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General Layout & Information
Camp Loki 1954

Summer 1954 brings Camp Loki to Australia! The four different main camp areas, named after four of the six Australian states, bring together lots of different places from across the country into one space. The entire camp is surrounded by a body of water, within which the Great Barrier Reef runs in an inner circle around the island. Campers will find that they can swim up to the Great Barrier Reef, but trying to cross to the waters beyond is impossible, no matter how hard they try. Camp Loki's Australia comes complete with the wild and wonderful animals that can be found in the real place, so you might want to check behind the door for tarantulas!

(Engaging with dangerous animals at Camp Loki, either accidentally or on purpose, will not result in death, but may involve several nights in the Infirmary. You have been warned.)

Counsellors get their own individual cabins within their assigned camp area.

The central camp area, New South Wales, consists of: Sydney Town Hall, which houses a large dining space for all campers, the house-elf-run kitchens, and a clock tower which is accessible via a spiral staircase at the back of the hall; the Royal Botanic Garden, complete with a greenhouse that doubles up as an infirmary; and the Snowy Mountains, where a large plateau has been marked out for Summer Quidditch games. A small Quidditch shed, where players can find spare brooms, balls, and other equipment, stands to the side of the pitch, and some temporary stands have been erected for spectators. A low building can be found off to the right of Sydney Town Hall, housing a number of important places: the shared counsellors' lounge; the camp director's office and living quarters; and the fireplaces connected to the Floo Channel. Three paths lead away from the central area towards other parts of the camp.

The left road leads towards Victoria. The Swan Hill Vineyards surround Werribee Park, and the Murray River flows along one side. Werribee Park Gardens surround the main house, providing plenty of space for people to relax. Large orchards filled with different fruit trees are heavy with fruit for the duration of the summer. Inside Werribee Park Mansion are the Team Kangaroo cabins. The lower floor is open to all campers, housing a ballroom, a large library, and many other interesting rooms. You can find the bedrooms on the second floor. Turning left at the top of the stairs will take you towards the boys' rooms in the western wings, and turning right will lead you to the girls' in the eastern wings. Boys trying to sneak into the girls' wings will find that their feet become stuck to the floor -- they'll be unable to move forward and can only go back.
Team Kangaroo Counsellors: Goose Märchen, Calvin Sharppe, Maia Nettlebed

If you follow the middle path, you'll soon find yourself in South Australia. Lake Alexandrina takes up most of this area, though the Old Gum Tree can be found towards the right side of the lake. The fire pit by the tree is lit every night, weather permitting. Nearby, the mouth of Koonalda Cave can be seen. Upon entering the cave, you'll find well-lit signs directing the way to the Team Platypus cabins. A large and comfortable common room, well-stocked with pool tables, card games, board games, and plenty of armchairs and beanbags can be found at the heart of the cave. A bar serving Butterbeer, juice, and snacks runs along one wall. Further tunnels lead away from the common room, those on the left leading to the boys' rooms, those on the right to the girls'. Boys should avoid touching any of the doors leading into the girls' rooms, unless they fancy being attacked by a colony of Southern bent-wing bats.
Team Platypus Counsellors: Jeremiah Smallweed, Cecelia Bramston, Marina Lamont

Taking the right path will bring you to Queensland. Most of this area is taken up by a vast stretch of thriving rainforest, within which a maze of paths have been beaten out for the campers. In the heart of the rainforest lies a temporary duelling block and stands for spectators. The forest runs right up to the seashore, where a number of rowboats are always moored ready to take campers over to Daydream Island, home to Team Wombat and a family of wallabies. The Team Wombat cabins consist of a two lines of beach huts running along the left and right sides of the island. The boys' cabins are on the left, and the girls' cabins are on the right side. Boys trying to get into the girls cabins will quickly find that the family of wallabies will descend upon them. Don't be fooled by how cute they look -- they can deliver a painful kick when they want to! Beyond the island lies the Great Barrier Reef.
Team Wombat Counsellors: Avery Elliot, Julia Cole, Mia Green
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