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Author Topic: Lost In Thought || Hazel  (Read 157 times)

Hazel Quinn

    (07/08/2018 at 15:19)
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[I'm new and confused so any ideas, recommendations, or rp ideas would be much appreciated]


Josephine Hazel Quinn is a very odd little girl. Quiet, insightful, and very independent, many people look at her and wonder, "What is going on inside her head?" Well, despite the calm exterior, Hazel's head is filled with colors. Books, stories, world's of make believe.

Hazel loves writing, reading, and generally being alone. But maybe she could use a likeminded friend. Goodness knows she would have plenty of adventures to share.

Almost Eleven || Almost Student || Very Un-Pure
original code by rin hunter.

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[center][i]age. house/occupation. blood.[/i][/center]plot ideas here