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Adam Just

    (03/31/2012 at 10:31)
- cross referenced!

Ever wondered what it meant to have a Scorpio Slytherin? Or a Virgo Ravenclaw? Not interested in zodiacs at all, but maybe a little curious after all?

Fear not, for here is your chance to determine both zodiac and house in one, convincing yourself you hit the spot or maybe that the astrological signs are pure Divination. Or perhaps you'll just discover that it's time to change your character's date of birth.

What you do is, you follow this link: House & Sign Analysis, make your discoveries and post back here, for all the world to see!

Have fun!

* Catharina Adhara Eir Viggano

    (03/31/2012 at 12:25)
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Catharina Vega - Scorpio Slytherin
Slytherin is the natural house of a Scorpio, the combination of the Snake and the Scorpion making for a venomous combination. Slytherin Scorpios are filled with ambition in all parts of their life, and they are perfectionists. If you don’t fit their mold, they don’t want you around, and they have no problem pointing out faults. It’s not that they are trying to be cruel, they are simply incredibly blunt, and if you have a problem with that then they rightly don’t care. They have a plan, and that is all they are concerned about, so if you are a kink in their world they will iron you out before you can blink. This makes relationships of any kind very rare for Slytherin Scorpios, but if you do befriend them then they are incredibly loyal to you and wouldn’t sell you out for anything.
Not so much ambition really, and not so much perfectionist. And she doesn't have much of a plan either. But the other stuff isn't too far away?

RL ME + Lukas Altair: Ravenclaw Sagittarius
Ravenclaw is the most common of houses for the Sagittarius, as both can have a tendency to be very analytic in their mannerisms. The nature of a Sag is much less cold than a Ravenclaw is by nature, however, so they tend to be a very fun group of people. They’re not afraid to be who they are, and they rightly don’t care if you disagree with the way they see the world, you see what you see and they see what they see, and that’s the way the system works. That said, they have no problem judging your opinion on everything, though they do this silently, unless you upset them. If that happens, the Archer comes out, and the arrow pierces with such accuracy into you that you have no idea what just happened. Most Ravenclaw Sags will know your every action and behaviour without giving a single clue they do, until they shove it all in your face out of anger, in the most venomous way possible. That said, they are generally peaceful in their relationships, and are not prone to lots of fighting, and instead just the occasional enormous bout of anger. Which could hardly be considered an argument, as it is rare they will let you get a word in edgewise.
...sounds familiar...

Maximilian Yates: Taurus Gryffindor
Gryffindors under the Taurus signs are not nearly as adventurous as Lions under other signs, but they are still daring in their own way. Often they would rather relax and be a stable pillar for the others around them, but if they are pushed over the limit then the Lion in them will come out quickly and will go to any means necessary to help someone in need. Gryffindor Taurians are rarely selfish, and they thrive off of good energy and the idea of always lending a helping hand when they are needed. A relationship with someone under this combination is often very stable, as they wish for nothing but the best and they are never prone to arguing with their partner.
Yes and no.

Michael Gray: Pisces Slytherin
Snake nature being to take care of themselves and what they want, but the fish part of them wanting to give to others and put everyone else before them. Due to this, they often switch moods, ready to help others until they’ve had far too much of it, at which point they can become selfish and annoyed, needing sometime to pamper themselves before being ready to socialize again. If you are too clingy, trying a relationship with a Slytherin under the sign of Pisces may not be the best idea, as time alone for them is vital, and they do not always need people around.
Everything is correct but the part of giving and putting others before.
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Jessie Pendragon

    (03/31/2012 at 12:42)
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Hufflepuff is Cancer’s natural house, meaning it is the most common for their traits to coincide and blend together. Both are emotionally sensitive and generally very sweet people, but there are more intricate pieces of their self that they often try to hide from everyone, whether it be on purpose or not. Truly, Hufflepuff Cancerians have a creative mind that can rarely be matched, and they truly see life in everything, and have the ability to put a positive spin on whatever they may come across. They will also often do this in relationships, acting as though a person is a piece of a puzzle they must put together, and while they are loving they usually only treat them as such, which can cause a damper on long-term relationships. Just remember, even if your romance doesn’t work out, both the Badger and the Crab’s love lasts, even to the smallest degree.

That pretty much sums it up!

Annabel Grey-Vartan

    (03/31/2012 at 12:51)
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EEEE wunderbar.

Annabel Grey - Scorpio Slytherdor
For combined houses, Slytherdor is probably the most common of combinatinations for a Scorpio. Those who fall under both Gryffindor and Slytherin with the traits of a Scorpion are often blunt, outspoken and ambitious. If they disagree with you then they have no problem saying it, and they relish on both debate and anger. To just relax in a peaceful setting is boring to them, and they would much rather spend their time in some wildfire type of setting, having things thrown and them left and right. They appreciate the idea of this in romantic situations too, so if you’re predicatable they will not want much to do with you.

Lysander Ellwood-Luxe - Capricorn Slytherdor
The ambition of a Slytherdor Capricorn is one that can rarely be surpassed, as they are incredibly driven creatures by the nature of both their houses and their sign. The colder nature of the Capricorn intermingled with the sly attributes of the Snake give them the ability to do just about whatever they want, and not really care who they hurt doing it. Their Gryffindor side will come in later, making them feel guilty for a little while, but they never ask forgiveness, that is just not in their style. They get what they want and they look good while they’re doing it, and relationships are not their first priority, that takes too much emotional effort they would rather not invest in. Instead, any friendship they have is usually just good business.

...Neither of them really fit solely into the Slytherin descriptions, so I cheated. Hee.
it's only hubris if I fail | annabel grey

Maverick Steele

    (03/31/2012 at 13:14)
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Ooh, this is the same site with the pretty patroni.

Scott Cooper: Ravenclaw Taurus
A Ravenclaw under the sign of Taurus remembers everything, and that is rarely an over exaggeration. They watch every detail of every aspect of life, and inspect it for further reference. They are the strong and silent types, and they are often artistic in some manner or another. If it is not with drawing of some kind, they can be interested in writing or even just looking through the masterpiece that is their own mind, but somewhere in some inch of their body, art exists. This combination can be very picky with who they associate with, they will often watch someone quietly before deeming them worthy of their friendship and talking to them.
Pretty accurate, besides the 'strong and silent' and 'artistic' bits.

Maverick Steele: Slytherin Sagittarius
Slytherin and Sagittarius is a fun and fiery combo, one that if you have the fortune of knowing will not bore you. The wit of the Slytherin and the carefree nature of a Sag give these folks a thirst for adventure wherever they may be going, even if it is just for a walk. They have a tendency to find life in every single thing, and they have no problem expressing their thoughts. Slytherin Sags shine brightly among the rest, but they can have the negative issue of being too overly emotional, as both their sign and house tends to. They are prone to lashing out when upset, and often they will say things they don’t mean, or worse, things they very well mean and never meant to say out loud. If you anger one of them, be prepared for the very worst, the arrow strikes and the venom comes in to burn the wound. This can be a problem with relationships, but at the same time Slytherin Sags are prone to loving deeply enough to give forgiveness on varying levels, which tend to give them a large array of on-again off-again relationships.
This one is...weird.

James Cook: Ravenclaw Aquarius
A Ravenclaw under the sign of Aquarius is fair clear-headed and open, ready for any intellectual opportunity that they may have. They are always willing to learn new things, and they will never take “I can’t” as an answer. Nothing is impossible to a Ravenclaw Aquarian, they have only found ten thousand wrong ways to do it. They are very strong in this belief, and they will always try to motivate others to do their best, which can at times be pestering, though they mean only the best by it. Those under this combination are often too busy with their work to bother with a romantic relationship, unless it is with someone who is equally ambitious.
Not bad!

Jessica Beauchamp

    (03/31/2012 at 17:33)
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J Davies: Slytherin Aries

Slytherin Aries tends to be a bit lazier in their ambition, still going for whatever it is they want, but often not caring about the going ons of others. You stay in your business and they’ll stay in theirs, that’s their motto. If you try and interfere with what they want and get in their way, that is when the fangs come out to play. The combination of Slytherin and Aries makes for an anger most toxic, so if you upset one be prepared for a hurricane like outcome. Slytherin and Aries makes for a fiery romantic equation, and they will often leave you feeling the intensity of the relationship and always have surprised planned for you, they know how to keep  a partner happy.

Hmm... interesting.  ;D

Juniper E-L Steele

    (03/31/2012 at 18:01)
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Juniper Kedding - Slytherdor Cancer

Slytherdor Cancer
This is a very odd combination, as not only do the Lion and the Snake’s ideals clash with each other, so does theirs with the Crab’s. Both Slytherins and Gryffindors feel a great need for conflict and debate, and when combined this increases tenfold. However, Cancers are reluctant to fight about anything, usually seeing it as only a spark to start a fire they cannot put out. This said it makes them very hesitant in every action they wish to unleash upon any situation, though their Slytherdor side usually wins after a long inner battle. Slytherdors have a sharp tongue and know how to use it, and combined with the unpredictability of the Crab, once they finally speak you may be shocked to find how accurate their information is, as you never really expected that much from them. That said, never, ever underestimate this combination, especially in relationships, they will always have a surprise waiting for you that you will enjoy.

Extremely fitting.

Colton Brent

    (03/31/2012 at 18:37)
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Colton Brent: House+Sign Analysis : Slytherdor Scorpio

For combined houses, Slytherdor is probably the most common of combinatinations for a Scorpio. Those who fall under both Gryffindor and Slytherin with the traits of a Scorpion are often blunt, outspoken and ambitious. If they disagree with you then they have no problem saying it, and they relish on both debate and anger. To just relax in a peaceful setting is boring to them, and they would much rather spend their time in some wildfire type of setting, having things thrown and them left and right. They appreciate the idea of this in romantic situations too, so if you’re predicatable they will not want much to do with you.

X marks the spot.

Chloe Ross

    (03/31/2012 at 21:09)
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Chloe Ross - Gemini Gryffindor

A Gemini under both the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw houses is often seeking great adventure, one that will take them to another place than what they know as reality. They are magnificent dreamers, and even something as simple as a walk to them can be enhanced by the imagination. The separation of the twins makes their thirst for adventure vary, sometimes in an outgoing and vigorous way, and other times in a quiet manner of just getting lost in a good book. They are very kind, and wish only for a bit of fun in their life. If you give them that, they will be loyal to you forever.

It had it at the beginning, but then kinda lost it. Oh well.

Also, completely by accident, Lysander is also a gemini. Whoops.

Lysander Savage - Gemini Slytherin

Slytherdor Geminis are incredibly animated, outgoing and full of colour. They have a deep ambition to reach whatever heights they may wish for, and often the combination of the lion and the snake these are extreme goals. This also makes them very emotional, and they often will either be incredibly loyal and loving to you, or venomous and cruel. Also realize that the Twins often imply two sides of a person, so do not separate yourself into one category for a Slythedor Gemini, you will get both parts of them eventually, and they will always give you their reasoning for which side you get.

Well, that's more like it.

Joelle Black

    (04/01/2012 at 14:21)
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Both Ravenclaws and Libras are known to have refined and artistic tastes, and this can very well make them seem like they’re, for lack of a better word, snobs. Generally though, given the nature of the Scales and the mellow nature of the Eagle, they are willing to accept you thinking them as such, or whatever else you might think of them, and they will take it into account. Not that they will change anything about themselves for your appeal, as they are very assured in their image, the confidence of the Libra ever apparent in them. That said the social aspects of a Libra do not often work for them, instead the quieter, shy nature of a Ravenclaw taking hold. However, beware a friendship with them if you think they will always be this way, as once they are comfortable around you it is likely they will never stop talking to you about anything and everything. Ravenclaw Libras are shy in their romantic relationships, and while they enjoy flirting by nature they can get awkward when things actually begin to happen, so be gentle with them or you might drive them away.

I find it strange that this fits Joelle when I picked her birthday at random.

Victoria Carter

    (04/01/2012 at 15:37)
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Victoria Carter: Slyhterdor Aquarius
House+Sign Analysis : Slytherdor Aquarius
A Slytherdor under the sign of Aquarius is often the strong but silent type, very strong in their views but cold in stature. They are not mean people, but their silence and judging eyes may make them seem to be. They are not trying to pick you apart, they just watch your every move to see if you are the type of the person they want to associate themselves with, and if you aren’t they won’t stick around long enough for you to ask them why they’re staring. If they do like you, they are passionately loyal and you will be one of the few people they open up to, and you will soon realize they actually have quite a bit to say.

B. Foster

    (04/01/2012 at 15:49)
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Thomas Sincade + Slytherclaw Scorpio
Slytherclaw Scorpios can often be close to genius in their nature, the analytic side of the Ravenclaw and the suave side of a Slytherin blending well with the Scorpio already having the base of both traits. They are often a bit cynical, and will watch every single thing you do to make sure you may not be lying to them in some form or fashion. They have an almost photographic memory, and if you ask them to recall something that you thought they may have not been paying attention to, they can often tell you everything down to the last detail. This works the same in relationships so be cautious, if you anger them the venom of the Snake and the sting of the Scorpion can combine with this gift, and they can tell you every single negative thing you have ever done in the relationship.

I shall have to do some looking for Jane but that is rather close for Thomas.

Alexander Valentine

    (04/01/2012 at 19:42)
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Alexander Valentine (October 8th) - Slytherclaw Libra
A Slytherclaw Libra is incredibly cunning and thoughtful, weighing both sides of the scale before taking any action. The action they often decide to take is the one that weighs more in their favour, as to them that is the main thing that matters. They do care for others, but their guilt only goes so far, as they also believe taking care of themselves is a fine priority. They are very goal-oriented, focusing on specific aspects of their life, whether that be romance, friendship, school, family or work, that’s anyone’s guess, but they go in a specific order depending on the individual, and the order isn’t too difficult to find out if you know them for long enough. Once you have gotten close to them, they will most definitely speak their mind.

Sean Duke Wayne Ellwood-Luxe

    (04/02/2012 at 04:28)
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 Slytherpuff Sagittarian is one of the funnest combinations there could be, bubbly and sweet but with a fire in them, so if you think they are innocent little dolls that you can take advantage of in some way, you are most definitely wrong. They have a strong backbone and they aren’t afraid to use it, but more than anything all they want is to have fun. They try their best to get along with everyone, though they are so outgoing and blunt that at times others may not realize this is how they socialize and take it as a personal attack. If you want to argue with a Sagittarius under the Slytherpuff combination, they will be hesitant at first because they are never really looking for any type of disagreement, but if you insist be prepared for a lashing of your life, because they can dish out better than most.
  [pretty spot on]