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Author Topic: Poisoned [Infirmary Case Study ‘54]  (Read 302 times)

* Avery Elliot

    (08/15/2018 at 05:18)
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It was a dusty kind of morning. The type that moved slowly through the grass and leaves. Sunlight lazily winked over quartz on windowsills, filtered through amethyst and moss agate. Avery moved just as slowly through the Infirmary, light a single stick of incense by a South-facing window, tending to herbs hanging from the ceiling, rearranging the vase of flowers on each bedside table. One task after another, moving to a silent rhythm, unhurried but not lingering.

As people slowly filtered into the Infirmary, Avery never looked up. He never had to, to know who passed the threshold, especially on the days he was assigned to open the Infirmary. A small nod to acknowledge any greeting said to him was all he offered as he drifted through the place like a small fae tasked with maintaining the Greenhouse. The sharp sound of his small shears was the only thing to otherwise cut the silence that he let fill the room like smoke from the incense. It clung to him like his aura.

In a moment, though, the almost sleepy way the Infirmary felt like burst. Avery had just finished tending the plants when she burst in, energy frazzled and bubbly. She brought energy and sugar rushes in her wake, wide eyes and bear hugs. Imaginary friends danced after her. A whisper of a smile flickered over Avery’s face as he called, “Goose - can you set up the materials for today? I think we almost have everyone here.”

Not far behind, came matchsticks and broom twigs. She held herself much more closely as one protects their favourite necklace but still wants to show everyone. Avery folded the last bedsheet as he felt the press of the vibrant daring she wore like a flare, glancing over his shoulder to Cecelia. “Just in time,” he said with a dip of his head, joining the pair to retrieve the large cauldron to place in the middle of the room. It took the three of them and some careful manoeuvering to get it out of the storage closet to its spot perched above a fire-starter.

Once everyone was settled in the meagre amount of chairs or a bed, Avery surveyed the crowd with a carefully blank gaze. Of everything he had been assigned to do this summer, running the study was one he looked forward to the least. The eyes turned to the three of them expectantly. The nervous twitch in his hand that he hid behind his back. The pressure building in his chest that made it hard to breathe and he wondered how he’d speak past it. He glanced past the crowd to the sun-catcher he had made and hung by the door, staring at the rainbows it splashed across the wall.

He spoke to it, instead. “Alright, welcome to the case study for this summer. We will be making an antidote to venom today.” Avery swallowed as he moved his eyes from the door to the mix of gazes that stared back at him, catching on blue fire before they forcibly moved on. “Does anyone know any first aid to give a snake bite victim? First steps before an antivenom is administered.”
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* Vega Nettlebed

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She'd been one of the last to traipse through the doors; as a result, she'd missed out on any of the good seats. Faced with the choice between standing or squeezing herself into the small space beside a younger boy who was picking his nose on one of the infirmary beds, Vega picked the former.

The Gryffindor lounged against the wall towards the back of her room, an air of faint boredom pervading the space around her. She was not a Healer, and had no intentions of being one. Her interest in the infirmary -- both here and at the castle -- lay solely in the fact that those who volunteered as nurses were granted access to the potions stores and the apothecary. It was these that she was really interested in, and not the art of curing ailments.

The cauldron at the front did not fail to catch her attention; nor did the boy that stood in front of them, a mess of golden curls and stormy blues that held hers for just a beat too long before moving on. Vega's own gaze narrowed ever so slightly. She watched Avery Elliot more intently than she usually allowed herself to, for he appeared to be in charge of opening the session, and if she couldn't stare now, then when else would she get the chance?

He was fascinating, she thought; in the way that he moved, in the way that he breathed, in his alignment of the quartz upon the windowsill -- and it was his, she was sure of it, for Goose Märchen didn't seem so methodical as this, and Cecelia Bramston probably would rather have pocketed the stones than left them for others to admire.

"The first thing I would do before anything else," Vega said from her spot near the back, without bothering to raise her hand, "--would either be to move them as far as possible from the snake's location, or to move the snake from theirs."

It seemed like a logical first step.

As for what came after that but before the treatment, she didn't have a clue, but she suspected Avery would supply whatever useless information he could think of as soon as he got a moment to do so. 

Cecelia Bramston

    (08/26/2018 at 01:36)
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"This looks great, Ave." Cecelia smiled in response to Avery's greeting. The gentle-mannered Hufflepuff was the quintessential nurse; he was always on time, if not early, kept the infirmary pristine, and had a tendency of leaving a trail of minerals glittering in his wake.

Cece was fond of him, though his efficiency did make her feel a bit guilty for her own slacking that summer; And she could have done without the incense, it always made her sneeze. "Hey Goose," Cecelia added in a cursory greeting to the younger girl, before walking over to the sink to wash up and tie on her nurse's apron.

She killed the last few minutes before their session began by studying the vials of venom lined up on the counter.

Pale yellow liquid of varying shades filled each about halfway, a simple label with neat writing indicating what kind of snake the venom had been procured from: Tiger Snake, Eastern Brown Snake, Inland Taipan, Mulga Snake, and Common Death Adder. The vials looked unassuming enough but Cecelia knew, from their prep for this case study, that their contents included toxins that resulted in a array of ailments including nerve damage, paralysis, convulsions, and, in the absence of antivenom, death. Charming.

When it was time to start Cece took her place alongside Avery and Goose, trying to channel some of the efficiency and enthusiasm she had once felt for such projects. Unsurprisingly Vega Nettlebed was the first to speak up.

Cece nodded at her, "Right, Vega. Move yourself and your patient out of striking distance of the snake. I wouldn't suggest trying to relocate the snake though, that's an invitation to get bit yourself." Blue eyes flickered over the other volunteer nurses as she moved forward, "Any ideas on how to tell if a snake is venomous?"
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Goose Märchen

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The infirmary was pretty in a normal pretty kind of way it looked a bit like a glass castle but with lots of plants and herbs and beds and it always smelled nice lemony and earthy and a bit like old sweaters but in a good way!! But what she liked about it was the way it felt, not so much like a hospital (it really wasn't there was never more then scrapes and bruises and they boy that swore a kangaroo had attacked him but it looked like he'd ran into the wall) but a Healing Space, a quiet place. Not lake quiet or outside quiet, this quiet had been made by Avery and all the little things he scattered about the windows and the air crystalsandflowersandincense and repeat it felt nice even if she didn't know how it all worked but the crystals were pretty and the herbs smelled Nice.

Today was an Extra Special Infirmary Day most days were Band Aid Days because it was mostly cleaning and sometimes people needed a band aid sometimes there were Sprained Ankle Days those were easy but there was also Broken Bone Day it had only happened once or twice but it was nasty and bruised and swollen she Did Not Like Broken Bone Day it was icky like tomatoes most of the time she let someone else handle Broken Bone Day.

”Goose - can you set up the materials for today?”

“Yep!!” Goose knew where everything was it was an Extra Special Day Which Meant Being Extra Prepared which meant finding all the potions ingredients the day before because what if something had gone missing they wouldn’t have known until today and that would be terrible!!

As Avery started the case study, Goose darted about the infirmary, snatching jars from shelves and and bottles from cabinets, eventually arranging them all on the counter, away from the venom.

”Any ideas on how to tell if a snake is poisonous?”

“I wouldn’t try to move the snake Vega that sounds like a Very Bad Idea if the snake bites you you can’t help the patient!!” Goose bounced over to join Cecelia and Avery. She had an idea (red touch yellow hurt a fellow red touch black venom lack.) but she wasn’t a volunteer nurse and it was better that they answered.