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Author Topic: Duel One: Renard v. Stone v. Whitmore v. Naoi  (Read 606 times)

Imogen M Renard

    (12/22/2018 at 04:50)
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This time, the contact was more clear. Another little success to add to her list. The brunette still remained focused though because the duel wasn't over yet. Last thing she needed now was to get stupidly injured or something because she wasn't paying attention.  The brunette remained still and listened for a moment, hearing something rather amusing. Sandy speaking something to ... whom? Or what? A snowball, maybe?

Imogen moved all of a sudden to the left, attempting to move away from an impending attack (dodge). Had Vanessa recovered her wand yet? The brunette hadn't heard anything from the older girl yet. Was the wand stuck in the snow or something? Hm. Oh well ... Imogen wasn't quite sure what to do next. The duel was coming to a close soon surely. Maybe she should wrap it up with something ... well, interesting. Or just something casual.

She had considered screaming and rendering everybody deaf on the block for a few moments. But that would've meant hurting Sandy too. No. Enough damage for one day. Instead, Imogen allowed herself to fall down in the snow, dropping the stick close to her and attempted to make snow angels to make herself feel better (+health), while laughing. Concentration be damned. She needed a good laugh every now and then.

Samuel Whitmore

    (12/22/2018 at 17:47)
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That shirt pull had been really distracting.

Sam let it stay, though, as Sandy had left it--rumpled up and out of place--because he didn’t mind it out of place.  On his wand, he readjusted his grip.  With a nod, he readied himself to focus on the duel again.

It was at that exact time that Immy tripped him.

“Woah,” said Sam Whitmore, careening towards a bank of soft snow.

As it turned out, it might have been a nice idea to put his shirt back in place.  Where he landed, the slight bit of exposed skin came into contact with the snow.  It was quite colds where the snow collided with his side--or, really, where his side collided with the snow.  Sam righted himself as quickly as he could, rubbing the sore spot on his hip where he had touched down.

“Wow, Im,” he said, all smiles even still.  “You’re quick with that thing!”

And so she was.  Under usual circumstances, Sam might have been embarrassed to be so easily bested by a girl.  Now, however, he was too busy being impressed.  Immy was putting to shame all of them, even the older girl who he thought was Vanessa.  He thought after the duel he might check in with her and see what advice she had for him on how to improve his own technique.

Maybe it was to take a page out of his friend’s book that he tried his next spell--one he had read about, that was meant to create a rod of wood.  Immy’s stick, after all, seemed to serve her so well.  It seemed worth a try.

Waving his wand over his own hand, Sam tried to cast, “Ferula.”

Vanessa Naoi

    (12/22/2018 at 19:17)
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She stared incredulously at the stubborn wand, stuck as it was in a new pile of snow. Her gaze then traveled over to the other three duelers. And then back at her wand. And then back at the first years. And then at her empty hands.

By godric, Vanessa was ready to punch someone.

Marching over to where her fall had flung her wand, Vanessa, yet again, attempted to pick it up.

Two of the kids were lying down on the snow. The girl was making snow angels. The last camper wasn't even casting at anyone! This was supposed to be an easy win. Vanessa had fallen disappointingly short of that.

If she didn't get her wand back in her hands at this point-- she too, would join the other girl in making snow angels.

How could she have done that badly?!

Jeremiah Smallweed

    (12/22/2018 at 23:32)
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Round 5 Results:

A1. Lysander attempts to throw a snowball at Samuel. Success! Ouch, that's 10% damage.

A2. Lysander attempts to dodge behind a statue. Failure.

A3. Lysander attempts to recharge in the snow. Success! 4% health.

A4. Imogen attempts to dodge any incoming attacks. Success!

A5. Imogen attempts to cheer herself up with some snow angels. Success! 4% health.

A6. Samuel attempts to cast Ferula. Success! 3% health.

A7. Vanessa attempts to rearm. Success! Third time's the charm.

Final Results:

Imogen Renard - 94%, will dodge one spell, action, or for one round, whichever comes first.


Sandy Stone
- 94%


Sam Whitmore
- 88%


Vanessa Naoi
- 60%

Congratulations to

Imogen Renard and Lysander Stone

for winning the duel!

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