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Author Topic: Duel 1: Clarington-DuPont vs. Hir vs. Wilding  (Read 584 times)

Virtue Hir

    (08/26/2018 at 18:12)
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Down, down, down went Felicity.

Virtue, like Jeremiah had been (perhaps kindly) without her noticing, must have been entranced by the same spectacle of the Gryffindor girl in the air, but with the fall of Felicity from on high, her head was back in the game.  Duel.  Whichever.

Somewhere in the background, the crocodile she might have summoned instead of a rat thrashed wildly in Olette’s direction, and again, Virtue sidestepped further away.  She stopped when her arm touched vine, for fear of tangling herself in them.  Maybe she would have been better off scurrying up a tree after all.  The throbbing on her wounded ankle and the leaves and tendrils no doubt still tangled in her braid were a sore reminder that her options on the ground were surprisingly limited.

“Welcome back, Felicity,” Virtue lulled a few beats too late, her hand swatting away a vine that moved, tickling the back of her neck, as if stirred by some unfelt breeze.  She smiled the way she did sometimes, which was a little wicked but not disingenuous. Again, shifted her hand on her wand, this time less as a way to find a moment to think and more because, in the oppressive, wet heat of the rainforest, her hands had gotten sweaty, making the motion more practical.

“I think yours--”  Virtue jabbed her wand at the other girl without effort, producing no magic.  “--is just over there.”

To her testament, she even pointed in the right direction.  After all, she was fairly certain their time on the block was ending--though time, admittedly, felt different, elongated, in the shadows of the forest floor--and she’d hate to end the duel with two unarmed opponents.  As if to show the other girl the correct direction, Virtue aimed her wand at Felicity, and tried a spoken “Relashio!”

Her wand was sort of in that direction, after all.  Surely the sparks, if there were any, would go in that general area.
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* Felicity Wilding

    (08/26/2018 at 21:21)
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Just like that, as fast as the spell had gripped her leg and flipped her, it let her go and Felicity plummeted toward the ground. She had just enough time - and good enough reflexes - to curl into something like a ball so that her head wouldn't be the first thing to connect with the ground first. No matter how much greenery covered the forest floor, it still would have done some serious damage to her neck.

The crash still hurt, despite mostly protecting her head. It felt like her bones were all slamming together and she let out a few choice curses as she ended up on her back, laying there a moment to let everything settle back into place. Including her brain and eyesight. Hanging in the air for so long had given her a bit of a headache.

"Yeah, thanks, I've had my eye on it since it was stolen from me," Felicity muttered as she finally stood up and brushed some debris off her dress. This had been such an embarrassing duel, and the biggest embarrassment hadn't even been showing more of herself than she would have liked. Although she might end up disliking that part of the duel more, depending on how Orion was going to react to it. For now, she was not going to look over in his direction. No, right now her biggest embarrassment was how poorly she was doing. Felicity hated not doing well in competitions.

Ignoring the Slytherin girl as much as she could, Felicity moved over to where her wand had been laying a while now, and tried to pick it up [rearm].

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* Olette Carroll

    (08/26/2018 at 22:00)
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The crocodile didn’t seem happy by her attack on him and tried to hit her back. Luckily she was small and quick and managed to get out of the way. She hoped the tree would keep her safe.

She watched as the older girl fell. It looked like it hurt a bit. True called out a spell Olette hadn’t heard of. The older girl didn’t have a wand, still. She thought it was a bit unfair for True to be casting at her, since that was the girl’s main way of dueling.

Either way, Ollie didn’t want to get in the middle of that fight. The best she could do was try to keep the crocodile distracted so it wouldn’t hurt them. She looked around the tree for something better to throw. Olette attempted to break a small branch off the tree and throw it at the crocodile [damage].

Hopefully it’d get his attention at least.
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Jeremiah Smallweed

    (08/27/2018 at 23:52)
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Round 7 Results:

A1. Virtue attempts to cast Relashio at Felicity. Success! Watch out, Fliss. 5% damage.

A2. Felicity tries to rearm herself. Success! Finally... Shame the duel's almost over.

A3. Olette tries to chuck another branch at Saltwater Crocodile. Success! Nice one, Ollie. 6% damage.

A4. Saltwater Crocodile tries to fight back, but he's no match for Olette, and she dodges with ease. Failure.

Final Results:

Olette Clarington-Dupont - 85%


Virtue Hir - 44%


Felicity Wilding - 52%, -3 resistance


Saltwater Crocodile - 38%

Congratulations to
Olette Clarington-Dupont
for winning the duel!

The following duellists have earned an extra point for next term's duelling tournament:
Olette Clarington-DuPont
Virtue Hir
Felicity Wilding.

Please note that this duel point can only be used as a bonus for the above characters and is non-transferable.
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