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Louise Holland

    (08/31/2018 at 13:12)
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I don't have the coding like these amazing people here but here goes:

  • a Gryffindor at heart
  • a proud potterfan
  • i love to tinker with photoshop when i have the time
  • this is my first IC
  • the feeling i have of being a newbie in a site
  • love to rp with amazing people around the world

I don't know what else to include here so feel free to ask questions.  :D :D :D

Calvin Sharppe

    (08/31/2018 at 13:51)
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Hi Louise! Welcome to the site!!
I think we're all potterfans here. I'm a Hufflepuff at heart with heavy Ravenclaw tendencies
I also used to tinker with photoshop as well! If you ever want to practice I'm sure tons of people would offer up their needs here
If you want to have a swell time with good ol' Calvin here he's up for grabs! 

maybe i might get a little

* Calypso Ross

    (08/31/2018 at 14:24)
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I'm a Hufflepuff like Cal, but with a side of Slytherin instead of Ravenclaw. 8)

Pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say we're super excited to have you here, and I can't wait to see Louise at the castle in just a few hours!!

I HAVE A QUESTION: pineapple on pizza or not?

(the correct answer is always pineapple on pizza.)

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* Cladis Perses Gallion

    (08/31/2018 at 15:16)
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Hi and welcome to site!

Your character's surname is an A++! I am Dutch and proud!

I'm die-hard Ravenclaw but some sites say that I also have a slight Gryffindor side to me I deny that though. I really like Gryffindors though. c:

For photo-editing, I can't do any more than use some mediocre photo editors online, so I am already in awe you can actually photoshop.

I'm already looking forward to seeing you around the castle in a few hours!


Virtue Hir

    (08/31/2018 at 18:16)
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Hey and welcome, Louise!

I'm Christen, and I am also very much a Gryffindor at heart...and mind and hands and feet, etc etc etc.  I think we're pretty cool people and I am happy to see another one of us around!

Props for photoshopping!  I have never tried but I love seeing peoples' work.  What's your favorite kind of look to go for?

I'm glad you're here!  If you want to write together, hit me up!  I have Virtue here, who is a 4th year Slytherin, and also play Head Nurse Arlo Mason who will be in charge of the Hospital Wing!
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