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Author Topic: I can't swim the ocean like this forever|Laurel-Beach  (Read 133 times)

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First Week of Camp
Beach's Edge

Christoph's eyes scanned the open expanse of beach around him. His book he'd brought with him discarded in the sand a couple feet away. He hated this...they weren't ever home as it was, Grey Manor was as normal as things got for him and they took that too? Granted he'd signed up for a couple activities and they might be amusing...but he wanted his room. His bed. His things. He wanted to at least have the House Elves he knew for company! But instead he was thrusted into this with a 'Oh we forgot to mention, you leave for camp today'. Why couldn't his parents be at least a little bit normal? Did they want to focus on work so badly they exiled him to another country so they didn't have to worry about him?

He sighed as he kicked at the water with his bare feet. His eyes slightly misty from everything he felt. God he was acting like a baby! Okay, he was acting his age but to him it felt like he was acting like a baby. He hated feeling like this. His eyes fixated on the sea, a glare on his face. This Summer was going to blow.
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