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Peter Copeland

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(The following events take place almost 25 years ago, and center around this young Gryffindor)

November 7th 1929
The Old Oak
Quarter Past 2 pm

  Today, like so many others this year, was filled to the brim with issues that made Peter Copeland curse in a way he'd know his mother wouldn't allow. But had she heard what some of his fellow students were saying, had she even understood it, would she then consider it acceptable. The boy was still trying to acclimate to the life introduced to him only four years ago, and the incessant teasing he received wasn't helping him at all. It in fact only instilled what he already learned from his cousin; that people, no matter their blood status, can be a giant pain in his arse.

  What little aptitude he had in some of his classes were constantly undermined by someone who wanted to show off. This normally wouldn't be a problem for Peter, but it slowly became one this year, it being the first that he decided to give Divination a shot. Partnered with a certain brown-noser this morning, the young man was shown up in front of the Professor who then thought it was cute to say, "It's alright, Mr. Copeland. There's a mess of muggles who believe they have access to the third eye. I have yet to meet one that has, so I imagine the same is for muggleborns as well." After the class ended, Peter had the thought of never returning. For someone who taught a class about opening someone's mind, they sure were a close-minded git.

  Herbology was what came next, and usually the subject was a safe haven for him in past years, but this time around he had the misfortune of sharing the class with a Slytherin who had an opinion opposite of his own. Peter had already been in several physical altercations with the boy, all of which had resulted in Peter alone receiving detentions, and nearly getting expelled. He tried to put the past behind him, and let the garbage of a Slytherin talk his trash, but today a line was crossed. After answering a question on self-fertilizing shrubs correctly, the boy told a joke some of his friends that in turn thought was funny. "Well of course the muddy giant got it right, he's filth inside and out." To keep from listening to his urge to make the boy swallow his own teeth, Peter instantly walked out of the class without any permission from the professor. He didn't care where he was going, he just needed to leave the greenhouses pronto.

  One of the only places he knew his thoughts were going to settle was the Old Oak that overlooked the lake outside of Hogwarts. The location was so serene, and people rarely bothered him there. It was a scene far broader than he could ever imagine, and relatively the only place that he wasn't made to feel insecure about what he was, or where he came from. As he sat against the base of the tree, and listened close to the tiny waves of the lake splash against the banks, Peter's anger leisurely subsided, but was instantly replaced with feelings he couldn't understand. He tried so hard not to let the fact of him being muggleborn define him, but more often than not it was all people could pay attention to. Was he doomed to have that follow him forever? 'Is that how I'll always be remembered, as the muddy giant?' he thought to himself as he tossed a stone into the lake.
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