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Author Topic: Now I'm the princess of a downtown train...  (Read 672 times)

Isabelle Valentine

    (03/30/2012 at 02:34)
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I'm awful at witty intros but really good at lists. So have a list?

  • I'm Jaime, and I'm 27.
  • I live in New Jersey, but four days a week, I play Planes Trains & Automobiles (well, okay. Buses, cars, and subways) to New York City, because...
  • ...I'm a real-life Ravenclaw almost-third-year school psych PhD student. I do ALL THE HOMEWORK.
  • This means that if you see me in chat, I'm avoiding either homework or my dissertation proposal and you should shame me into working on it.
  • When I'm not commuting, sleeping, studying, or here, I'm probably at the gym or house-hunting with my fiance.
  • If it weren't for Mad Men and The Big Bang Theory, I would never watch TV.
  • My list of musical loves includes Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, & Fleetwood Mac.
  • I like knitting, my cranky cockatiel, statistics, and all things Disney. I do not like my marathon commute, heights, or anything with pumpkin in it.

I'm a slacker with only two characters, even though I'll have been here for a full RL year (holy cow) this July:

Isabelle Atkinson
Ravenclaw, rising 6th year, sixteen
Super-nerd. Studying machine. American transfer from the Big Apple. Divorced parents. At Hogwarts since 4th year. Prefect & Dueling Captain, '72-'73 term. Anxious and insecure, but reasonably friendly. Doesn't sleep much, so she might be a little twitchy. Likes Alex Valentine and Transfiguration.

Daphne Bennett
Gryffindor, rising 4th year, fourteen
Stubborn, mischievous, and deaf. Classes don't interest her in the least (usually) so she can't be bothered to try (usually). Typically found cutting class, passing notes, or tuning people out. Fumbling Hospital Wing assistant. Huge fan of low expectations and big adventures.

Alexander Valentine

    (03/30/2012 at 02:41)
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That wasn't too hard, was it? Also lists. <3

And 'might be a little twitchy'. I don't think I've ever seen her twitchy. -learned something new-

Erynn Nicole Sincade

    (03/30/2012 at 02:52)
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Hey bff heyyy.

I'll always be your sidekick, just in your mind though because I'm so not. I'm looking forward to our serious thread. You can start it whenever <3 ;)

it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day


* Calla Douglass

    (03/30/2012 at 02:56)
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Yay Disney and Big Bang Theory! I like the pumpkin cheesecake blizzard thing Culver's has, but other than that I completely agree with you.

Calla and Daphne have to hang out, don't forget!

Jane Montclaire

    (03/30/2012 at 03:10)
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I should really catch up on Big Bang Theory

AND DISNEY! It is love~<3

Scott Cooper

    (03/30/2012 at 09:40)
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I don't care, you're my bro. Bon Jovi and Fleetwood Mac? UHHUH.

Plus a dislike of Pumpkin and a love of Disney. (Y) And New York City. And PhDs.

You rawk.

Annabel Grey-Vartan

    (03/30/2012 at 12:05)
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HOMG COMMUTE COMMUTE. I feel the pain. Or the adventure. You never know when the bus will finally show up. But at least we get our reading done?

Also ilu. Even if Sands doesn't show it.

And eeee! Yay Hoggies class of Summer '11!
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because the world will never take my
h e a r t

Charlotte Tallis

    (03/30/2012 at 15:15)
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I love you Izzy-wizzy.

Ermengarde F. Chaucer

    (03/30/2012 at 15:33)
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Also, Lady Gaga. And ALL the knittings.
but don't give yourself aWaY

Esme Vartan

    (03/30/2012 at 15:51)
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I love you.

Thank you for sharing my love of shelves and Gaga.

House Mom
I'm the opposite of moderate
immaculately polished.


* Meghan Lambton-Gale

    (03/30/2012 at 16:34)
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Lady Gaga, BBT, and Disney. Yes!

Statistics, though, I can't agree with. It makes me want to curl up in a corner and cry. Haha.
we are wild , we are like young volcanoes

Sevina Lamia

    (03/30/2012 at 18:11)
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Knitting!! I'm obsessed with making Harry Potter stuff. I made two house scarves. I eventually want to make Mrs. Weasley's sweater. Because I AM Mrs. Weasley in the flesh. She is my fav character. I have so many of her qualities.

Ember Harlow

    (03/30/2012 at 21:25)
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Let us get married in Disneyland, I can be Ariel and you can be Eric. I like the sea, you see ;)

*waves to daphne*


Isabelle Valentine

    (03/31/2012 at 05:52)
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@AVal - *twitches*
@Sidekick - I'm not starting that thread. YOUR TURN, I LOVE YOU, BYE.
@Calla - Even in a blizzard. No pumpkin. But thread yes.
@Scott - *brofists* Bros for life.
@Anna - Less reading, more sleeping. And pfft, by the end of summer, Sandsy will love Izzy. Everybody loves Izzy. Eventually. (ilu)
@Es - House Mom, I love you and your DIY prowess. Rawr.
@Meghan - But...doing stats sort of makes me feel like I belong on BBT. ;)
@Sev - House scarves! I've been knitting for over a decade and I still haven't made myself a house scarf. True story.
@Ember - Only if we can find turtles and a musical crab to sing "Kiss the Girl."

Maurus Gale

    (03/31/2012 at 18:16)
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I love your musical tastes.  GAGA and FLEETWOOD MAC and BON JOVI and TOM PETTY.

Did you know Tom Petty is currently on tour with Regina Spektor? It's a sign.


Let's play stuff out kay. <3

Eve Hallows

    (04/01/2012 at 00:15)
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it's very difficult for me to stay out of caps, i'm so excited
(and i just can't hide it)

Disney, man. BBT.

I can't believe we've soon been here a year.
What game shall we play today,
how about the one where you don't get your way?

Isabelle Valentine

    (04/01/2012 at 06:39)
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BIG SPOON. I know Tom Petty is on tour. It kills me that I am missing him. I saw him & the Heartbreakers last summer on the Mojo tour and they were amazing. Learning to Fly live was worth the price of admission. It's my favorite.

EVE EVE EVE. <3 Bon Jovi for sure. Also Bowie. And Disney and BBT and I can't believe it's been a whole year almost. It feels longer sometimes, but maybe that's just grad school messin' with my head.

* Kellen Douglass

    (04/02/2012 at 04:08)
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You know, I don't think I've ever RP'd with Iz. That's sad.

That should change.

Also, yay for educators! Although I don't think I'll ever get my PhD. Although spending more time in NYC sounds like fun, as long as I don't have to do a loooong commute.

And I still ship Iz/Chase. Always. Because Degrassi says it's meant to be.


Isabelle Valentine

    (04/02/2012 at 04:33)
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Kell. This totally needs to change. They're at camp together all summer, we need to find something for them to do. Rightnow. <3

Wooo for teachers! No, don't get your PhD, not unless you really, really, REALLY want it, because it eats a little of your soul.

Ohhhh the Chasabelle. But Kell, the Izzentine. *swoons*

(Fun fact? I didn't watch Degrassi until after I picked Iz's face claim, and now when I watch it, I yell at Holly J and her questionable choices. /unhinged)