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Author Topic: Prompt 1B: What a Difference a Day Can Make  (Read 98 times)

Lucas St. Oswald

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It felt like only yesterday that Lucas had been accepting sincere congratulations, heartfelt hugs and claps on the back, graciously taking the teasing advice that he would be thoroughly sleep-deprived within a week. In fact… it had only been yesterday that Lucas had been almost giddily accepting all of the well wishes and helpful tips.

After all, witnessing the birth of his child and becoming a father certainly wasn’t an everyday occurrence for Lucas St. Oswald. Of course, Lucas would always insist that he was already a father, doting over Rosalie’s little girl, Evie, and loving her as though she were his own. Still, even he couldn’t deny that this was a new chapter in his life, a new experience. He would be raising this child from birth, his flesh and blood, and would be experiencing the miracle of birth with his loving wife. It was all going to be just so perfect. Lucas’ dream of being a family man would finally be realized.

… But that was yesterday. At least, Lucas thought it was only yesterday; he wasn't keeping track of time. It already felt like such a long time ago. The celebrations had since ceased. They had very suddenly morphed into half-hearted apologies and murmured condolences as Lucas was forced to deliver the news with a professional demeanor. The joyous cries quickly turned mournful, the boisterous hugs and claps on the back became tear-stained, soft embraces. The advice stopped flowing so freely. Nobody knew what to say.

Lucas could only stand there solemnly like a statue as people began filing out of his mansion. The news from the healers and the back-and-forth between the private staff was just going in one ear and out the other. It was a rare occasion that Lucas St. Oswald was rendered completely speechless and unable to direct his staff. Somehow, he ended up in his den. Had he wandered there? Had someone led him there? Lucas wasn’t quite sure anymore what he was doing or how much time had passed. It was only when a kind-looking midwife entered the room and pressed the little baby into Lucas’ arms that he even moved an inch.

He automatically shifted his arms into a cradle position to accommodate the newcomer. The little baby boy was so soft in his arms and so peaceful after what had to have been a tough night for him as well. He was tiny, snuggled tightly in Lucas’ embrace… he wasn’t aware of any of the damage that had been done... the nightmare that had all started with his birth.
The healers and nurses slowly trickled out of his home now that everything was finished. They carried her away with them, leaving Lucas with his baby to pick up the pieces. It was time to begin his new life with his newborn… alone.

It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be. Lucas wasn’t even sure how to react. He was, yet again, completely speechless. The only thing he could do was automatically go through the motions of ensuring that his newborn was taken care of… He had promised Rosalie that he wouldn’t pawn him off on the staff and it was a promise he intended to keep. But he couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Lucas was only able to stand there by the crib, the baby boy still in his arms, like a robot that was just waiting for further instructions. His little boy stirred and, without thinking, Lucas began walking around the crib just to keep doing something other than standing and staring. As he absentmindedly rocked his little boy in his arms, there were only a few thoughts on Lucas’ mind.

Why? Why had his Rosalie been taken away from him? What was he supposed to do now without her? And… how was he going to tell little Evie that she was never going to see her mother again? If he could feel anything besides a complete numbness at that moment, that mere thought would have brought him to his knees.