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General Layout & Information
Camp Loki 1955

Summer 1955 brings Camp Loki into Narnia! The four different main camp areas bring together a variety of places from this fantastical world, though campers will find that Camp Loki's Narnia is disappointingly devoid of the talking animals that exist inside the real thing.

The central camp area, Eastern Narnia, consists of: Cair Paravel, a magnificent palace which houses a large dining space for all campers, the house-elf-run kitchens, the shared counsellors lounge, the camp director's office and living quarters, and a variety of other interesting rooms, including a conservatory, a ballroom, and a library; Aslan's How, where a medical campsite has been set up for the summer; and the Dancing Lawn, where a Quidditch pitch has been marked out for matches. A small Quidditch shed, where players can find spare brooms, balls, and other equipment, stands to the side of the pitch, and some temporary stands have been erected for spectators. The fireplaces connected to the Floo Channel -- the only way to get in and out of Camp Loki -- can be found in the entrance hall to Cair Paravel. This summer, they're shaped like wardrobes! Three paths lead away from the central area towards other parts of the camp.

The left road leads towards Southern Narnia. Glasswater Creek runs through and along the Shuddering Wood, opening up onto the Eastern Sea. To the south of the Shuddering Wood lies Stormness Head, a tall mountain peak. The Shuddering Wood itself takes up most of Southern Narnia, and you can find the Team Aslan cabins buried in the heart of the wood. The roomy log cabins are laid out in a crescent shape within a small clearing. The central cabin has been made into a common room for campers to relax in during the evenings. A bookshelf is stacked with both books and board games, and there's an abundance of squashy beanbags to sit on. The cabins on the left of the common room belong to the boys, and the cabins on the right side belong to the girls. Boys trying to sneak into the girls' cabins will soon be chased away by very angry woodland creatures.
Team Aslan Counsellors: Pilar Reina, Calvin Sharppe.

If you follow the middle path, you'll soon find yourself in Western Narnia. Most of the area is taken up with open land, in the midst of which, the landmark of the Lamp Post can be seen. In its vicinity is a large bonfire: lit every night, it's the perfect setting for camp parties. Caldron Pool, a continuously bubbling pond, can be found towards the edge of this space. Chippingford, a small market town made up of a single street, is built near the centre of Western Narnia. The houses on the left side of the street are home to the Team Reepicheep boys' cabins, the houses on the right side belong to the Team Reepicheep girls. The lower floors of the houses consist of little living rooms, perfect for smaller or quieter get-togethers. Boys trying to enter the girls' houses will soon find themselves being pelted with fruit by vigilant house elves.
Team Reepicheep Counsellors: Olette Clarington-DuPont, Aiden Duncan.

Taking the right path will bring you to Northern Narnia. Watch your step, for it's all too easy to get bogged down in the Northern Marshlands that stretch across so much of this area. A temporary duelling block and stands have been set up in the driest, flattest part of the marshlands, though both look set to sink at any moment. The River Shribble runs along the marsh's edge, and along the riverbank, the Team Tumnus cabins have been built. The cabins consist of two small clusters of wooden huts: those on the left are for the boys, and those on the right are for the girls. Boys, beware! If you try to enter the girls' cabins, you'll find yourself sinking into a patch of quicksand. A smaller hut set apart from the rest turns out to house wellington boots in all sizes for those who come to the Northern Marshlands unprepared, as well as some fishing equipment for those who fancy a peaceful afternoon by the river. Beyond the river lies Ettinsmoor Gorge, which can be crossed via Giants' Bridge. The other side, however, brings nothing but a dead end.
Team Tumnus Counsellors: Maria Téodora Wittington, Jeremiah Smallweed.
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