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Author Topic: Duel 2: Alricsson vs Jones vs Locke  (Read 695 times)

Gilroy Locke

    (08/26/2018 at 15:59)
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As the thick cloud of fog that had been Orion's Obliviate lifted, Gil looked down at the water that he had been standing in, and had been surprised that it hadn't started to boil. It took a fair bit of restraint to keep his teeth from grinding, but blew out a small sigh as he collected himself and hoped to use his anger to fuel himself.

Taking stock of what had happened over the last few moments, Gil set his jaw and gripped his wand. Jones was no longer a concern at this point, and while she had probably proved a nice distraction, there was no time left to mess about. So he set his mind to task and ducked out from around the rock he chose to hide behind.

A silent Commutati calidus vaporus was send Orion's way, as Gil hoped to try and superheat the air that had been around his cabin-mate. It was perhaps his strongest spell in his arsenal, and the one that he had practiced enough to think of as his signature move. While it rarely steered him wrong, there was always a first.

Next, Gil blew out a breath he had been holding and glanced down at the water he had been standing in. With access to it, it would make his next gambit a little easier, but only slightly. He gave a flick of his wand from the river and directed it Orion's way, intoning sharply for his next spell, "Creo acqua!" while hoping to deliver some of the river water to strike at the teen [damage, -3 ability, advanced c/s].

Finally, with his conjured snake still in play, Gil looked it dead in the eyes where it sat chilling in the river, before willing it to go and try and bite at his opponent's [Orion's] ankles again. [damage] With that done, he was starting to a little empty by this point, and just wanted to go back to Lake Alexandrina for a smoke or three. But first there was a duel to finish, and he intended to see it through to the end.

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* Orion Alricsson

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When he finally awoke, face deep in the dirt, Orion realized he had been abandoned.

Mostly, anyway. Groggily, the Slytherin boy groaned as he pushed himself off the floor with his forearms. Brown eyes surveyed the scene; he glimpsed at Jules, still left refereeing an empty duel. He smiled at her, left cheek charred equally brown as he got himself to his feet.

Orion took a moment to brush the collected dirt off his shirt, elbows, and legs. There was too much to get off in that small window of time he had before the duel was called. A small cloud rained down the brown mist, his nose wrinkling as his face turned sour at having to do so. If he hadn't already made a plan to shower after this, then it had now become a certainty. Or, he'd just need to jump in the water of the lake or the sea before he made it to his cabins.

As he was debating whether to rinse off the smudges in the water or take advantage of his ability to use magic with a cleaning charm, the incoming sixth-year was alerted to the other duelist still left to engage him. He hadn't given much thought to it, more concerned with how dirty the suffucation from smoke had left him upon waking. Brooklyn was still nowhere to be seen, so with Gil around he offered the boy a wave of his wand-gripping hand.

"Bollocks," he croaked, eyes narrowing and lips twisting upward into a displeased expression. Gil wasn't planning on letting up it seemed. The red-haired boy even mustered a snake to rush at him, spells aimed and shouted not enough it seemed (although, he only shouted the one for all he knew).

Not one to be left solely taking the brunt of the exchange, Orion took aim at Durmstrang [Gilroy]. If a jet of summoned water was going to be what he dealt with, then the Slytherin boy would have to raise it up a notch. He didn't need there to be a source material to create an elemental attack. No, he'd meet that challenge by really setting fire to that head of hair.

"Creo Exussum!" came his attempt.

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* Julia Cole

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Round 7:

Gilroy attempts to silently cast Commutati calidus vaporus at Orion. His wand starts to spark, then fizzles out!

A2: Gilroy attempts to cast Creo acqua at Orion. Success! 4% damage!

A3: Gil’s Snake Friend attempts to bite Orion’s ankles. Success! 4% damage!

A4: Wild Tree Snake slithers around, unable to find anyone.

Final Results:

Orion Alricsson
- 66.5%


Brooklyn Jones - Forfeit


Gilroy Locke
- 50.5%,
   Snake Friend - 5%


Wild Tree Snake
- 41.5%

Congratulations to Orion Alricsson for winning the summer duel!
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