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Author Topic: In a hole in the ground | Ren  (Read 108 times)

Laurel Douglass

    (04/03/2019 at 01:16)
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Laurel was tiptoeing through a bed of flowers, very carefully avoiding stepping on any of them. There was a bundle of flowers in her arms already and she was still picking them carefully. They would be perfect for decorating but before she'd begun picking them she had made sure to check that they would grow back. Laurel was not going to take away from the beauty of the gardens.

"I think we should put some flowers on the top of the hole, what do you think?"

* Lawrence Cole

    (04/03/2019 at 02:14)
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Ren was laying on the tarp on his stomach, his legs kicking in the air behind him. He hummed to himself as he smeared the glue stick on the tarp, then put a handful of dirt and grass on top. Ren didn’t really know what a hobbit was, but Laurel had described what she wanted to make.

Of course, any excuse to dig up dirt was good enough for him. He looked up at her as she approached carry flowers. “Yeah, they’d look real nice! It’ll help make it look like we’re underground!” He grabbed another handful of dirt, spreading it across the newly glued section.

the moments when you're in so deep
it feels easier to just swim down