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Author Topic: Prompt 1 | Lemon dress  (Read 76 times)

Marilyn-Rose Wilson

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Stealing Carrie’s clothes, Marilyn decided, was never a good idea. As when the blonde had been partway into her sister’s wardrobe, searching for that adorable lemon yellow dress that she loved, Carolyn-Lily Wilson had walked into their shared bedroom. Forcing Marilyn to hide behind a particularly large fur coat that was ticking her nose, as her sister closed the wardrobe doors.

Wait, was that more space? She willingly crawled, away from the shedding fur coat and into unknown territory. She just kept on crawling, deeper and deeper. That was, until she- rather unceremoniously- fell face first into a clearing. It was a castle. She had fallen in the grass, at the foot of the castle doors.

Pulling herself up, the girl stepped gingerly up the stone steps- the dents indicating how many people had walked this path before her. She climbed until she reached the doors. A small hand reaching up, to knock three times. She waited.

In reality it was only a four minute wait, but in kid world? It felt like a lifetime. When the doors finally opened, Marilyn-Rose Wilson was sat on the steps, head on hand and elbow on knee. Bored. Upon the sound of the creaky doors open, her head shot around, like a bullet, towards the castle. As she pulled herself up, and entered. Her shoes were gently tapping against the stone as she looked around.

In fact, she was feeling rather disappointed. Where she’d been hoping to see princesses, princes, and dragons, there was only a ghosttown. And she, once again, felt alone. The castle was fully furnished, but there was nobody else there.

Still curious, she decided to explore. Scorch marks on stone walls, yet nothing else seemed damaged, locked doors, and there was still the mystery of who had opened the front gates.

The small blonde wandered through the castle, like a lonely ghost. Her hair trailing down her back as she entered a bedroom. A large four poster bed, a dressing table and a desk. All wood. The sun was setting, and the sunset shone through the window. Feeling tired, Marilyn laid in the bed. Eyes closing, she drifted off to sleep.

“MARILYN-ROSE WILSON, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” She was woken by the screech of her sister. No longer in the mysterious castle, she was back at home, and- more worryingly- caught red handed trying to steal some of her sister’s clothes. Great.     
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