan of films they were so...was it wrong to say Muggle? It wasn't that he hated muggles. Just films in general.

"No. I haven't seen many films at all apart from Casablanca. We will in a world of magic and yet even those blessed with it choose to do something without it? Why? Doesn't magic give them enough of a thrill? A way to...feel alive and like their existence matters?" He asked in return as he passed the bag back to her.

"If you ask me this is all too real for my taste. I'd take Magic over realism any day of the week." He finished as he nevertheless continued watching the film displayed on the screen. It was...boring but he had absolutely nothing else to do on a Thursday night.

"But I suppose as long as I don't have to listen to Bippity Boppity Boo again I'll live and keep my ears where they are naturally. I don't know if that was worse or the dang mice." 
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