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Author Topic: hello friend, my blood  (Read 132 times)

Audrey Jones

    (08/31/2018 at 03:17)
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the name is madz, i'm a scorpio and typically shy at first i guess??
umm, i was recommended to this site by a few of my friends running around here.
since i've been watching and basing my recent course project on fantastic beasts,
i decided to give this lovely site a shot. i've rp harry potter themes for a long time, so i'm not at all new with it. either way, happy to have join and see more of what everyone has to offer? :)

see ya around!
madz ~

* Calypso Ross

    (08/31/2018 at 09:46)
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Hey, Madz, welcome to the site!! I'm Yas and I'm a Sagittarius (but I'm not great at astrology, so I couldn't tell you what that means).

Doing a course project on Fantastic Beasts sounds amazing and definitely beats any project I've ever done. What sorts of things were you looking at in it?

Term is going to begin at midnight BST (just under 13 hours to go!), so if you're planning on making Audrey a student, you should head over to the Student Applications forum ASAP to make sure that you get your app posted in time! If you're planning on making her a child that doesn't attend Hogwarts or an adult character, then these apps are open all year around, so you won't need to rush.

Let me know if you have any questions about how anything works, I'd be happy to help!

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* Cladis Perses Gallion

    (08/31/2018 at 10:24)
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Hi Madz! Welcome to the site, it's nice to meet you!

I'm Jip, gemini sun, pisces moon and pisces rising. Basically I have a lot of water and air in my charts and could do with some more fire and earth.

What's your favorite fantastic beast?

And how long have you been RPing for?

I'm looking forward to reading Audrey around the boards!
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Virtue Hir

    (08/31/2018 at 18:58)
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Hey Madz!

I'm Christen and I am also a Sagittarius like Yas but I identify much more with my moon sign, which is Cancer.

I hope you get your app in!  I can't wait to see Audrey around the boards!  If you have any questions or want to thread, please reach out!  I am happy to help with either.  <33.
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