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Author Topic: [PROMPT 3] Magic of the Outback  (Read 209 times)

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Summer Workshop Prompt #3
Magic of the Outback

America has Ilvermorny (and Salem on-site), France has Beauxbatons and Japan has Mahoutokoro. What about the lovely students from the land Down Under though?! Fear not, this fun prompt gives a little bit of creative freedom in the canon as we take a look at the big question of: What if?

Your Task
Choose One...Or Both!

Option A
Write a piece where your character is a student at the Australian School of Magic. Perhaps they are a transfer student, or on a fun student exchange! Role-play a day at another school of magic and have some fun at what is available for them. How do they like the change in scenery? What classes are they taking? What do their uniforms look like? You are, by my decree!!, fully freed from any restricting canon and can be absolutely as creative as you like (as long as it is within site rules and regulations, of course).

Option B
Create what the Australian School of Magic is. Another multi-media prompt! This is directed towards solely you, as the creator, what the Australian School of Magic would look, feel, sound, smell, taste like. In whatever way you see fit! Find a recipe you think the house elves would use, write a snippet with it! Write a script for a scene between a couple students after some particularly gruelling class? Create a mood board for pictures that express how the school feels to you. Draw a picture of a classroom! Code an acceptance letter you think would be delivered! As always, keep site rules and ratings in mind during your creation!

How do I start?
three simple steps

1. Start a new thread in the Summer Workshop forum. It should be called
Prompt 3A/B: Title of Your Piece
2. Write your piece, following the prompt above.
3. Review the pieces of others (see How To Workshop).