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Author Topic: Merry Christmas, Everyone || Adam & Bea Snaps  (Read 233 times)

* Zoey Jones

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12th December, 1953
Around noon
Hogsmeade Orphanage

It was Christmas, well, it wasn’t Christmas quite yet, but it was Christmas. The Orphanage was reflecting this, with tinsel, though not much, it was quite old and dusty, and hung slightly sadly on the walls. There was a tree, something that Bea had adored, as a Christmas tree was her favourite thing to do with her family- when she had them. They’d buy the biggest tree there, and put it in the living room, well, her daddy and big brother would, and then they’d all decorate it together, as a family. And Bea would put on her new homemade decoration on, it was a different one every year, she’d spend weeks glittering it, and sticking it, and making it perfect. And then she’d hang it up. The other thing that she did was she’d put the angel on the very top of the tree, which was really high up. Her brother let her stand on his shoulders, whilst her dad made sure she was sturdy, and she’d lean, and place it on the top, and they’d all take a family photo, and it’d be amazing.

This was not that tree.

A small, half dead, brown little measly thing. It didn’t stand straight, and was actually wonky, and was decorated with the occasional bauble, and a tiny little star on the top, a star smaller than Bea’s little hand, it was the saddest tree, but the blonde refused to give her precious angel, in case it was stolen. She hated it there.

But, it was nearly Christmas, which meant that it was time for the present shopping. This tradition was normally spent with her mummy, and she’d help choose things, but now, they weren’t around, so, she was going with Adam. She liked Adam, he was kind, and played chess, and bought her books. She was going to buy him the best present that she could find, and it had to be perfect, perfect for Adam.

Waiting, she sat. Beatrice, in her Sunday dress; a little blue one that went past her knees, and her white tights, along with her cream shoes and their large flowers. She knew it wasn’t exactly weather appropriate, but she also had her blue duffle coat, which was large and warm, and in one of the pockets was her little purse, full of coins, her money, as she waited for Adam. On her head, was her little red beret, still her fringe was out, and tucked behind her ears.

She was sat in a chair, in the reception, waiting for the older boy to appear, she was fiddling with her buttons, and undoing them, and redoing them- though not exactly redoing them correctly, as she happened to have less time to redo them, and look neat.

She wanted to look perfect for Adam, because he'd been so kind to her, and with her, she was holding her new book, the one gifted to her by Adam. She smiled as she looked over at the door, still waiting.

Adam Hoying

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He was late, and he knew it.

Adam Hoying rarely, if ever, went along with the vast majority of the school to Hogsmeade weekends. It was not that he did not want to try going--he had. It was not for him. There was so much to do in the little village, but nothing he found he enjoyed, especially what with rarely having anyone to go with. He most certainly would not have been going to this one in other circumstances, and would have likely stayed at the castle over the holidays too.

But he was in Hogsmeade now, and he would be back there in precisely a week.

The reason for this was not one he would have seen coming. Six months ago, he had spoken to seven-year-old Beatrice Caulfield for the first time, and he hadn't expected the interaction to be anything more than a little bit of help for a small girl that most certainly should not have been alone, from a boy that should not have been there to see her anyways. He had escaped from his aunt and met the younger girl in that moment, and he would have regretted leaving Martina behind in that store for some time while she was still Martina...but he had found Beatrice in doing so.

Martina Wells was lost somewhere, spiraling within her mind as she tried to recall a single thing of life before. He visited her as often as he could, but no matter how much he talked and demonstrated and did whatever possible, she was lost to him. Beatrice Caulfield waited for him now at the Hogsmeade Children's Home, and he was late.

This was due to the fact that, despite still having permission from his aunt, he participated in Hogsmeade weekends so rarely that he had almost forgotten this one. He had remembered the plans he had made (plans--the only plans he was used to making related to studying) just in time to head out with the rest, but in a different direction from most of his classmates. He was not heading to the main part of town just yet.

At last (from his calculations, five minutes behind schedule, to be precise), Adam pushed open the door of the orphanage, letting in a swirl of snow and a cold breeze in behind him. He had not seen the younger girl in a few months now, having only communicated via owl post. He was still not entirely sure why her enthusiasm to do so continued--he had been trying to simplify his writing, but it appeared she still struggled to fully comprehend all that he said--and he would have never expected someone so much younger than him to--did she really?--look up to him. He had never had a younger sibling, never really interacted with anyone too much younger than him before that day right after the end of third year...

...and yet, here he was.

"Hi," he greeted her softly before reminding himself to speak up--it was not always easy to hear Adam, and he supposed it was not likely Bea would. "Sorry I'm l-late."
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* Beatrice Caulfield

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He was late. He was late and she was worried.

Maybe he didn’t want to come and visit her after all, maybe he didn’t want to respond to her in the letters, or meet her in person, because she was just an annoying seven year old. Maybe, he thought that she wasn’t worth his time, or he had better friends to be with, maybe she’d gotten all ready for nothing, because nobody wanted her, because she had nothing in the world but the faint feeling of a home from before she lost them all. Not to mention the fact that she wasn’t loved by anyone, she missed her family, she missed everyone, especially Adam- she missed Adam, he clearly didn’t want to be with her.

She stared at the clock, it was in the reception, and ticking loudly, and slowly. It felt like a century, a century between every tick that signalled a second.

Looking around, Beatrice stared at everything, the cracks in the walls, the uncomfortable chairs- the cracks and stains on them all, not to mention the plant- the wilting plant that was in the corner of the room. The chair that she was sat- no perched- on was incredibly uncomfortable, particularly do to the fact that she couldn’t sit properly, with her back against the end of the back of the chair- as her feet wouldn’t even hang off properly, and it was uncomfortable. So, she was perched onto the edge of the chair, her legs dangling off, as she stared up at the clock.

Whilst she was staring at the clock, she felt a cold breeze, no not cold, an icy breeze. Her eyes shot to the door, as a bright smile appeared on her face, as he was followed by the snow that was softly floating down outside. She watched him as he walked over to her- feeling pleased that her friend had decided to show up and was even talking to her, not just ditching her for his friends.

“Adam! You came!” Said the seven-year-old, smiling brightly, as she jumped up, readjusted her beret and double buttoned up her coat, before she went to hug Adam- trying to just hug him. “Where are we going to go?”

She had a hopeful look on her face as she stared up at the Ravenclaw, her hand reaching up to hold his hand, as she (hopefully with him) started to walk out of the door, and into the snow.