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Author Topic: Quidditch Game One: Quirky Quokkas vs. Pouncing Pygmy Possums  (Read 727 times)

Alex Thompson

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Pouncing Pygmy Possums
ALEX Thompson


"I made tha' bludger MISS. Yer should t'ankin me not kickin' me!"

Score! Alex was happy she had kicked right on target and smiled as the new kid [Kyan] whined about it and spun out of control. "Yeah, right! As if!" she shouted back at him. She didn't need anyone to "save" her, specially not at Quidditch and certainly not some strange boy she'd never seen before.

She chuckled as the boy spun some more, but out of nowhere, he suddenly turned back into the game and started chasing a..... red ball? Was that the Quaffle? The snake quickly turned her eyes towards Vanessa. How could she have let go of the ball? Just as she was about to yell something at her she was interrupted by Calvin

“Internal scuffles outside of the pitch, yeah?”

Alex scoffed, the whole thing originated in the pitch, but then again, from her perspective Calvin hadn't really paying much attention during the Championship game. She rolled her eyes and adressed Vanessa "No wonder Gryffindor lost.. Nice going butterfingers Naoi". Oh, Alex had seen the bludger [Dundee] alright, it was very close to Vanessa so she had to assume she was hit by it but of course, Alex being Alex, she chose to ignore this fact, and Vanessa could bet this name would haunt her forever.

Now Felicity had the Quaffle and was speeding all the way to the the jumping rats team hoops. Where was their keeper?? Alex leaned forward and started darting towards Felicity and Kyan. It was the perfect opportunity to test Pollock's speed, and she wanted to take the chance to take the Quaffle from the lionesses' grip. However the whole thing was too late, Felicity took the shot. "Don't go in" she thought. As this happened she positioned herself close enough to the hoops and the direction of the Quaffle as to catch a rebound and start building an offensive strategy.