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* Virtue Hir

    (08/01/2018 at 00:01)
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i wanna be
that comfortable place
where you write&read.

fourteen | slytherin | welsh | pure but over it

The first thing you’ll notice about Virtue Marie is that she’s probably noticing you.

Virtue likes to watch, likes to know, likes to figure out.  Don’t mistake her, though, for some noble pursuer of knowledge for knowledge’s sake.  That’s not what’s going on here at all.  True--as she likes to be called--is a relentless collector of human truths, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, for all that boatload of romantic bullshit.  She’s a realist, and she’s forever pushing the boundaries--yours, mostly, if she’s taken an interest in you--to find the real truth of life, those things that, ugly or ugly beautiful, make people do what they do with whom they do it.  It’s all in the name of writing--she’s going to write the next great cinematic masterpiece.  You (or some part of you, rendered of the garbage parts and polished into art) will probably be in it, if you ever catch her with her journal in the same room as you.  She says you’re welcome.

The second thing you’ll notice about Virtue Marie is that she is unapologetically cool.

She’s got other hobbies, of course, but being cool is her favorite one.  She has curated herself very carefully, from the clothes she wears to the music she listens to on her record player to the books she reads and the films she watches.  It goes beyond all of that, though.  For True, cool is a lifestyle--her lifestyle.  One of a long and illustrious line of squares, she’s determined to break free and do her own thing, on her own terms.  Everything she does oozes effortless hipness.  It’s an effort--a huge effort--but she’d never tell you that.

The third thing you’ll notice about Virtue Marie is that she’s fourteen going on twenty-one.

There’s nothing about the girl that screams girl.  She smokes cigarettes (thanks, Pax Fellwater--but that’s another story), she drinks black coffee, and she swears in elegant and interesting ways.  Combined with the fact that she’s not a small girl, and the whole cool thing discussed above, True reads as well above her age--or so, at least, she hopes.

Is she more than you bargained for?  Absolutely.  Is she totally worth it?  She’d roll her eyes if you even had to ask.

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[color=#c65b65][font=courier][size=8pt]PLOT IDEAS/MUSINGS/ETC GO HERE.  GO WILD.  LAY IT ON ME.[/size][/font][/color]

[hi this is my budget plot page for virtue marie.  you can find her application here and her char!facts here and her padlet here and can pm me for anything else. she needs friends, acquaintances, lovers, haters, collaborators, conspirators, arty friends, everything.  she has a predilection towards bad boy art types, making hufflepuffs twitchy, and flirting with her girl friends.  in the market for anything and everything!]

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they say love is a virtue, don’t they?

Esther May

    (08/01/2018 at 15:24)
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Friends? I am a willing subject for your story.

speak in truths

Aphrodite Foxe

    (08/01/2018 at 15:57)
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If you're ever low on accessories and the such, I tend to have some on hand. This humidity is awful, isn't it? I need to get on your good side how are you so cool
b a b y,  y o u' r e  l i k e

Jeremiah Smallweed

    (08/01/2018 at 18:13)
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maybe we'll get somewhere other than just into each other's writing this summer. we probably won't.
god-god-god damn, the girl was fine
and I was glad to call her mine
but she weren't mine and I weren't hers
I lost her at the five and dime

Vanessa Naoi

    (08/02/2018 at 04:07)
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hey, love. you ready to plan the best party ever? (you better be.)

speak up.

Pilar Reina

    (08/03/2018 at 00:13)
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14 | TBD | Greek | Pureblood

I like you. You're definitely my speed.. Maybe we could link up sometime.

Kyan Drayce

    (08/03/2018 at 19:41)
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Your cool.. I'm cool. We should probably be cool together sometime? You seem like someone worth knowing.

* Virtue Hir

    (08/03/2018 at 20:04)
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chatting&pm's sent xo

@esther bring some chips over to platypus cabins and we'll talk.

@odi as if i need accessories from a little girl, BUT that bow you were wearing yesterday was pretty cute so i guess if you lend me that you can carry one of my bags for a week???

@jere  you're probably right.

@jjs you're probably wrong.

@nessa nessa you're wild you know, ha ha, get over here, i've got more lights.  this camp won't know what hit it.

@pilar you're on but only if you take that red lipstick off.  they don't call it true red for no reason.

@kyan ha ha you're not wrong i am p cool.  i'll pencil you in.  i've got some time free on wednesday.  i'll be at the reef.
i would sleep better on your floor than i would ever in my bed,
and if your carpet makes my face it, it would still be heaven in my head.

* Nashira Nettlebed

    (08/03/2018 at 20:13)
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Nashira Nettlebed
13 | Wombat | British | Pureblood

You're cool, I'm cool, you write pretty words, I write words prettily, and you don't mind playing gobstones with me even though I always win. That makes you my best friend, but I heard you've been calling Muffy Sandersburry yours this year?

I'm a bit offended, but I'm fairly sure we can fix this.
if I win the lottery you'll never see me again
i'll be downtown

see you around

* Thijs Märchen

    (08/04/2018 at 06:02)
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15 | hufflepuff | dutch | pure

(make me) forget me.
daylight grows
rising from the east again

Cecelia Bramston

    (08/06/2018 at 13:27)
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16 | slytherin | english | half

You could do better than him, but nobody understands more than me why you might not want to.

the fools gold shines
like diamonds in her eyes

thought we had a million
but baby we got

* Lucretia M. O. Chaucer

    (08/06/2018 at 22:56)
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11 | slytherin? | english | pure

heart eyes heart eyes heart ey-- i mean, cool indifference. yikes. no one can know you're the coolest person i have ever seen, met, or have beheld. please teach me your ways.
what's the point of singing songs

if they'll never even hear you?

Marilyn-Rose Wilson

    (08/08/2018 at 10:35)
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Marilyn-Rose Wilson.

Hi, I think you're really cool, and I'd love it if you showed me how to do eyeliner like yours. Also, I love your fashion sense, and I'm a model, so I should know, but you're really cool- so, let's hang out and do makeup together. I visit the slytherin dorms enough- long story for that one.
well, my heart knows me better than i know myself,
so i'm gonna let it do all the talking

* Virtue Hir

    (08/29/2018 at 15:39)
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chatting&pm's sent xo

@nash it's not what it looks like, baby, you know you're my best girl.

@thijs god you're weird.  (i'll make you remember me instead.)

@cecelia  i know and i know and it's not stopped either of us.

@lucretia ha ha you're so cute oh my god you can sit next to me.

@mari funny i haven't seen you around.  anyway, the trick to a good wing is, of course, good eyeliner, here, let me show you--

i would sleep better on your floor than i would ever in my bed,
and if your carpet makes my face it, it would still be heaven in my head.