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Summer Workshop Prompt #1
Lost in the Land Down Under

The Australian Outback is not the nicest place in the world, beautiful with toxic plants like Deadly Nightshade, Strychnine fruit and more nettles than you can avoid! Not to mention plenty of animals more than happy to have a bite for lunch -- of you! It would be one of the last places you would want to be lost, but accidents happen and sometimes it isn't the plants you're worried about. This prompt explores the moments when your character has felt or was lost in a world that is not always so friendly.

Your Task
Choose One...Or Both!

Option A
Write a piece where your character is physically lost. This could be a memory from when they were very young and misplaced something or someone or got lost in the shuffle of things. Or, perhaps one from not too long ago when they took a wrong turn in an unfamiliar town and ended up not quite where they expected! Pick any past point in your character's timeline to showcase their moment and delve into it! For starters, think about how they got there and how they feel about being lost!

Option B
Write a piece where your character is emotionally lost. This might be from a particular event that left your character confused or empty. Perhaps a moment when they have to answer the big 'What next?' and really are not sure how. It can be at any point in your character's timeline, past or future, where your character has felt directionless. If you do decide to showcase particular events, please keep site ratings in mind, as always!

How do I start?
three simple steps

1. Start a new thread in the Summer Workshop forum. It should be called
Prompt 1A/B: Title of Your Piece
2. Write your piece, following the prompt above.
3. Review the pieces of others (see How To Workshop).

All credit to CALVIN SHARPPE for this prompt idea!
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