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Author Topic: A tale of opposites [Basil & Fin]  (Read 86 times)

Basil Razi

    (12/24/2018 at 00:51)
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*** fourteen ***

Basil is best defined by a series of circumstances...  His mother dreamed of the stage inside of the ring, and lived to be the best circus performer she could be specializing in contortion, and fortune telling.  His father did his best to support his mother's dreams, while accepting his obligation to fulfill the role as muscle for a family run illicit good smuggling operations.  The intertwining of his mothers dreams, and his fathers family obligations landed both of his parents in Azkaban.

The footsteps Basil was raised in lead only to Azkaban.  Where will they lead now he is on his own path thru Hogwarts?

* Eleven - Pureblood *

Findlay is the son of an Auror (Maeve O'Brien), and a Healer (Jabari Razi) that is so innocent he is more scared of catching something that could make his future children squibs than any dangers the world could offer.  Fin is always looking for adventure with little care for distractions like organized activities or worse classes.  The only thing that can put a pause to an adventure is the threat of germs or disease, but he has weaponized soap to save himself and the world.  Thankfully he has a twin brother Kieran to pull him back and keep him from chasing imaginary monsters into the sunset. 

Do you dare to join him on his next adventure?

Toss some ideas below! 

If you don't have any ideas... Tell me which character you'd like and I'll PM you on the first with a link to a thread teeming with adventure and fun with them in the castle!

(Even if you have ideas feel free to say "Just start me a thread in the castle!")
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Lysander Stone

    (12/27/2018 at 02:42)
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What a good friend this Basil is!
I used his wand in the duel and I won!                         Kinda.
I guess I owe him one.

That rumor that Lysander is a squib is bullhonkey. He cast spells before. Just his wand doesn't work in front of people. You won't catch nothing either.

I can prove it to you. There's no people in the scary forest.
The universe falls in love with a stubborn heart.